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  1. Leon

    Hi Jon,

    I noticed quiet a lot of pictures you have uploaded in a Class 37 forum on here and found them very interesting. Can I ask if you could email/upload some of the pictures you have as Im looking to add certian locos to my layout based in South Wales from the 90's. I use to live along the mainline in Cardiff and had plenty of pictures & books, but now regretably after a ...

  2. Hmmmm motley crew comes to mind;)

  3. Hi Mark, Heres a couple of my st blazey tractors now lets see yours then buddy Cheers, Jon.
  4. Hi, The tour with 37521 & 668 was on the 3rd of the 4th 1994 i think
  5. Hia Georgie, All looking green and fieldy there fela its nice to have scenics next to the track i prefer this rather than industrial areas maybe because i'm a peak forrest fan anyway get them points cleaned up and keep up the good work buddy Cheers, Jon.
  6. Ello matey, All looking well there bud you have quite a nice fleet there and i see you have the sound tug a lovely model indeed its also good to see how your layout started and how far you've progressed with it well done fela keep up the good work. Cheers, Jon.
  7. Jon.G

    Horton Road TMD

    Hi Tim, All looking superb fela as usual luv the red tractors and all those dohnuts MMMMmmm 1 of every flavour i see Cheers, Jon.
  8. Hi Jon, She looks good fela, nicely done there i've had a few attempts at fading br blue and railfreight red stripe too but not to happy with my results and sold them on i'll try again with a backy br blue 37 when 049's released. Cheers, Jon.
  9. Hi Peter, Yes i was there for the coal day specials and transrail day aswell as many others too there is a big choice of loco's for the coast and i luv the welsh coast so must model these trains! I have just bought some network mk2 coaches for conversion to regi rails but the prob is after looking at pics i don't think these were the 1's bud? they look more like the ex trans pennine coaches than the networkers with painted out red lines! so a full re-spray of each needed i think unless anyone knows different? Must admit these special working trains had load 10 too 12 on thats a lot of mk2's to re-spray and i'm not a fan of spraying coaches up find them a bit orkward and much prefer loco's! Should have some sort of regi rail stock in time for hornbys 31 at christmas thou Cheers, Jon.
  10. Hi Jon. Well i'm impressed as usual luv wat your doing with the deltics bud, the extra details you've made and added really compliment the 55's well all that pipe work and etched extras sets them of to a T Quite liking the white windowed machine think they suited this style and adds a bit of colour to the all over br blue, another fav of my 55 liverys is the green style and this was my fav model as a kid so maybe a green 55 for my layout working specials but i think i've mentioned this b4 Anyway keep the pickys coming fela Kind Regards, Tractor Jon.
  11. Hi Peter, Yes very true matey, but 426 would of been nameless as she did the test train were as my model has the names already applied! On the 90's test trains yes there were tons of loco's up there especially res 47's i'm sure there were a pair of loadhaul grids too aswell as transrail loco's of all classes, now then wat coaching stock was used on these trains? Am i write in saying it was parcels vans as i remember seeing those behind ex works loco's in rail mag, shame they didn't use the regi rail stock or we'd of all had some monster traction up the coast! even thou many loco's dropped on these workings especially in 1999 when they pulled all the 37/4's of these workings due to a fault on 1 which ment anything could turn up and id did well 37 wise anyway from 37/0's rite thru to 37/8's good times indeed B) Cheers, Jon.
  12. No worries fela, yes i have a few clean machines but they didn't do the test train up the coast more like donny works train as there ex works sector machines could do a special pair for these dutys thou maybe a 37 and a 56 or similar? Cheers, Jon.
  13. Hi Peter, Yes that spot is good theres a footpath follwing the line for a while i didn't walk down it but viewed it from the bridge last summer while staying in conway and fotting blue 57's + a kettle and 57601 on the rear doing the llandudno line Heres a fot of a dmu taken of the bridge last summer the path is just out of sight to the left of the pic reckon the tractor was took on that rubble area. http://jpgrailphotogallery.fotopic.net/p60431646.html Cheers, Jon.
  14. Hi Peter, Luv the duff i've done 2 the same as 401 & 402 both with the gateshead plaques above the numbers courtesy of precision labels and decals was thinking looking at those pics of the crompton and beasty 37503 it may be worth both of us modelling these trains think of all those ex works loco's with a crompton or duff tucked in behind as they thrash up the coast on test B) the only prob is i'm addicted to weathering as you know so they prob wouldn't stay clean for long lol. Cheers, Jon.
  15. Jon.G

    Arnash Lane

    Hello Arny, All looking good matey and good to see the bogie tanks in action now is Oystermouth knocking about on shed yet B) Also gr8 to see you've gone back to sector br days all your fleet is looking well more pickies please bruva ruba Cheers, Jonny boy
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