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  1. @RobinofLoxley - surely the long siding you note as "ending in limbo" in your first post (a) provides the trap for runaways from the loco shed and (b) acts as the headshunt (and trap) for the goods yard?
  2. A query first - what is the significance of the "grey-ed out" rectangles? Can you get into them if you need to to sort out derailments etc? And building on @RobinofLoxley's comment about the crossover near the shed area, it does need to be the other way round (trailing instead of facing), but also needs to be the other side of the point giving access to the branch line, enabling a train to leave the branch platform and cross to the inner circuit. Or you could use a double slip instead of two of the points .... Hope this helps ....
  3. I think you're using Streamline trackwork and can therefore include slip crossings, so I'd rearrange the bottom station and loco depot access like this (ignore the dimensions, it's just a rough sketch) The crossing 1' in from the left is a single slip, so you can get from the inner line to the terminal platform straight across the diamond, and from the platform to the outer line using the slip route, but not from the outer line to the inner or vice versa. You can get from the platform to the inner line, but you wouldn't 'cos you'd then be going the wrong way. For loc
  4. Personally, I can't imagine why anyone with 28' to play with would feel the need for a helix, but perhaps a scale drawing will answer that question .... For consideration, take two double junctions in opposite directions off the scenic circuits, maybe single these branches once they're out of sight, and take them round the outside edges of the layout space down to your storage tracks. I did a design once which worked a bit like that (in much less space!), included so you can perhaps see what I mean .... Others then took this idea on further in the thread by of
  5. Well, on this particular plan, what you've missed is that trains cannot get into the terminal platforms on the small (bottom) station without running wrong line from the top station. If we're using terminology you don't understand, which I know we tend to do far too much, you only have to ask, as you just did about balloon loop .......
  6. The one thing you don't seem to get your head around is the business about running on the left hand side of a double track mainline. This results in us repeatedly saying things like "trains emerging from any terminus platform will be on the inside track and therefore can't reach any of the small station platforms" @RobinofLoxley or "One immediately noticeable problem - the EMUs can get into the shed ok but there's no way out for them unless they run wrong line" @The Stationmaster or "A train arriving in the far right track at the terminus cannot then depart and cross to the correct (inner) li
  7. The diamond electrickery question - yes I believe so. One suggestion - an addditional trailing crossover as shown (hopefully the inner curve is 2nd radius and the point fits), used together with the crossover bottom right, would enable you to reverse trains in either platform by running round using the other platform road, regaining the correct line after departure. To me, this would somehow feel a bit more realistic than getting to the other end of a train on the inner circuit by doing a full circuit through the countryside. And a second thought - until you can
  8. Barrel bolts looking better now, the jerk effect having been identified, especially as using John KS's method you'd only need 3 bolts, and one barrel between each pair of tracks.
  9. I can't see any problem with letting both the storage tracks that are aligned with the approach tracks at any one time take their power from their respective aligned tracks, especially if you can do that automatically via a ball bearing locking mechanism. I shouldn't think you'd want to completely rule out simultaneous arrivals and departures, though I grant you it would need a modicum of care and planning, especially for simultaneous arrivals ....
  10. Had missed this, glad you posted the link in the other thread ... Best of luck with both projects!
  11. Having been proved wrong, I had to investigate further ..... starting the curve 8' along the track, the curve required for the outside track (16" off the centreline, turning 8 degrees) is roughly 3' long at 8' radius. For the track 4" off the centreline, the radius (over the same length) is 90' ! XTrackCad can't solve the problem for the track 2" off the CL, turning 1 degree, but having forced a solution, the radius looks to be around 170'. Fascinating - as I said earlier, I should get a life ....
  12. You're right, I was wrong (blush emoji).
  13. I challenge anyone to draw it that way for 16 13' roads. That was my original line of thought, but I soon began to doubt that it was possible. So I started out trying to prove it couldn't be done, but discovered that with S-curves it can. Over to you ....
  14. As promised - I've used pink to show where I think I'd use set-track pieces .... When it came to it, I'd swing the plate and set each quarter straight in line with the straight stub track on the centreline. Cheers, Chris
  15. I'm not suggesting that you don't keep the two entry tracks. I just think putting one storage track on the centreline will make the setting out easier. I'll mod my picture to show what I mean Thursday morning. Cheers, Chris
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