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    Hippopotami (what else?)
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    Rugby Union football, especially Wales.
    Recreational cycling to keep myself fit.
    Air gun coaching: Teaching people to shoot in a safe and sensible manner.
    Currently building a 7 mm scale railway based on the railways of the Cardiff Docks area.
    More relaxed and whimsical ng modelling in the garden at 1:13.7 and 1:12 scales on 1.75" gauge track.
    Building 'Crusty', an ng 0-4-0 PE loco in 7.25" gauge.

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  1. Many years ago I had a number or part built 3.5" and 5" gauge locos. I had been given these, sadly, by the widows of model engineers who had gone to that greatest of railway workshops. (Up or down which ever takes your fancy). I never had any use for these as I had neither the workshop facilities nor the time to finish them off. So I gave them away to others who were looking for projects to work with. although I was offered money, I took nothing, not wanting to profit from the generosity of those who's given them to me originally. Since then, I seem to have been looked down upon very favourably, and today was a fine example. I have just been given about £400 worth of various Albion Alloy metal section, both spray and tins of Humbrol paints, various fluxes metal blacks and solder and a storage rack/cabinet. 'I know you will use this stuff, or get it to people who will use it and appreciate it. Just give a donation to the Air Ambulance' was the request. So perhaps it is true that you reap what you sow.
  2. Originally I just dropped the photo in, but it was too small to be of use. I put the link in after, realising there would probably be a stampede to find out where to get them. (Other suppliers are available.)
  3. I bought two (one long and one short) of these: https://www.banggood.com/Drillpro-200-or-300-or-400mm-Stainless-Steel-Precision-Marking-T-Ruler-Hole-Positioning-Measuring-Ruler-Woodworking-Scriber-Scribing-Tool-p-1601316.html?rmmds=search&ID=6283067&cur_warehouse=CN You use a 2H clutch pencil and place the 0.5mm lead in the appropriate hole and it will draw a straight parallel line along a long edge in one pass. It has 0.25 mm increments which is good enough for most modelling applications.
  4. I 'd like to say I built a swing like cradle and I fly around in between two F35s, enabling me to get to cake samplings a lot quicker. Actually, the truth is far less interesting: I have a problem with the numbers 7 and 17, I keep getting them mixed up, even when ordering stuff or accounting. Adding up lots of ones and sevens is a nightmare. I have to treble and even quadruple check my figures. This is probably why I have ended up with 7 brake vans instead of 1.
  5. By the time 17 Sqn have overflown Dave's abode with me as an underslung load, there'd be no roof on his house let alone the goods shed!
  6. The joys of S7, where fantasy meets purgatory. I'll now have to go and check to see if Dave has made a roof out of scale sized stringers and trusses. The question is, if he hasn't, should I jump up onto the baseboard and delicately tread all over the errant structure and make him start all over again? Or should I turn a blind eye?
  7. I have a Curio cutter for such menial tasks. CAD sometimes has it's advantages. You just generate a .dxf file and tell the Curio to cut it out! You then only have to add strips rather than the individual slates.
  8. And we are off again: This time with a bit of amalgamation and what if theory. Having covered both Common Branch Junction and the Cardiff Railway, I have occasionally thought about what would have happened if the CR had been given running rights through to Treforest to connect with the TVR and the fabled circle line from Coryton to Radyr had been built. The location is mid way between Coryton and Tongwynlais on the CR route, whilst the turn of the century CBJ track plan provides us with an idea of what the junction would have looked like. The eagle eyed will notice that the siding off the CBJ Treferig route has been converted into a loop for exchange purposes and the quarry line is worked as a long siding so is only signalled with discs. I've just plonked the major signals in at present, although I suspect I either need an advanced started in the Coryton direction or a goods signal to allow an exit from the quarry branch/siding onto the main line. As a steam era railway, the traffic could be quite intense, and I suspect that in real life the Coryton to Nantgarw/Treforest line would never have been singled, but this is, after all, a bit of fun. Likewise, extending into into the diesel era would more than likely mean that J32 of the M4 might need to find another home!
  9. Would readers please note that Ian is currently practicing a potential lockdown pastime. Another candidate is (finishing) roofing the shed. Then there is mowing the lawn with a pair of scissors and painting the house with an eyebrow brush.
  10. In my defence, I didn't have the time to list them all: I do know that had it still been in service, 7946 Stuart, would probably have needed renaming.
  11. I think the decimal point might be in the wrong place.
  12. One of the later modified versions of the Hall in the 79xx series: 7930 Lickham 7931 B8gger 7932 S*d 7933 F**k 7934 Naff 7935 Bobbye 7936 Jerry
  13. I haven't had a cold since the initial lockdown started. The continued isolation we have adopted, has had a similar effect. It's a pity it doesn't work for other ailments such as a sore back after lugging around stuff that is far too heavy for one.
  14. I can, I'm one of those lucky people who mellows as the alcohol/blood level rises
  15. I go to the pharmacy for my flu jab. If I booked one at the doctors I'd be probably be waiting for sometime in 2021! I like the sound of Ian's placebo. Nyda's father swore by it for colds and flu. Although I'd hesitate to try that mixture with a single malt. Mentioning the single malt reminds me to ask Dave whether he has finished the Penderyn yet?
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