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  1. After a single production run? I seriously doubt that.
  2. 374-890 LMS Stanier 50ft Full Brake BR Blue [W] 33.95 374-891 LMS Stanier 50ft Full Brake BR Blue & Grey 36.95 It's weird that the blue version was announced last year and the blue & grey version was only announced this month, yet they are both being released at the same time. Also I've noticed that the MK2F's seem to have slipped a month since this list was last produced.
  3. Am I the only one who had never even heard of the company Scale Model Scenery until today?
  4. I wonder if it's because they were re-purposed for other uses?
  5. Comparing that aerial photo with the one with the 9F seems to suggest that two thirds of the shed had been demolished by that time.
  6. I was just going to say that perhaps the best solution is to try to build a Penzance-esque station rather than an exact model of it. I'm currently building a N Gauge layout based on Kings Cross in the 70s which is only 5'x2'! It may not be a scale model, but it has the essence of and most of the features of the KX station throat from that period.
  7. N Gauge modellers are still waiting for the Farish MK2F coaches announced 2013, Dapol Class 50 announced in 2012 and the Dapol Class 142 announced in 2011, so four years is nothing to us.
  8. I hope that's true as I'm waiting for these, but it says Nov 2019 on the Bachmann website which is more like Q4
  9. Wow, I didn't notice the announcement of the Hawksworth BG in rail blue. Nice!
  10. 374-045 BR Mk1 BG Brake Gangwayed BR Blue (Newspapers) - weathered At last, I can finally sell my old Poole-era version with the crappy looking window insert! And I'll definitely be buying the Motorail GUV as well, but for the second year on the run, the only items I'l be buying are re-liveries of parcel vans. Also it would have been nice if the 101 re-issue had been in the white/blue refurbished livery instead of the Class 108 in that livery.
  11. I've noticed that Hattons seem to have sold out of the CPC version, which I find a bit odd as I thought that it would be the least popular as it's in an obscure and pretty unique livery.
  12. Like most people I used to have a significant amount of stock in boxes, but I've realised that it's daft owning them if they rarely get run or aren't on display. So now I've decided that if it can't fit on my layout or doesn't fit in with the current region/period that I'm modelling, then I'll sell it. Funds are a bit tight for me at the moment, so being stricter with what I own means I can sell stuff I'm not running to fund the purchase of new items that I'll actually use regularly.
  13. I've noticed that a lot of these Hornby Sentinels ended up being heavily discounted, so I suspect that haven't sold as well as the Pecketts.
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