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    Hippopotami (what else?)
    Staffordshire Bull Terriers
    Sailing in small boats
    Rugby Union football, especially Wales.
    Recreational cycling to keep myself fit.
    Air gun coaching: Teaching people to shoot in a safe and sensible manner.
    Currently building a 7 mm scale railway based on the railways of the Cardiff Docks area.
    More relaxed and whimsical ng modelling in the garden at 1:13.7 and 1:12 scales on 1.75" gauge track.
    Building 'Crusty', an ng 0-4-0 PE loco in 7.25" gauge.

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  1. Dave (H), will you be putting up some pictures for us to salivate over or will they be appearing on your layout thread? As far as the 121 is concerned, you show me yours and I'll show you mine in GSYP (when it arrives). I'd like an all blue one as well, but that might be pushing my luck somewhat.
  2. I received my DCC sound decoder and all the various other bits I'd ordered from Yoochoos this morning. I only ordered it late on Wednesday, and after having a chat was expecting it early next week, so today's arrival was a welcome surprise. Of course now I have to sit down and fit it all, although with the 14XX apart, from a quick dab with the soldering iron for the speaker(s) wiring, it's definitely plug and play. It looks as if the speaker ordered for the Ixion will go in with no milling of the chassis being required, so again it's just a solder job, alth
  3. When I pop my clogs I'll make sure it's in your garage: Just so everyone gets a good laugh when you try to scoop me onto a shovel. I'm not sure which will go first, the shaft of the shovel or your poor back.
  4. Nice Crane! I used to have that colour Meccano! My brother's (14 years younger than me) was yellow and silver. I can't speak for all of the elderly and infirm frequenting this thread, but Dave Hunt and I can put most of our problems down to being exacerbated by military service. That is to say that we might have got them anyway, but service conditions did nothing to mitigate the situation. Best give up karting now, wrap yourself in cotton wool and a duvet then lie shivering in your basement before it's too late!
  5. I have a couple of packs of (out of date) acupuncture needles if anyone want to do some diy. Nyda has used an acupuncturist (Chinese) in the past and found the treatment very effective.
  6. I've suffered from Sciatica in the past: Posterior to left knee. I didn't know whether to stand up, sit down or lie on my side. It was extremely uncomfortable, and I would not wish it on anyone. As you know, I'm interested what causes things to happen, and Nyda pointed out this morning that she noticed that I was cough free until I started eating a bowl of muesli for my breakfast. Now whether this slightly dusty cereal mix is a trigger, or if it was merely a coincidence would be difficult to prove without scientific study, but it is worth thinking about.
  7. As part of the 7 mm empire building I've been out and about around the internet today, seeking and ordering. It's mainly DCC bits and pieces including all the bits to make my 14xx (1401 The star of the Titfield Thunderbolt) sound like a BR(W) auto tank. I've found some suitable spacers for the milling vice and I will secure them in place with some double sided carpet tape. The spacers are.... The nuts from the T track of my smaller milling machine's x/y table. I have not attempted to get anything set up until the new speaker arrives, as it may b
  8. I have just declined the offer to take Pantmawr Sidings to GOGFest21 at Stafford this coming September. I feel that getting into quite close contact with a load of strangers over a two day event is possibly not the way forward for Gordon or myself. I've decided to be equally wary of any shooting events, especially the indoor ones. It should now go in 2022.
  9. Those of you who've followed my mutterings about the Ixion Fowler will be delighted to hear that I set up the machine vice in the milling machine then added the chassis to the mix. Of course my plan of action was to simply cramp the frame in place end to end. Trouble is the naughty (other words are useable) machine vice is not long enough! Because the chassis has little bits that stick out of the side such as brake hangers, a simple turn through 90 degrees is not possible. I must now go and make a series of packing pieces that can help the vice j
  10. The price difference between the kits and the rtr versions by Ellis Clark Trains or the upcoming Dapol versions, is so small I wouldn't bother with the kit.
  11. Any one who has had a loco go through the workshop there must now be questioning the quality of work done. I would suggest that very few would really want to be putting their rather expensive pride and joy through that workshop when the time comes for an overhaul. (Not likely if they are insolvent). However, should there be a recovery, then the new owners will be fighting a very steep uphill battle to get an engineering reputation because there will be a certain amount of stigma attached to the location.
  12. Couldn't you scramble up the wall and teeter precariously on the top. Dress in greyish clothes and if anyone asks, you're an ornament.
  13. Sadly I have read, and it's reported elsewhere in RMWeb that the LLangollen Railway have called in the receivers. I've thought for a considerable time that the UK railway preservation scene was going to grow until on day it would become to much for itself and then the cracks would appear. I don't think the pandemic has helped one iota in the survival of what are really only tourist attractions. I do hope a solution can be found, especially as I prefer the Llangollen Railway over the larger and much nearer (to me) SVR.
  14. That's the cheaper version with the plastic gears and tracks. They shred too easily for my liking. Of course £300 is cheap compared with the Tamiya versions which are now retailing at £1000+ Looks mighty like another holler y'all.
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