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  1. And there are several new photons coming out https://www.anycubic.com/pages/anycubic-5th-anniversary
  2. Yes main advantage for home users is it's bigger. The speed is of more interest to people using them in a production environment. For the casual user the larger size = larger vat = more resin needed. if you are only using it occasionally there is always the chance the resin in the vat might have gone off and you will waste more. And the Saturn is an untried machine,the Mars has been around for a while and fixes for it's problems known already
  3. I missed out on the first batch, gave up and bought a Mars Not regretted it so far ! Gn15 loco
  4. Those settings are dissimilar to mine - I'm using .05 layer height and 50% support density are the two most relevant ones I think, I use medium auto supports then add some heavy ones in the corner and anywhere else i think might distort. Reason for those two prints both being at a sharp angle is that the are both about 15mm longer than the Mars can print - it's the only way I can get them to fit !. Most of my stuff is about 15 angle and sometimes 8 or so in the other plane.
  5. you're getting a lot more lines than me - what support structure are you using ?
  6. Is it possible it's just that you can see the print lines more clearly on the opaque gray, where as the translucent ones let the light pass through so you don't get the shadows cast by the imperfections. I've been have problems with print lines originating from the corners of things - this seems to result in some sort of movement in model relative to fep film.
  7. I've been using a Mars for the past couple of weeks, with the idea of producing many of the models I sell on Shapeways at a lower cost . I've standardised on using the Elegoo gray ABS like resin - It's much less brittle than the normal resin, though with a slightly matt finish. It's not particularly cheap - €25 for 500ml - but it gives me the results I want and that's in my opinion is worth paying for. Hopefully the 1 liter bottles at €37 will come back into stock soon at Amazon FR. It's enabled me to produce some of the some of the Stuff that has never sold at Shapeways because of it's prices there - £60 for this Freelance but GWR styled bogie railcar for instance or this colonial style bogie car It's also enabled me to new things that were just too expensive to ever make before, like this 009 steeplecab loco blown up to 1:35 scale and an open tram trailer for it to pull If you're wondering why my succulents appear in the background of some of these, it's because I'm UV hardening them in sunlight outside, on the shelves where I propagate the succulents.
  8. Printing at Shapeways and printing at home are two different things with two different sets of costs. Nearest analogy i can make is going out to eat a meal at a restaurant and cooking the same meal at home. You know the former will be more expensive but the results should be better because they have more experience doing it and have better equipment to work with, although this is not always the case in both scenarios! Doing it at home will take more of your time and skills and you may have to make capital expenditure if you don't have the right equipment - having said that domestic machinery is much cheaper than the commercial equivalent that you need if you are using it day in day out. However to continue my analogy whille some home cooks will be able to produce restaurant standard meals at home others will struggle to produce anything edible, even if given the recipe and full instructions. But for the most part there is the middle ground. The home cook can produce something fine at considerably less cost. Equally most people with the skills and time can produce home prints as good or better than the commercial services, but there is still a place for those services to cater for those who don't want to cook/print themselves or may not be able to do so for any on of a thousand reasons.
  9. This is another problem for me - I'm in France and selling things means registering a business to do this, however payments from Shapeways count as royalties, where you don't need to have a registered business - like an author, I could be receiving those royalties long after I've done the work creating something.
  10. Maybe, but then they go away feeling cheated or even worse, thinking that you are calling them stupid. Or of course they could just say they are having problems to get a refund......
  11. Oh I still lurk round here - just too busy with designing things and rebuilding houses ( I'm currently converting the other half of my house here into 3 flats to rent out) to spend much time replying. I do wish there was a simple way to share STLs for profit. Problem is once you sell the STL you have very little legal control over what people do with it. You can (in theory) stop duplicating the file and giving copies to other people, but trying to restrict what they do with the things they produce from that file is a legal minefield. You could in theory issue a licence for them to produce x number of copies, but it's very possible that the first sale doctrine could invalidate that anyway. And if you did want to chase anyone up for copyright infringement you would be talking about investing £5000-£200,000 in a case where you might only win a few pounds in damages and there is every chance you would not win. My though was to make the stls cheap in the first place so people would have no incentive to copy, but that then hit the problem of people not realizing that 3d printing still requires some skills.
  12. Now I've made a decent number of my designs available for free on the Thingiverse. Quite a few people have made money reselling them on ebay - I don't mind, I did it to promote 009 and 3d printing. Downside is there have been some very inferior versions done, which have probably done little to promote 3d printing, but overall I'm happy with the experience. I did a little experiment last year selling stls of various things for a lowish price - 80% went fine but the other 20% of people needed too much hand holding - it's OK selling the STL for £10, but not when you need spend 2 hours trying to explain to people what they are doing wrong !
  13. My friend Stuart and I have been working on making the generic 009 wagons I have on Shapeways available as 3D printed styrene kits The idea is to provide a low cost option for those wishing to try 009 or extend their existing 009 fleet. They will require a little cleanup and Grafar/Bachmann wheels or similar to complete, together with your choice of couplings. Prices start from only £5 each, currently only available on ebay For current range see here https://www.ebay.co.uk/str/T-and-S-Models/4mm-scale/_i.html?_storecat=3732370819 Will be expanding this soon. We would welcome peoples opinion on these.
  14. As I have an interest in large operation based layouts. I was intrigued when someone mentioned that Allan Garraway used to have a large O gauge coarse scale layout in his flat above Porthmadog harbour station and later at his house in Scotland. Has anything ever been published about this layout ? Tom
  15. There was once a proposal by the GWR to run passenger trains over the dock lines, across Four Bridges to the Secombe landing stage to serve Liverpool by the ferry. I belive it never came to anything, though some track improvements were done.
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