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  1. Alfreton station is this design as was built in 1973 and still going string 50 years later.
  2. Hi, planning a layout, and really stumped on which company to go with for houses, the skaledale range is probably out of me price range for more than a couple, the scalescenes range looks the best IMHO, but seems more involved to build than Metcalfe as you need to stick the pages to your own card. the laser cut buildings look good but are pricier. What are peoples thoughts pn the various ranges? TIA
  3. Never thought that this thread would hit 43,000 views!
  4. Hi, would anyone happen to know what usually stables in Aberdeen Clayhills theses days? are there any freight locos in the area? TIA.
  5. Evening, what would you say are the top ten events in BRs history during 1948-52? obviously the first standards, first mki, 10000/1....
  6. Would anyone happen to have any pics or info on the bizarre "Tavern coaches". apparently there were eight two car sets? with leaded windows, metal lanterns, beamed ceilings"! inn signs. etc etc. TIA
  7. It does seem very high, but then I guess they made far fewer journeys per day compared to passenger carrying stock.
  8. Hi, Just wondering what the total number of BR MkI coaches is that were ever built? TIA
  9. Hi, wondering what the most basic of coaches there were still running in 1948 at the time of nationalisation? Where there any four wheelers still running in 1948? TIA
  10. Not a lot to go on other than it being I believe 1951 and the loco is 68578 would anyone happen to know where it is? TIA
  11. Hi, Where there the first five class 08s built at Swindon? and only those five? TIA
  12. Hi, just chatting with a friend and wondering from when was British Railways known as BR? Was it from the off in 1948 or much later in the 1960s? TIA
  13. I wasn’t so much thinking as an actual base board, more that size wise I’ve only room for a traditional 6 or 8 by 4 or 5 feet board and was thinking of using two pieces to and the line nominally being set at the middle of the two. With some of it on an embankment and other in the cutting to give the impression that the line literally cuts through the land formation rather than building up from a flat board
  14. Evening, just wondering about using two sheets of Kingspan insulation as the basis from which to cut cuttings and embankments. Has anyone had any success with this medium and any pictures of the results? TIA
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