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  1. Made a start on the station area track.
  2. Hi, The basesboards are 9mm thick plywood from Wickes supported on a 3" x 1" frame, also from Wickes.
  3. Hi, I've seen a few attempts at Dawlish but never Newton Abbott. If you have the space it would make an amazing layout. I thought about doing Exeter SD, but I just don't have the room to get the track plan in or anywhere near like it. I've also never seen naked bathers up that end, I've seen them further along past the station though.
  4. I'm using 5mm thick flooring underlay tiles that are made of wood fibre, from Screwfix. I've used cork before and have never seen the benefit over going straight onto the plywood base boards. The stuff I'm using now is supposed to supress sound by 19dB. I'm laying this on top of 9mm ply boards and using the Peco 14mm pins to hold the track down. I am hoping the fibre board will take the pins well and they will be well supported when driven into the ply and less likely to bend.
  5. I've been busy in my spare time building the baseboards for my new OO gauge layout based on the sea wall and station at Teignmouth. Getting there slowly, but eager to get on with track laying. Need to finish the track bed for the sea wall (closest) and then put some sound reducing material down. I've painted the backboards sky blue. The wall at the far end will have a Dartmoor scene on it, probably printed from photos.
  6. Hi thank you for all the replies. My baseboards are 42 inches from the floor, it is a static layout in my garage but built to be moved if necessary (I've been caught out by this before). The former garage door is boarded up and I can go as high as i want to on this wall, and probably will as I plan to have photos of Dartmoor on this wall. Along the sides of the layout, I have gone for 15 inches (the tallest I could fit with cupboards on the wall) increasing to 18 inches for my the sides of my sea wall section. Its far from perfect, but I think with the space available, its the best I can d
  7. I'm building a large OO gauge layout in my garage. I am planning the backscene and wonder how heigh to make it. My plan was 300mm as that will divide a 2400mm wide board in 4 and give a scale height of 75 feet. Is that heigh enough to look realistic?
  8. I've just purchased the Aldi printer for £150 but haven't used it yet. I too was planning to make scenic parts for my layout. I've downloaded some models already and re scaled some in sketchup, but i have no idea where to start creating my own 3d models, or what software to use. Would be interested to know what you are using to create models and how easy it is to learn?
  9. Hi, I'm running 4 coaches at the moment so they are not that far apart.
  10. Thank you. I'll do it as a consist I think. I did wonder about the motor load but assumed, rightly or wrongly, that as the Hornby HST has a power car and a Dummy this must have been thought of and it would work.
  11. Hi, several years ago I converted my HST buffet car into a powered unit using a Bachmann class 158 chassis and made both power cars dummy. This was done because on my then layout the power car wouldn't push the set up the gradients. I've now obtained the Hornby TTS sound decoders for the dummy power cars. My question is, can I give all 3 decoders the same address, or do I need to give them individual addresses and create a consist to run the train. This might be a very simple question, but I'm not that knowledgeable about DCC.
  12. Just had notification from Rails that my DCC fitted green whiskers cl121 has been dispatched. Early Christmas present to self. 2018 new years resolution, must build layout.
  13. Yes I got this email, it only had the DCC ready version in the email, I ordered the DCC fitted version, I'm hoping they have received both.
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