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  1. Hope you enjoyed your weekend in Bournemouth? Was good to see Orchard Road in the flesh and have a chat. I picked up quite a few tips but not sure I’m ready for JRMI yet! Although we mentioned RMWeb I’m afraid I completely forgot to introduce myself so sorry about that! Hope to see you at another exhibition soon. Cheers Mark
  2. Hi Steve, Hornby Magazine, Issue 27 had an article on exactly what you want. I've built one and it seems to do the job fine. Good luck. Mark
  3. Hi All, Thanks very much for feedback to date. Taking account of some comments I have "adjusted" the plan to move the 3-way point away from the station throat (thanks Ed Cayton), move the coal yard and introduce a single road engine shed which will act as the scenic break for the fiddle yard entrance. The industry at the right end becomes a mail order warehouse. As follows:- Hopefully that will cut down on potential problems with the three way point. The twin sidings off the bay will be infrequently used and probably gated and just used for stock storage. I've been thinking about using the new Cobalt point motors and I might just save myself £30 or so and have that operated by the "H of G"? Re the entrance to the goods/coal yard I had always intended that this be from the front end of the board but that the "road" would not be modelled - possibly just a wall and entrance gate and a few allotments or just waste ground. Cary Hill's point re an overbridge at the left end for access to the yards and as scenic break was considered early on but dismissed as personally I don't like roads that cross the railway and just stop at the backscene! A bit too contrived I feel? As ever - comments very welcome. Mark (BartonAbbey)
  4. Thanks very much to those who commented on my track plan - I apologise for being rather tardy in thanking you but the last couple of weeks has been spent concentrating on another hobby - set-building and scene shifting for a drama group. I'm pleased that none of you has spotted any total howlers with the plan! Stationmaster - excellent idea re the mail order firms being the source of parcels traffic. That certainly gives me ideas for the low-relief buildings and some road vehicles. 'Chard - I'm already seeing some very mixed NPCCS line-ups in the parcels bay! I'm interested in the comments on the 3 way point but I am already committed (by ownership!) to Code 100 track and that point so I guess I'll just keep my fingers crossed re its operational efficiency. I certainly won't be charging any trains over it at high speed. Kenton and Dave777 - to be honest the sidings at the top are a space filler! I realised the operational difficulties re clearing the parcels bay right from the off but thought that any industry that close to the railway would have a siding or two. Having thought about it a bit more I think this could be a semi-derelict, low-usage area that will give me a bit of scope to model and park some "well-weathered" rolling stock. Taking Flying Pig's idea I could gate it and have the whole area slightly decaying and weed infested. I take your point re extending the sidings into the fiddle yard but think I'll keep that as a future enhancement (I've actually already built a 5 road turntable fiddle yard that I can't fit to that idea). Dave777 - Good idea re engine shed and moving the coal yard. A shed would certainly make for a more effective scenic break than the signal box and no reason why the box can't be on the other side of the line I guess. In the mid to late sixties did old steam era engine sheds house diesels/become refuelling points or were they demolished or just fall into disuse? Thanks for all your help. Mark (Barton Abbey)
  5. Hello All, It's time to stop prevaricating and get on with things! Having been assembling engines and rolling stock for a while I really need something to use them on so here is my proposed track plan for Barton Abbey - a fictitious town that I am setting in the Gloucester-Worcester area in the era of green diesels/DMUs but could go a few years either way into steam or blue diesel. The scale is 00 and the dimensions of the board (already built)are 244cm x 50cm with a 90cm turntable fiddle yard to the left. I seem to have been "researching" and fiddling around in AnyRail for months and I think this fits the bill for what is my first layout since my "youf" (which is now 40 years ago - much the time in which this is set) and that wasn't very scenic. As a first attempt I'm not aspiring for perfection but would like a reasonable representation of reality but have no "railway" experience either real or model. So the questions I pose are:- 1) Is this plan workable? 2) Are there any glaring errors/ommissions? 3) How could it be improved? I don't think the station is big enough to warrant a shed but will have a parcels depot on the bay platform. The industry in the area is as yet unspecified but I'm thinking along the lines of a brewery, engineering works or possibly timber yard together with the all purpose goods shed and coal yard. The area behind the station will, I think, be low relief terraced housing. I'm sure there is loads that I've forgotten to include here but I know that you guys are great at asking the right questions of us new boys! Thank you all in anticipation of your comments. Mark (BartonAbbey)
  6. Thanks for your input everyone. One things becomes very clear - there is not a "right answer" is there? Having looked at various sources I think I'm going to stick with the Railmatch "Later Freight Grey" and practice my weathering - got to start somewhere! Thanks, BartonAbbey
  7. Good evening All, Having been a lurker for quite a while this is my first post! Before getting anywhere near a layout I have been assembling some stock including 3 Parkside 16T Mineral Wagons with a view to modelling the green diesel or possibly late steam era. The kits have gone together quite well considering it's several decades since I last made one and I've now reached the painting stage. I've primed with Halfords grey aerosol and I was quite pleased with the body colour that gave me. However I pressed on and used a coat of Railmatch 309 "Later Freight Grey" as recommended on the Parkside website for green diesel era unfitted wagons. They now look far too light a shade of grey! a) Have I used the wrong paint? If so, any suggestions for the right colour please? b) Is my memory at fault and Minerals really were that light a shade in the mid 60's under all the rust and dust? In which case I'll just have to get busy with the black and rust weathering! Thanks in anticipation of your comments. Barton Abbey
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