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  1. Hi, I am looking please for publishable pictures of people’s spotting notes, ideally in the first instances from the period 1948-52. I appreciate that that is a long shot, so going forward looking for ones from 1953 through to 1994 as well. please pm to discuss this more
  2. PUBLISHER’S STATEMENT Kelsey Publishing would like to apologise to readers of On Shed Issue 10 in which the incorrect Introduction section has been printed. This is in no way the fault of the editor who submitted and approved the correct material. The error has come about at the design/print stage with the erroneous files uploaded by the designer to the printer. The publisher has had no hesitation in re-printing this edition, once it was made aware of the problem, and anyone who has purchased a copy with the incorrect Introductory section can claim a replacement copy, s
  3. that's a real shame, what even were the different emblems depicted?
  4. Hi, would anyone happen to have any shots of 61001/09 with different BR emblems on their tenders from around the time of April 1948? (Ideally publishable ones) TIA
  5. Hi over 70 years ago, what were the point of the locomotive exchange trials? did at the time the former big four companies really believe that their locos were that superior to those of the others? Or that they couldn't be worked over the different regions? TIA
  6. Hi, just looking at this pic, https://railphotoprints.uk/p965857036/h26e6ba3b#h26e6ba3b and this site, http://disused-stations.org.uk/features/halton_curve/index.shtml and whether these are the same place and where abouts exactly the pic is took, TBF there's not a lot to go on in the pic.
  7. part 10's publication date was August 28th, so they should be on their way now.
  8. "some years back"... blimey that's going back over quarter of a century ago, and is a very specific and rare example of couple units and very much the exception to prove the rule.
  9. The loco wasn't "parked", it was in the process of running around it's train, seen here is the loco and several derailed wagons, it seems to have travelled some distance along the former Goods line. https://railphotoprints.uk/p692212777/hC0697201
  10. It seems that the trains was the Peak Forest - Downham Market wiuld have meant that it was put on the goods in order to run around its train. not sure why it ran away however, but the train would have ran away through the pointwork acting as trap points to the mainlines thus doing their job
  11. just flicking through a 1987 issue of Steam Railway and in it, is a caption to a pic described as "the last push-and-pull service on BR operating between the village of Seaton and Stamford on September 11th 1964. When did this service end as a push pull and was it indeed that last such service on BR?
  12. In September 1978 40044 was hauling a freight train that ran away and was derailed at trap points at Chinley, Derbyshire. The loco was repaired and was identifiable by the lack of corridor connecting doors. Where exactly was this derailment and would anyone happen to know the circumstances of this incident at Chinley? TIA
  13. Hi, has anyone spotted any depots or stabling points they feel were missed?
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