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  1. Thoroughly enjoying these uploads of industrial steam, thanks for all the pictures. The ones from Comrie in 1982 look like they were taken on 9/4/82 as I was at Comrie that day on an organised visit to see the steam and ride the branch to the exchange sidings (hence the brake van). Steam was only kept in use as a standby to an 08 hired in from BR and only steamed for special visits, like the one I was on. One of my pictures from that day https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/30296831108/in/photolist-2ahA4yV-Naebn3
  2. David, Thanks for taking the trouble to respond. Having come to the conclusion that the existing bogies cannot be re-wheeled (too narrow), I'd looked at the Stenson Models bogies but noticed that Cambrian Models sell ready made bogies of the correct type, so I've ordered a pair to see if they can be used. If not, I'll have a go at the Stenson kit. Very impressed with your workmanship by the way, having just read your Workbench thread. I'll have to keep an eye on this for further inspiration. Thanks again, Douglas
  3. Bought one this morning to ascertain ease (or otherwise) for re-wheeling to EM. Definitely not a straight drop in, will have to give this some thought. Nice model though.
  4. Just had an email from Hattons stating expected into stock Aug/Sept. Douglas
  5. That was my favourite too, such a shame it's no longer available. Douglas
  6. Yes, I parked in there on Sunday at approx 10:30 and left at 14:30. There were 3 cars on arrival and 2 cars and the Bachmann van when I left.
  7. IIRC china clay slurry is loaded here and goes to both the Caledonian Paper Mill at Irvine and to Workington Docks (Iggesund?).
  8. It was a driver training/handling run for DBC crews as they have at least one charter using this loco this summer. The wagon was one which had been previously been crippled and needed moving to Newbiggin for offloading. Douglas
  9. 50021 heads west at Elm Hill, near Gillingham with the 13:10 Waterloo - Exeter on 30/5/88.
  10. Fran, Just to let you know I've managed to sort it now and have emailed Richard to confirm. Thanks again for such a superb wagon and your usual excellent customer service. Looking forward to the Deltic and whatever other goodies you're planning to throw our way in the future. Thanks again, Douglas
  11. 86419 at Beck Foot with a Glasgow - Euston relief, Easter Monday 4/4/88.
  12. Looks like I've made the basic error of not checking the length of the axle before attempting surgery. I'll have another go tomorrow by pulling out the existing wheelsets and hopefully that will sort it out. I'll re-iterate, these are stunning wagons and the detail level is superb. Thanks for everyone's input and suggestions. Douglas
  13. 56037 passes Lackenby with a load of coal in MEA's for Clitheroe Cement works, 17/02/2000.
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