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  1. Perhaps hither green is three times the length of ryde and there wasn’t enough room?
  2. when did DRS re-open it? any idea how long they were there for?
  3. The book has had many positive reviews and is selling well to the point of possibly selling out,
  4. https://shop.kelsey.co.uk/category/BKZINE/TRAINS issue nine,
  5. https://shop.kelsey.co.uk/product/BOOKSHED7/on-shed-7-london-south-west-southern-region note that the add says, £8:99, it's not, the cover price is £7:99.
  6. amazed that this thread I started, had now got nearing 30,000 views...
  7. Hi, just been reading through some of the old threads which mention Motherwell. Would anyone happen to know please what the current state of Motherwell depot is?
  8. Shirebrook's loco were near 100% those of Tinlsey. Toton locos were not see on Shirebrook at this time and the two were very separate, one being the ER the other the LMR with virtually no cross working. Toton locos were seen on the Midland access to Rufford and Clipstone however from the southern access via Mansfield South junction. As for the Class 44s, yes they worked to Toton-Tinsley freights but they returned almost immediately, as next to no Tinsley men signed them and almost certainly no Shirebrook men unless they'd come from a depot where they once did. in the 1966-70 period it was near solid Class 31 and 47, with 20, 25s and 37s appearing later. It then became one of the first to see use of Tinsley's outbased Class 56s. Only as Railfreight began to breakdown the old regional boundaries did Shirebrook begin to see Toton allocated Class 58s.
  9. Hi, after the closure of Brighton steam depot, was this a small diesel depot set up in its place?
  10. Hi qlukd anyone happen to know what the lean to shed was for at the side of nine elms shed was for? Along please with the bit of the old shed that seems to have been left standing? Also, never seen a pic of the semi round house building that had two turntables side by side? only maps of it on Oldmaps.co.uk, pics on flickr only seem to show the old and new sheds, has anyone any pics of it? would be interesting to see what it looked like.
  11. evening, The south west shed of Truro was an interesting place that looking at Colin J Marsden's book on WR Diesel Depots even serviced DMUs. Would anyone happen to have any pics of the shed with the extension to the depot and or pics of diesels on Truro shed?
  12. evening, EMU's have never held much of an interest for me, but the "old stations" website certainly has and while looking at it I came across Addiscombe station, carriage shed and later EMU depot, My question is, when was it electrified? for looking at this pic http://www.disused-stations.org.uk/a/addiscombe/index38.shtml a third rail seems to have been added to each of its four roads?
  13. afternoon, would anyone happen to know what happened to Isle of Wight shunters, nos. 03079 and 03179? specifically when did they leave the IOW? Wonder how engineer's trains etc are operated these days? probably road railers?
  14. would be interested to know what locos are using it and what for? DB 66s look the most common but also seen a shot of a 67 on there and prior to their withdrawal, a couple of Class 08s,
  15. that left hand side wall wasn't there originally but was added at some point in the mid 1970s #I think...
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