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  1. Hi, WANTED im looking to buy my mate (who has no model railway) a OO gauge deltic as he really likes him from his youth. It can be none working as I merely want to put it on a plinth as a present for his home pub to display. BR blue would be preferable. pm me please if you have one to offer,
  2. Hi, would anyone happen to know the numbers of the class 37s regeared for 100mph running on the WR in 1966 please?
  3. The cover of issue 3 of the BR Chronicles . The issue spans the years 1958-62
  4. the Technicolor pics are Photographs Copyright © NRM / British Transport Films / Science & Society Picture Library.
  5. Good evening, would anyone happen to know were there are pics of the XP64 train available for publication, there seems very few of it even anywhere..... TIA.
  6. Issue 3 of on shed has a pic iirc of hitchin and some useful information about its workings etc
  7. Hi, I noticed the other day on a pic of a class 31, AR above its number, I’m assuming that it stood for Anglia Region as the region it belonged to for infrastructure work? Many class 20s had LMR and yellow flashes above their numbers, but not seem many ARs… also iirc some Class 50s had WR near their numbers? I’m assuming there were ER and ScR examples? And SR? But they seem had to find, unless anyone knows of any examples pr has pics of such locos carrying the flashes/insignia? Tia
  8. Hi, would anyone happen to know if there are transfers available for something similar to the attached pic? TIA
  9. maprry to ask a supplementary question, and which types of paints do you then use?
  10. they’re great figures. do they need priming at all before painting?
  11. they’re great figures. do they need priming at all before painting?
  12. Absolutely love this little layout, and totally shows that no one has too little space for a "layout".
  13. Appreciated, and indeed had I been searching for Singleton Bank as apposed to Blackpool, I'd have found it perhaps,
  14. Afternoon this pic is listed as being from a July 1961 train crash at Blackpool? but I can't seem to find any details of it on the Railways Archive site? Would anyone be able to confirm please that this was a crash at Blackpool in July 1961 or wheher it was somewhere else ad or a different date? TIA, Alex,
  15. Good morning, Would anyone happen to a have a list please of the locos painted into experimental liveries in or around the time of 1962, such as the Westerns in Desert sand, the Class 31 in pale blue and the tangerine esk livery please? TIA.
  16. Issue two of the BR Chronicles is now out, Covering the years of BR from 1953-1957.
  17. Are you not a fan of bookazines?
  18. Indeed, I do feel that it is a very very very good bookazine.
  19. Issue two is now also out
  20. Just looking for a plain circuit tbh in the garden
  21. Hi, I have the novo hymeck and a few coaches. Just wondered does it run on the stands nickle silver peco o gauge track that can be bought in 3 ft lengths? TIA
  22. Alfreton station is this design as was built in 1973 and still going string 50 years later.
  23. Hi, planning a layout, and really stumped on which company to go with for houses, the skaledale range is probably out of me price range for more than a couple, the scalescenes range looks the best IMHO, but seems more involved to build than Metcalfe as you need to stick the pages to your own card. the laser cut buildings look good but are pricier. What are peoples thoughts pn the various ranges? TIA
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