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  1. i support Phil and Andy's earlier comments about calming the comments. Very apt and timely. Anyway, I too was involved in all this. The filming took place under difficult and strict covid regulations earlier this year for us. So here are some more clues. I had an e mail from Rare TV this evening (just now in fact) explaining a slight change in episode order from that originally planned. Essentially the Merchant Navy and P2 episodes were swopped around at the last minute. Whether that affected the order of any other episodes I wouldn't know.
  2. Collections | Pete Goss Railway Modelling (bigcartel.com) I have just put on our website 50+ individual painted / matt varnished 7mm railway figures that I had on stock, now available for sale. They are from the 'Heroes of the Footplate' range. Examples below.
  3. Rich (my eldest) took them this afternoon during a running session. They are excellent and very worthy of sharing.
  4. Oh thanks very much for the very kind comments! Certainly a big grin there. There is still a few bits to do but definitely getting there now. I am marking up a plan up stuck on the wall with any missing bits, gates, fences, walls as I am going round sticking buildings down; and I would like to do some dusk / dawn photos when all the lighting is connected up! Cheers!
  5. Workshop overall view The Maltings Board The High Street Board The Brewery Board Action on the Brewery Bank Ales Stores, Bottling and Engine Shed Board Cooperage Board The Wash Bank. Covered roof not made yet! Cask making Backboards all done and ready for fitting. Cheers!
  6. Good idea Paul I will get some overall workshop pictures later today and a picture of each board to show what exactly is happening. Boards are in separate parts on the workbench at moment as they are being worked on top and bottom. After wires all connected up underneath for building lighting, I will put them together again and take more pictures.
  7. Aiming for a practical completion ahead of some video work. The trestle concoction is temporary proving it works before permanently sticking the components down to one side. (t was used to transfer barrels across platforms at one level.) The first two boards are almost complete. The other 3 are waiting their buildings to be stuck down. There are 150 figures now stuck down with another 50 or so inside buildings and engines etc. Barrels - probably 350 stuck down with another 150 in open wagons.
  8. Two months later and I am very nearly ready to start sticking everything down!! Just the rainwater downpipes tom complete on these buildings.
  9. Getting on with it now! Got a lot of hats to make shortly for the hat shop on the corner. But is will be all the windows and doors next.
  10. Another productive weekend. Walls, railings, signals and crossing gates all ready for painting. These are mainly for the High Street scene. One of the cross bar signals will be internal, the other located at the crossing gates. The water crane will be near the locomotive shed.
  11. Thanks Jeff. I am now working on the ground work on the High Street board. At the road crossing, the tram line is plastered in with filler and awaits the carving of the setts, similar process to before. The buildings are set out, walls marked out (the green strips) and the footpaths under way. … at the same time as I am painting the shops on the opposite desk in my workroom.
  12. The last board!!.. The High Street. I have set out the building carcasses and am ready to start thinking about the tram track crossing the line in High Street. The railway squeezes behind building's almost scraping the walls. There will be brick walls along the track side both sides for most of the length of this board. This morning I had a final electrical test. The other 4 boards all have their buildings finished and are ready to be stuck down..
  13. Some more illumination. This time gas lamp standards, 14 in total. Negative wire runs inside the brass tube, the positive wire is soldered top and bottom so the brass standard carries the current. A 1000 ohm resister will be fitted to each standard once the lamps are planted. Other than that the electrics are the same as the wall mounted ones shown earlier.
  14. Some of the railway workers having a brew in the mess room. The room has since been illuminated before closing it up with the roof.
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