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  1. To my eyes, it is that "deviation from parallel through the central points" that makes all your versions just look wrong, somehow. But if you stuck an oval bridge pier in the gap there would be a reason for it .....
  2. Hi Jules Your specific question - ditch the tunnel mouth, there clearly can't be a hill there to tunnel through, shift the building left a bit and just let it act as a view blocker, with fields visible beyond. You may want the area tightly packed, but I don't reckon that Metcalf factory (?) in the top pic (between the Jinty (?) and the DMU) can stay where it is. You can't get at it other than by rail, and anything sited there would have to be railway owned, I think. So I think I'd shift the building and use the space for something else, and maybe shorten the sidings s
  3. Given the OP is intending to build his own track, which is why he's using Templot, I was wondering (only out of idle curiosity, not something I will ever embark on) whether the smallish radius points he will need are more difficult to build by hand? I would guess that they are less forgiving in a number of ways ......
  4. Thanks for the link Jon - I've only run into this problem for the last couple of weeks, and it seems totally consistent at the moment.
  5. As per title ..... when I click "Content I posted in" nothing happens for a minute or so, then the timeout error appears. No real problem to work round this, but it is my preferred way in for a quick check on topics I'm actively involved in - any clues? Seems to have happened at the same time as the "ignore thread" selections got lost ....
  6. First thoughts: 1. Have you settled on scale/gauge yet? Presumably not G in this space ..... 2. Are you thinking the "sliver" could be (say) a 2" x 1" batten on the wall with a 2'6" x 15" shelf hingeing down from it? Cheers, Chris
  7. Dougie You're about to make a huge investment in track and point motors. And I think from your early posts that although you've got the locos, you've never built a layout before? I do think it might be an idea to identify a small section of the layout (perhaps the top right hand corner between the crossover and the slip), get the track required for that and see how you get on with the tracklaying and necessary wiring for the points and track power before committing yourself completely. You might, for instance, find you just can't get on with the type of point motor you first tho
  8. I missed the early stages of the development of this one, but think it's looking really promising now. I like the extra red line the OP added a few posts back, as it gives the impression of a double track main line in front of the shed and provides a double track roundy-roundy for continuous running, both of which I would see as a bonus. The impression of course doesn't hold up when the "outer" track has to be used for access to the coaling tower roads which is its original function, but still .... Just to be different, can I offer an alternative to the complicated fiddle yard ar
  9. I'm guessing "Ewer St" is a goods yard? If so, "Blackfriars" as another modelled passenger terminus gives nowhere for freights to go, whereas a boring fiddle yard .......
  10. A nagging thought - as FP is insisting you need electrical connections across the baseboard joint, I assume he assumes (!!) you're going to cut through the set-track curves along the line of the joint. Have you planned for this, and the track alignment issues that may follow? On the outer loop at least, the cut will be very close to the end of a track. The alternative approach of having bits of track sticking out over the ends of the boards when they're apart might work, given the slop provided by the fishplates, but you'd probably need four pairs of hands to get all the fishpla
  11. I thought I'd leave it to @Flying Pig to reply as you're tending to follow his idea - but time is passing ..... If I'm interpreting his idea accurately, it doesn't involve sections at all. It relies on the self-isolating nature of the points to allow you to have 3 locos on the layout, with just 1 responding to your controller at any time. The wiring involves just two wires from the controller to the track by the black arrow, and one more wire from the inner rail by FP's red dot to the inner rail by the red arrow. And you need 3 IRJs, 2 on the frog rails of the top point and 1 on the frog ra
  12. @Flying Pig Conceded, after a long dose of looking at - apart from the crossover down the bottom accessing the siding, it's electrically just a single track with a fan of sidings at each end. Perhaps more easily seen that way if you put the IRJs in the middle of the platform loop lines rather than against the top point. Taking a jump feed to the outer loop from the track in the middle of the crossover is very cute - it took a long time to get my brain round that.
  13. Do we take it the track is laid already? The intro makes it seem so ..... The station on the loop does look a bit odd. An island platform would make more sense, allowing passenger trains to cross. If a through station, the yard would most likely be served by trip freights running from right to left; the "flat unloading area" is going to be a pig to shunt in any case. If a terminus, operating with FY A would be simpler, with the level crossing gates presumably closed permanently against trains; so using FY B might be more interesting!
  14. As a minimum: You need track feeds at the red arrows, noting you will need switches in the feeds to the platform loops so you can isolate a train in one while running a second train through the other. You need IRJs at the black lines as follows: At A, on both point frog rails; At B, on the frog rail for the platform loop, not the siding (but see below); At C, on both rails making the crossover. The point is power must not reach an electrofrog via either of the converging frog rails. You can add as many more feeds as you like
  15. Seeing this reference, I looked back at that thread and realised I'd never posted my final thoughts .... so I have now, if anyone's still interested.
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