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  1. My friend Stuart and I have been working on making the generic 009 wagons I have on Shapeways available as 3D printed styrene kits The idea is to provide a low cost option for those wishing to try 009 or extend their existing 009 fleet. They will require a little cleanup and Grafar/Bachmann wheels or similar to complete, together with your choice of couplings. Prices start from only £5 each, currently only available on ebay For current range see here https://www.ebay.co.uk/str/T-and-S-Models/4mm-scale/_i.html?_storecat=3732370819 Will be expanding this soon. We would welcome peoples opinion on these.
  2. As I have an interest in large operation based layouts. I was intrigued when someone mentioned that Allan Garraway used to have a large O gauge coarse scale layout in his flat above Porthmadog harbour station and later at his house in Scotland. Has anything ever been published about this layout ? Tom
  3. There was once a proposal by the GWR to run passenger trains over the dock lines, across Four Bridges to the Secombe landing stage to serve Liverpool by the ferry. I belive it never came to anything, though some track improvements were done.
  4. https://www.karlsruhe.de/b1/stadtgeschichte/kulturdenkmale/denkmaltag_archiv/2010/fahrradtruemmer_innenstadt.de
  5. I know he did a lot of different things, but I didn't know he did any Narrow gauge, other than the G scale American stuff he did. Any details on this ?
  6. Ah OK will be off the Hejaz Railway then. Almost certainly French or Belgian built. If you can find a Hejaz Railway stocklist you could look up wagon M 8 and see who built it.
  7. It's a French meter gauge dropside wagon, not sure which line it is off though.
  8. Isn't CE self-certified ? I know when we were looking to import something from China a few years ago the CE stamp was an optional extra, but only a couple of pence a unit extra, so I guess the CE stamped one was exactly the same as the non CE stamped one.
  9. Well I pulled the H&M Flyer appart. The problem turned out to be the diode bridge gone short circuit - it's made up of discrete diodes, rather small ones. Disconnected it for the moment so I can use the AC output to test the compspeeds. Both the normal single knob ones worked, but only 1 of the 2 Rambler Minors did. Will search out other failed transformer controllers I have and see if any others will work as AC supplies only, as I'd like to fix the Flyer for using on my test track again. Another suggestion from another forum is the power supply for halogen lamps. I may have some of these already, as the railway in the basement of my old house was lit by these. Brought them with me with the intention of using these on my new garage line, but by the time I'd got round to building this cheap LED stips had become avalabile and I've used those instead.
  10. But But both those to are £20+ for a 12v 1 amp+ power supply and quite a few of the options are no longer manufactured. I'd probably save money by looking for a cheap consumer item that used them and buying that ! No 15/16v ac ones seem available now for instance. Chinese 12v dc power supplies can be had for a couple of quid !
  11. The problem is most of the wall warts and the like are high frequency switch mode power supplies which supply smoothed DC - ideal for most situations, but not unfortunately, the Compspeeds.
  12. Annoying all my old H&Ms seem to have packed up. I bought a £5 Flyer from a club stand last time I was in the UK for use on my test track and that died 2 days ago. Worst was a brand new in the box Executive which failed to work when I plugged it is - though it had been in that box for over 20 years ...
  13. This is precisely why I'd have prefered to buy one of the switched mode power supplies from China - they're cheap - I just paid £3.95 for a 6 amp 12v one for my kitchen lights inc postage - and they come ready in a nice package. They are also more efficient than an old style transformer. They are easier to get - I live out in the wilds of rural France, buying large components either entails a 200km round trip or paying the price of the item again in postal charges. But I had a vague memory that they needed either unsmoothed DC or AC input, so it looks like I was right.
  14. I'm doing a retro layout which needs DC control. I've got a number ECM Compspeed controllers lying about which I could use, but it would appear that all the old transformers I have stashed away no longer work ! Would they work with a modern power brick that gives smoothed DC or do they specifically need an AC supply ? The power bricks seem significantly cheaper than buying a cased transformer. I can't find any details of the circuit the compspeed uses to try and work it out myself.
  15. yes, it's important to realize that transition curves are not just about high speed, they minimise the difference in the offset of a pair of wagon ends as they enter the curve, preventing buffer lock or, more likely in our case, derailments caused by the couplings becoming too far out of alignment.
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