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  1. SInce I posted the picture, I've discovered it was being used to launch Sprinter services in the North East and in fact worked the 11:15 Newcastle - Middlesbrough service the following day. It carries a headboard which says "Sprinter Link" in connection with the launch, perhaps it should have said here are the trains you are not going to get!
  2. Here's 150001 between Newcastle and Manors on 8/8/85, but not in passenger service, it was on a test run, but no idea what was being tested I'm afraid.
  3. The picture of 55022 is on the SVR Deltic Venturer, a top day out and I was fortunate to be travelling on it. Sorry I can't ID the location. See; https://www.sixbellsjunction.co.uk/80s/811128sv.htm Hope this helps, Douglas
  4. I have 3 with the tail lamp on, PM me with your details and I'll post them to you. Douglas
  5. My settings are "no downloads" and "no sharing". I don't think I was barking, it was a polite request in my view. Think I've got to the bottom of it, the picture above was from another Flickr site who I had allowed to use the picture, maybe that site's settings are different to mine .
  6. That first picture with the train at the level crossing is my copyright and I do't recall giving you permission to post it. Had you asked then I would probably given it but as you didn't, I'd like you to take it down please ASAP. The site it came from asked me if he could could use it. Douglas
  7. After some email chat with John from CCT this afternoon, he's about to issue sheet BL184 which will have enough transfers to do 25 pre-TOPS 1/120 minfits (which became MDV's), including "TO WORK WITHIN / SOUTH WALES AND / MONMOUTHSHIRE ONLY"; price £8.00 including UK P&P for 4mm. scale.
  8. Please do, if there's demand they may push them higher up the queue! Douglas
  9. I did ask the question about 4mm as I want 20-odd wagons worth myself but their response was to just keep watching the new releases section of their website. Douglas
  10. Great news John, I've just ordered one. Douglas
  11. Could it just have been a single wagon going for/coming off repair?
  12. 40079 at Preston in the early hours of Saturday 12/01/85 with 1S04 Man Vic - Glasgow newspapers & parcels.
  13. Is that Phil Sutton (L) and Murray Brown (R) performing the naming?
  14. Many thanks for taking the time to respond, I'll investigate using the existing wheels before spending my hard earned! Douglas
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