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    Horton, which is too near Telford
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    Hippopotami (what else?)
    Staffordshire Bull Terriers
    Sailing in small boats
    Rugby Union football, especially Wales.
    Recreational cycling to keep myself fit.
    Air gun coaching: Teaching people to shoot in a safe and sensible manner.
    Currently building a 7 mm scale railway based on the railways of the Cardiff Docks area.
    More relaxed and whimsical ng modelling in the garden at 1:13.7 and 1:12 scales on 1.75" gauge track.
    Building 'Crusty', an ng 0-4-0 PE loco in 7.25" gauge.

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  1. That would explain why when I was constipated, a tomato plant grew out of my rear turret. It was lucky I hadn't been eating pineapples.
  2. Whenever I hear or read the word Sceptic, I am reminded of the film 'Angels One Five'.
  3. I ordered mine on 11 May 2019, as I was at the stand when it was announced. I am so looking forward to getting this loco, although my credit card won't, even after over two years of pre-warning.
  4. In not sure what normal grooming standards are. Perhaps Jamie would be able to put a police perspective on what is considered grooming?
  5. 2021 Exhibition Following on from 2019 success and the unfortunate cancellation of the 2020 show, Telford Railway Modellers Group is proud to present our Annual Model Railway exhibition for 2021. This will be held in the Sports Hall of Charlton Academy on Saturday 2nd October 2021. Sports Hall Charlton Academy Apley Avenue Wellington TF1 3FA 10:00 - 16:00 Adults £5 Children £2 Family (2+2) £12 Free Parking; Wheelchair Access; Refreshments. Layouts Whitbury Lane: N; Fair T' Middlin: 00; Leigh St George: N; Dimsdale: N ; Studley & Astwood Bank: 00; Boston Creek:0; Gottingen Sud: NM; Tipton Sub-Division: N; Neuburg: NM; Salverton: N; Lough MPD: 0; Dothill: 0; Norton Heath:009 ; Evington St John: 00; Kato Pro-Tram: N; Marks End: 00; Blakecaster: 00; Albert Road: OO ; Waredale: 0 ; Traders 12volts DC Electrical; Dave Angell Triang Specialist; Severn Models; Topp Trains; Amberley Services Demonstrations Hand Building Track Scratch and Kit Built Wagons
  6. I've finally got the door frame finished and the door is mounted: Yes, it does open and close and latch shut when required! All I need to do is sort out the plasterwork around the frame (it won't be seen as it's behind the architrave, but it's a matter of doing a tidy job) and refit the architrave. One was damaged when I took it off, so I've jointed another length onto the undamaged section using a short spare bit I had in the scrap pile. Of course, what did I get rid of a couple of weeks ago? All the long bits of bull nosed 45mm x 15 mm architrave. OFMC tonight, so I've got a couple of hours that I can dedicate to getting the stuff ready for the Telford MRG show on Saturday. The club do not do themselves any favour with their advertising, or lack of. One of the many reasons I left them.
  7. I can concur that the point work in North Hipposhire is of an extremely high standard and it is a joy to look at. In comparison, I am very lazy and use Peco track although my points are made using the Peco Individulay chairs. I should really be using the 2 bolt stuff that is true GWR/BR(W) available from the specialist manufacturers to be closer to the mark, but I have a lot of Peco rail and track and the Peco stuff is relatively cheap. I do not use their switch rails, crossing noses or the sleeper strip. The first two being too short to be of any use (my opinion, others seem to get on ok). The sleepers I prefer to cut from timber. I have been through many types of 'tie bar' to actuate the switch blade, but have now settled on the MM1 models tie bar kit. This is two etched brass strips that are soldered to the switch blades. They need to be insulated from each other with some paper and glue. An RSU is a handy to put them together as it concentrated the heat nicely. They are not a quick fix as they do take time to put together. As an aside, in comparison, my non insulated garden point actuators go together very quickly. Fortunately, like Dave's, all my point work does work.
  8. Can you print some in 7 mm scale quickly and get them here by next Saturday?
  9. I did some modelling once: It was for a Super Hero magazine
  10. Fitting the doorstop to the last section of door frame, I noticed some weeping resin on the surface of the timber strip. Knowing how it will come through paintwork, I decided to remove the offending spot. It turned out to be the very tip of a large reservoir of the stuff. So I've carefully removed it with a chisel and refilled the crater with wood filler. In hindsight, it would probably been easier to chop the section out, (about half the size of my thumb,) and put in a tight fitting plug of scrap timber and sand it down when secure. Now to clean and re sharpen the rather sticky chisel blade. But it's a nice day, and I'm able to potter along with this job outside.... Looking busy, and getting all sorts of little railway related jobs out of the way whilst I 'wait' for things to set or dry.
  11. You could always try the donkey walloping antics of a trot through the lanes. Mind you, if you're not used to it you'll be walking around bow legged for a week or so.
  12. Any form of exercise that builds up the core muscular strength is good for your back. In my case it was going to Pilates classes, which was recommended by the doctor. Of course, that took a bit of a tumble over the 18 months, but I've never had the same problems with my spine since taking it up. All the young ladies that frequented the classes encouraged me to keep going. (Although I suspect it was only because I made them look good)
  13. Perhaps it would be better if we built an Irish monorail.
  14. The door frame rebuild is ongoing albeit a bit slow.... Because I'm being very careful. The mantra of Measure twice and cut once is holding well. The idea to use woodscrews and small blocks/strips of wood as packing where required to ensure perfect alignment is going well so far. Using wood screws in deep countersunk holes (to be filled and smoothed over before painting) giving much finer control than banging in four inch nails with a two pound hammer. Slicing up various planks to make the surround has had an accidental, but very useful by product: Timber strip suitable for wooden sleepers for the point building demo a week today. Some clouds have a silver lining. The other advantage of screwing the frame into place means that I can put the door into the frame and mark the hinge slots, then undo the screws, take the side out to the garage and route the slots. A much easier option than having to try and chisel them out in situ. One thing is certain: I'll not get a job as a carpenter on a building site
  15. Honey, I shrunk the sofa! We went out last night: "Just come around for a few drinks they said..." It was over five hours later that we we were staggering back down the road. Only a week to go before the Telford MRG show. I need to get my point building kit sorted out (That really means find it). DH kindly swapped some made up some 1 in 7 crossing noses for a load of embossed brick plasticard. Of course, I can't use these finely crafted parts as they are made up from bullhead rail, and I'm doing the demo using flat bottomed stuff.
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