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  1. I'm jealous (grin) even if no-one else is. Wrong scale for me - why did they have to make it in HO (grump, grump) Dennis
  2. Jack, Finding that and watching those videos has re-ignited my enthusiasm, following an awful year health wise. Thanks a lot. (Not caused by hanging round on street corners, I might add.) Dennis
  3. Just curious - has anyone had any experience of the new "Dremel" 3D equipment ? Would seem that the equipment is reasonably priced, but the reels of filament at £25 quid a go are really expensive. Dennis
  4. Don't know why, but those wheels said "LNWR" to me when I saw them in the photo just now. Dennis
  5. Can we wait until the facts are known ? Bandwaggon jumping may be a popular sport, but it adds nothing whatsoever to the accident account. Dennis
  6. The amount of detail in this layout is quite simply outstanding. A key feature to my mind is the thickness of the lattice members, which are so often excessively thick and spoil some excellent layouts, not so in this case. Nicely done sir, and a pleasure to see. Dennis
  7. "Buyer pays return postage" - muscleman wanted ! Dennis
  8. Most of these photos would be useful to modellers because of the detail they show. Boring ? No way !! Dennis
  9. I seem to remember the NMRA in the States having an Iinglenook for shunting. The kids I believe beat the adults, and was quite popular. Small prizes could be given for (say) the lowest number of moves. Dennis
  10. The ancient station at Merton Park in London, with the clang of shunting at the Lines Bros factory on a summer night. Now no longer extant, a tramway long replacing it. On that same line, an afternoon freight from Norwood Junction headed by a C2X 0-6-0 leaking steam like a sieve. Dennis
  11. Saddening for the crew's families, hopefully no deaths. Get the usual a-holes stopping to take photos. What is the matter with these people ? Dennis
  12. I like the clerestory coaches. May I ask their origins - are they kits or modified originals ? Dennis
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