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  1. Try Lochgorm Kits. The website isn’t up and running but you can email [email protected] Paul
  2. Plans were approved in 1936 with work completed a year later. There had been two previous proposals just before the first war and early 1920’s. Paul B
  3. Hi A number of photo's from the Highland Railway Society can be found here - www.ambaile.org.uk Search Dornoch Station. Mainly general view pictures of the station area rather than the station building but still interesting. Regards Paul B
  4. Re Panniers 1646 & 1649 came to the Dornoch Branch to replace the last Highland Drummond Passenger Tank. Although of Great Western design they were actually built by British Railways. Paul B
  5. Hi, There is also 'Railways of Keynsham', Russell Leitch, RCTS, 1997, ISBN090 1115 827. Contains info re Fry's, The Show Train & Frys Workers Trains. Can't find any reference to Terriers although there is a picture of a Dean Goods on site. There is also some interesting stuff on the other industrial sidings in Keynsham Regards Paul B Bristol
  6. Hi Martin, LMS Engine Sheds Vol 6 (Highland Railway) - Irwell, will give you a plan of Aberfeldy plus info and photo's, also look at Highland Main Line by Neil Sinclair (Atlantic), There are also a coupe of magazine articles I'm aware of - Steam Days April 1996 and Railway Bylines December 2006. There is also the Highland Railway Society (www.hrsoc.org.uk) which has a Yahoo group for members. Hope this is useful Paul
  7. Hi, In Paris head to Rue de Douai where there were four shops within about 100m. Nearby at 70 rue d'Amsterdam is Au Pullman (http://www.aupullman.com/). Have fun! Paul
  8. Hi, Newboy here from the wonderful metropolis that is Bristol. Ok thats done back to sleep! Paul
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