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    Hippopotami (what else?)
    Staffordshire Bull Terriers
    Sailing in small boats
    Rugby Union football, especially Wales.
    Recreational cycling to keep myself fit.
    Air gun coaching: Teaching people to shoot in a safe and sensible manner.
    Currently building a 7 mm scale railway based on the railways of the Cardiff Docks area.
    More relaxed and whimsical ng modelling in the garden at 1:13.7 and 1:12 scales on 1.75" gauge track.
    Building 'Crusty', an ng 0-4-0 PE loco in 7.25" gauge.

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  1. I realised a long time ago that Andy is a layout builder, and a prolific one at that. Once he has finished one, it's only a matter of time before he is off on the next project. My only suggestion would be that this time, and given the space, do it in N gauge. That will be a real challenge and it would certainly make a blue period 'hydraulic heaven' something to behold. The change of scale would also stretch his grey cells a bit more.
  2. He had a mindful relationship with a Big Rat.
  3. I'm with you Tony, I prefer something that hooks over the ear. Perhaps they could build a set that are built into the arms of a pair of spectacles, just like they used to do with hearing aids.
  4. I am wondering whether to invest in some noise cancelling earbuds or whatever the small headphones are called these days. I have been using the large headphones I bought when we flew to Japan for RWC 2019, when moving the lawn or using the leaf vacuum and I feel a smaller set that fitted under conventional ear defenders would be better. They would be especially good when I am weeding and want to listen to music rather than the drone of the powered garden implements of my neighbours. Black Friday looms! I note the postman has just delivered a pipework sized
  5. We are shortly off for a click and collect from the local supermarket. Nyda pointed out that the bottle of Welsh whisky (in the red box) and the stamps for the Christmas card despatch amounted to 50% of the bill, and the stamps were slightly more than the whisky! As part of the great workshop and garage reorganisation, I decided that I need to stop trying to use my big dust extractor as a portable device, so I am expecting various pipes and fittings to create permanent extraction pipework for the belt sander and the scroll saw. Eventually the only machines that will require port
  6. Sometimes, just sometimes, things do happen in the right order. When the PH remodelled his bedroom, just prior to his decision to move out and get his own place, (which was great,) he replaced all the skirting boards. He attached them to the walls tight to the floor, and used both no nails glue and air nails. Since the fitting was, let us say, less than perfect, I was instructed to remove them and replace where required. Although I had enough 69 mm architrave to carry out the task, when I came to remove the old stuff, it removed quite a bit of plaster. So after cons
  7. Therein is a warning to us all. we are not immortal and really ought to make firm provision to ensure that at the end of our days our estates, such as they are, are not left in such poor repair that the legal profession have to take over to sort it all out. They usually work at the rate of a stuffed sloth, and charge you highly because of it. In the meantime, the stuff in dispute can't be touched. Well not by those who would probably be legally entitled to it, just those who come in and help themselves.
  8. Douglas, you should put the whistle in upside down: That is with the 'mouth' facing downwards. It enables it to drain. All you'll get is a bubbling noise as condensate will gather in the sound tube if the mouth is facing upwards!
  9. Success, Wales managed a win against Georgia.
  10. When I opened the 08 box I found that although it was blue, it was a pre TOPS version numbered D3316. No great worries, as if I want to renumber it as Railtec will make up a custom transfer for a few pounds. It rained this afternoon, so the gardening was curtailed in favour of a bit more workshop and garage time. Rugby next!
  11. Gordon came over this morning to deliver an 08 Shunter. Shock horror, it's a blue one with TOPS numbering for a side project of another side project twice removed that we have on the go. Some more diggin' was done in the new veg beds and leaves around the front door swept up and bagged. This afternoon I want to sort out some skirting boards although the rugby matches will probably interfere with the completion of this operation. With no Penderyn to hand, I've had to resort to ensuring a couple of cans of cider are in the ready use locker instea
  12. It looks as if I will be on the business end of a shovel again this morning. Sadly the ground is wet and since it generally constitutes a high proportion of clay, I will have my work cut out. Still at least it's not raining.
  13. Neil, those shots are great and most helpful. By chance, the library in Stafford holds a vast stock of the Bagnall drawings, and you'll not be surprised to learn that many Bagnalls were a conglomerate of stock parts, so it should not be too difficult to cobble one together. The bagnall Price vg being replaced by the Roundhouse single eccentric vg. (I appreciate that it would be Anniesque as the R/H chassis is outside framed.) Douglas is quite right about the pair of rusty rails winding into the desert as the Decauville wheezes gently to itself whilst the sombrero weari
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