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  1. There are some pictures on their web site. https://www.westhillwagonworks.co.uk/couplings-new-c-2/hunt-couplings-oo-gauge-c-15/hunt-couplings-for-new-Hornby-mk3s-with-sliding-doors-10-pairs-for-nem-sockets-oo-gauge-p-51
  2. Fantastic, thank you, looking to add passengers and lights.
  3. I'm sorry if this has already been covered, I did have a quick look in the thread, how easy is it to remove the bodies of the new MkIIIs?
  4. Basically whatever Hornby do will displease someone. Too few and why can't I have, too many and it's not a limited edition anymore! Does it really matter. Some will probably be the same that will moan when it arrives that it's a basic model with no lights etc. Hornby cannot win with this one, but good on them I say, the more they sell the more goes to charity, and yes, I did manage to get one of the first 500, do I care, no.
  5. Can't disagree with that!
  6. A bit of a dilemma this, 500 and a Limited Edition, if as some say they produced 1000 would it then be a limited edition? With such small runs these days who knows. Anyway well done Hornby and all of those involved. As some have already said I persevered and got there quite early on. As for people having a go at the web site, it's crap etc, think of what they have just done, of course it's going to slow it down, we've all tried to use it at the same time. It behaves perfectly well at other times.
  7. Quick thought, I noticed that quite a lot of people have posted photos of this fantastic model. I also notice that the big box shifters haven't received them yet. Do Bachmann (and other manufacturers for that matter) supply the smaller shops first?
  8. I have to agree, this layout stole the show for me, I spent a great deal of time watching and looking for ideas, well done!
  9. I guess there's still no news on a delivery date?
  10. I think that's a question a lot of people are asking, including me. I guess we can be reassured it's on it's way by the above posts, but when will it arrive.......
  11. It's a shame they don't appear to be producing one in the current DB Cargo livery (red with a large DB logo). I'd be tempted to get one if they did. As for replacing my current fleet, that's not going to happen for a while as I'm happy with what I've got.
  12. Anther 66 has arrived this morning....... 66727 a by robfrowen, on Flickr 66727 b by robfrowen, on Flickr
  13. robf

    Limited edition 66

    It's arrived, looking fantastic. Thanks TMC. 66136 a by robfrowen, on Flickr 66136 b by robfrowen, on Flickr 66136 c by robfrowen, on Flickr
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