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  1. I presume its because despite the depot building closing in 2001, the train crew depot possibly survived until 2006?
  2. The oil terminal last received train in about 1991
  3. https://shop.kelsey.co.uk/product/BOOKSHED10/on-shed-10-post-privatisation-depots
  4. https://shop.kelsey.co.uk/product/BOOKSHED10/on-shed-10-post-privatisation-depots
  5. It will be out on Friday 28th August.
  6. Hi, Given Stratford closed in 2001, why does the commemorative plaque for HS1 proclaim, "Stratford Depot was here from 1839 to 2006 when it was the largest traincrew depot in Europe. The Eastern Counties and Great Eastern Railways built engines and trains on this site. The world record for the fastest build of a steam engine is still held by the Old Stratford Works, part of the depot, and stands at 9hr 47min. This plaque commemorates the thousands of railway workers who worked at Stratford Depot."
  7. that book is like a bible! It's a fantastic piece of work.
  8. The line on the was the former Up Goods, but post Trent The Up and Down goods ceased at Pye Bridge. The former Up Goofs south of Blackwell South was kept as a siding and head shunt for alfreton explosives and chemicals, a couple of wagons of which can be seen top left. The 20s are taking the siding line (former Up Goods) in order to set (what look like) their empty wagons (prob ex Avenue) into Tibshelf Sidings or Blackwell Sidings, The route from the Bi-di to the DOWN Main was not a signalled move, "BUT" I was once in the bad of 66034 running around its Doe Hill coal train for Drax and the loco was given permission by Trent to pass the signal at Danger and run onto the DOWN Main in order to run north to Avenue Siding and then back onto its train at DoE Hill. The PROPER! Signalled move was for the train to go to Pye Bridge and cross over there. There is a story that alegadly the driver of a 40! Did mistake the siding road as a running line and he thought he needed to go to Pye Bridge to come back and smashed through the buffers near Alfretn station, but never seen any pics or evidence for this. The line was last used as a headshunt/access for Alfreton ECP sometime in the mid-1980s.. it then lay dormant until being re-used as the line for the "Engine shed opencast" and was merely cleared of small trees and grass, once photographed a guy with a sweeping brush clearing it! and the concrete sleepers and track merely used again as though it had been laid only years before instead of the 60 years at least that it had been down..... albeit as a siding during that time.
  9. Yes, Alfreton explosives and Chemicals, it had ferry vans in of Nitrate from France and sent small vans of explosives out.
  10. a fabulous pic, I wouldn't so much say the fourth box however, as there were Tibshelf South Junction, Tibshelf Weighing Machine Sidings, Tibshelf Sidings and Tibshelf East all in existence at the same time. The Tibshelf East box seen here placed the former Midland Railway box which existed on the opposite side of the running line. Note by the time of the is late 1970s view the line has been singled and the wooden steps and ball on the end of the metal rod was for the collection of the token pouch.
  11. Are you wanting to know what years such trains operated?
  12. Evening, presumably the DRS Sellafield depot was opened in around 1995/6 ready for the new operations of DRS. Presumably also it was a new building? Naturally not a lot of info on the net about so any details would be much appreciated, TIA.
  13. was the old LNWR shed completely demolished, for the new build? Any ideas when it ceased to be used be to used a loco / EMU depot....?
  14. Hi, would anyone happen to know when the Rugby depot that Colas is using was built. Old Maps.co.uk show a building on the site in use back the circa 1900 but that isn't the concrete building that is in use by Coals now? Albeit on the same footprint...? Would anyone happen to know when this opened? The Railway Observer'. Mentions that the DED closed in 1969 with maintenance work transferring to Bletchley. TIA.
  15. Hi, Am I recalled correctly that post National Power the Ferrybridge depot was utilised as a Class 08 overhaul depot by EWS?
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