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    Horton, which is too near Telford
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    Hippopotami (what else?)
    Staffordshire Bull Terriers
    Sailing in small boats
    Rugby Union football, especially Wales.
    Recreational cycling to keep myself fit.
    Air gun coaching: Teaching people to shoot in a safe and sensible manner.
    Currently building a 7 mm scale railway based on the railways of the Cardiff Docks area.
    More relaxed and whimsical ng modelling in the garden at 1:13.7 and 1:12 scales on 1.75" gauge track.
    Building 'Crusty', an ng 0-4-0 PE loco in 7.25" gauge.

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  1. I have (again) misinterpreted instructions. 'Sweep around the conservatory'. I took the old Venetian blinds out and put them in the workshop, did all the window sills, brushed the floor, vacuumed it up: satisfied smile. 'Why have you not swept around the conservatory?' 'I have.... Look!' 'I meant outside, not inside. You need to shift all the pots and get the leaves that are stuck in behind them'. Guess what I'm doing this afternoon?
  2. Today is going to be utilized for what is known as cleaning and tidying up. I will complete this task and tomorrow will get on with the other 50% of my life which is making things dirty and creating a mess. I know which one I prefer.
  3. I looked up the Waterloo Warbirds. They have the following: T33 Silver Star MiG 15 DH Vampire L29 Delphin AT- 6 Texan/Harvard All are two seaters so can offer air experience flights. Not as large as the fleet of aircraft in the hanger at Hunt Towers but probably a little more noisy and expensive to run.
  4. A couple of pints of Brains Dark and a large bag of decent cheese and onion crisps whilst watching a live steamer perambulating around the garden line could be added to your original list.
  5. You shouldn't have called the Captain a 16 tonner!
  6. Mine would sound like a rendition of the railway modeller's almanac
  7. Especially the Escape and Evasion booklet. That would be 'DON'T GET CAUGHT!' Especially by me!
  8. If he's off to the workshop that quickly, he must have been into Hobbycraft and had a rush of blood to the head.
  9. I feel your pain. When I am volunteered for the Bridgemere run, I spend quite a bit of time in the attached Hobbycraft store or looking at the garden buildings (Although I really shouldn't covet another. Are we talking about the OT or the gadgets?
  10. That's a hell of a lap time! I was up early this morning on a fighting patrol. A couple of pigeons who fancied their chances in the veg plot took early retirement.
  11. I found an old photo of a Pannier Tank close protection team: From L to R Alfred, Henrietta, Grafton and Clarence
  12. See Danemouth for further inspiration, Or go back to Wales and model one of the many proposed termini meant to connect from the Welsh coast for the Irish sea traffic. Much easier to generate stuff for a railway that other people (me) like.
  13. I have decided that once all the various domestic tasking has been completed, I am going to revisit 'Pantmawr Sidings'. Originally an entry into the GoG small Layout competition, I have decided to take the track off the existing baseboards, and make some new, wider boards using the same foamboard core and thin ply sides. The track was laid on a 3 mm ply sub base, so lifting it and the ballast where applied will not be too difficult. Freed from the 20 sq ft constraint of the original competition rules, it will allow me to add a further scenic board and effectively create the Rhech
  14. I knew a Sea King pilot by the name of Oliver. He went on to fly the Police helicopter based at Cosford. However, I'm pretty sure he was ex RN, as he's been in charge of a squadron at Yeovilton before he retired.
  15. South Cerney is now the Joint Air Mounting Centre, which I presume is something to do with air trooping in bulk and it's sole purpose it to probably keep large numbers of Pongos out of RAF Brize Norton until the last possible moment. Brawdy became the home of 14 Signal Regt when they returned from BAOR. Our local barracks at Donnington where I was once the Bn Adjt is going to be sold off in the next few years. The married quarters have either been sold off or are overflow housing for other military units in Shropshire and the West Midlands. With the excepti
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