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  1. However at normal price you are well out of the budget price decoder market which would still throw up better choices.
  2. I bought one without knowing what compromises there were. (Note to self: do your research before buying!) I ended up fixing the end axles and made sure the centre one could move side to side. Much better trackholding i.e it stayed on the track rather than taking to the shubbery at the slightest curve. After all Hornby's long wheelbase CCTs work OK with a longer wheelbase and no silly swivelling. The 12mm wheels however are unforgiveable. What where they thinking of?
  3. This is the Triang battery controller: http://www.tri-ang.co.uk/OONew/power6.htm 3 position switch On-Off-On (no incremental settings!) I had oneof these for speed control:
  4. That's another hornet's nest. Having looked through my "library" there isn't any typical style, every company seems to have a different pattern. Flat top, 45 degree top, single radius top, double radius top. Likewise at the bottom and not necessarily the same as the top. What about the height? anything from about a third height to full height. IMHO ducket free would be more typical as most companies seem to have had vehicles like that, they could always be added later.
  5. My earliest memory is of BR early emblem with red & cream coaches but I want the GWR in the 1930s!
  6. Blow into a heap, then suck 'em into a bag: https://www.screwfix.com/p/mac-allister-yt623105x-2800w-230-240v-corded-blower-vac/404fg
  7. My first was one of those Triang thingies that held three bell batteries. The batteries didn't last long, much to the chagrin of my parents who had to buy them!
  8. Have to hope the N&C isn't electrified else they'll all be gone.
  9. How to see the changing (improving ?) fortunes of that route played out in the painting of the footbridge. 1988 tatty & white, 1989 tidy and grey (primer?), 1990 nice two-tone paint job. Even the up platform looks better kept in 1990. Nice selection of photos as usual Dave.
  10. All our PATs were done by us, the people that used/serviced the equipment that was being tested as well as repairs and hence PATs to the testers themselves.
  11. But no good for a DC supply! Another brushless design is this multipole motor which is driven by a 3 phase signal from a control IC: With the rotor on: The magnet(s) are a ceramic ring. Speed is monitored by a hall device. It is very smooth running. It runs off 12v DC and I'm trying to find a model railway use for it!
  12. The Hornby R8249 is IMHO the decoder not to buy as it has a poor specification but isn't even a particularly cheap decoder. Plenty of better choices e.g here: Lenz Standard + Streets ahead value wise
  13. And as many late clerestories have lost most of their panel beading, the non beaded Hornby offering is even closer to reality
  14. Depends how long back, the Euro type connectors weren't universal, some equipment had hard wired leads. My first computer monitor was such an item.
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