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  1. In answer to the OP’s question - No never had a problem with Hatton’s! Multiple orders over many years to Australia and never a drama or worry. Always excellent service, long may it continue.
  2. Fantastic shot, thanks for posting it. Regards G.
  3. Love your signals. They look awesome! Regards G.
  4. They are in Oz already! Looked at and handled a pair of points at the BRMA ( British Railway Modellers of Australia) National Convention in Melbourne last weekend. They were up for raffle prizes, but sadly I didnt win them. However I can definitely say they looked really good. Regards G.
  5. Just watched "the review video". That's 16 minutes of my life I ain't getting back. Had to laugh tho when on reading through some of the comments I noticed that one of the commenters was an Adrian Swain slagging off the loco and Sam. Regards G.
  6. Brilliant work, great job on the water tower, very nice! Regards G.
  7. Great stuff, really liking this. Regards G.
  8. All I can say is woweee! Great looking locos and loving the presentation of the layout, well done. Any chance of going into a bit more detail on your locos. Liking the look of Nos. 5 and 11. Are they 3D printed? Regards G.
  9. Looking great. Congrats on your signal box, brilliant stuff. Regards G.
  10. Excellent set of photos, layout looking very good. Particulary liking your boats. Regards G.
  11. Gday there, I like where your going with this, giving me some ideas. Keep the photos coming, cheers, Regards G.
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