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  1. Congratulations to all involved at Marks.
  2. The Sentinel was for Model Rail not Hornby magazine,so you might like to change that before one gets upset and the other crows about it when it wasn't theirs. Mark I believe that Dave has said that the Sentinel was for Model Rail in the OP. Richard.
  3. Ron, I have been fascinated by the work and the sheer enormity of the detail you have put into these models. In an era where laser etching and other forms of media are taking modeling to new levels you have shown that there is no substitute for actually using available off the shelf materials and building the architecture yourself. I have made several trips to Manchester in my lifetime, for football matches and for concerts at the GMEX during the 90's. I have seen the structures you are building up close. Watching it all come together is really driving me on to improve my architectural modeling as I fear it is the one area that I really need to work on. Absolutely stunning work. Richard,
  4. That's really great work Ian. I can't wait to see it painted. Great idea using the t handles as hinges by the way. Richard,
  5. That looks the business Dave, well thought out and executed. It's also very realistic from the angles you have photographed 001 from. Dave would it be possible to know the color you used for the floor. Richard,
  6. I should take this opportunity to thank everyone for the advice and links given in this topic. Please keep them coming as I am learning day by day. Richard,
  7. Hi Tim, Pattern makers dowels will be used for joining the boards along with toggle catches. I must say your solution deserves some investigating. Richard,
  8. Andrew As I haven't a more permanent home for the layout it will probably be erected and dismantled twice a week at most. The boards will stored in doors. My father in law and brother in law are builders and when time and money allow I will build a permanent home for the layout. I hope to be able to exhibit the layout from time to time hence keeping it portable. Richard,
  9. Hi Karl thanks for the quick reply. I will be using a 2 wire bus. I want to use the Power Cab for operating points and semaphone signals and I might run a second two wires for these. Richard,
  10. Hi everyone. I hope to be commencing the building of a new portable layout in the coming weeks. the layout will have three separate boards and I was looking for some wisdom as to which connectors would be most suitable for transferring power between each baseboard ie din or d connectors. I will be using an NCE Power Cab as after having had a play with most of the systems on the market the Power Cab was the system I felt most comfortable with. As time goes by I hope to be able to expand the layout to include a fiddle yard, but for now it will be an end to end. I look forward to any replies and hopefully gleaming more knowledge and experience from those more knowledgeable than myself on the subject. TIA Richard,
  11. On an IRRS tour of Inchicore Works in 2002 the guide told us that IE had obtained doors from the UK to replace doors that were beyond repair due to corrosion. It wasn't unusual to see a coach with a shallow and deeper drop light in a rake. Richard,
  12. I have been following your work on the many versions of RMWEB Martin and as James has said it is inspiring stuff. To have the hunger and desire that you have for the hobby shows in your work, and you come across as a very modest guy as well,who is always willing to give advice and encouragement. I look forward to more updates. Richard.
  13. The EGV in IE livery with the orange roof will be the same shade of orange as the black roofed version so it won't look out of place having some orange roofed IE liveried coaches running with the black roofed ones and anyway they were so filthy it was hard to tell the difference as I don't think they ever saw the inside of a wash plant. 5605 had an orange roof in 2006 and I don't think it was overhauled before it was withdrawn from traffic. IR will be a darker shade of orange. Richard,
  14. One observation which I had previously noted from the pictures the current 'Model Rail' is that the windows in the catering vehicle look rather short. Therefore can someone please advise if the windows on the prototype versions are (were as now withdrawn) shorter than the firsts, seconds and composites? There are some errors on the models that have been released so far. The windows on the Restaurant are to close to the rain strip and therefore are positioned to high on the coach sides. I would agree that the windows do look a little squashed looking when compared to the prototype. Also if you look at the pics of the EGV that 071 has posted in this topic you will see that the door hinges are missing on the doors on the side of the coach that does not have the air vents.
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