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  1. How about a Period 2 Corridor third something like M1498 or M1501 (D1782) which became Mess & Dorm vans? 1501 is preserved, was DM395801 http://www.lmsca.org.uk/stock/1501.php
  2. I don't think a spring would help much as the pony wheels only have minimal downward movement. Mine doesn't like a small dip where the baseboard (10mm ply) was warped downward slightly, taking the track with it. As the loco enters the dip the pony wheels leave the rail. Temporary cure: slacken the fixing screw slightly. (it might work loose in use however) Permanent cure: small thin washer to stop the fixing screw from "clamping" the pony quite so much (or more drastically, remove some metal from the pony casting) Another place where it jumps off and I can't see a reason is a Peco large radius code 75 point. Going through the turn, it takes it within it's stride at unrealistically high speeds, going straight, it jumps off at anything more than a modest speed.
  3. From what I have seen and from my experience (notwithstanding any quality problems), the DG started out with a reasonable chassis with a decent 5 pole can motor with two flywheels but the body had several glaring errors. Later the body errors were mainly resolved, making a nice looking representative of the DG, however in the meantime the motor had been "downgraded" to a 3 pole cheap coreless design with less power and only one flywheel. So what you need is early chassis, late body or do a motor hack as scumcat has done. I must add that my replacement coreless motor for the one that shorted out and blew a Lenz chip has, not so far, put a step wrong. It's a nice looking little loco, pity about the problems.
  4. The train was part of a regular steam service operating during the BOB anniversary but some had been reserved for special events, so maybe why it hasn't been decorated up. It would have run to Interlaken as a public train and picked up the wedding party at Wilderswil on the way back.
  5. Big old TV chassis used to have the chassis conected to mains neutral (if you had 3 pin mains plugs). With 2 pin plugs it was a 50/50 chance of live or neutral! Even some radio sets adopted that approach. My parents had a small valve table radio and at first glance it looked like it was isolated as it had a transformer but that only fed the 6.3v valve heaters, the 250v DC supply came straight from the mains via a valve rectifier.
  6. This was a wedding train during the Bob 100th celebrations: (you can see some of the party standing around. Still frame from my videoing.
  7. Same here, the transformer I use is a quality 80VA toroid. The only earth on my layout is the screen of the cable I have used for the RS bus but only connected to mains earth, not the Lenz case EDIT The Z21 uses a laptop type SMPS.
  8. After much satifactory running in I started running some more complex operations e.g. running slowly through complex pointwork and reverse curves and found the loco was occasionally erratic so I had another look at the wipers and noticed that at the extremes of side to side wheel movement they still just lost contact. So I took the keeper plate off and did a proper tweak of the wipers to get them all to apply pressure to the wheelbacks. Result, much improved running through point work, even at very slow speeds Another thing I noticed is the front pony hasn't really enough up/down movement and on any track imperfections (I've a couple of unwanted dips) can lift clear of the rail. A nice feature is the axles run in brass bushes in the chassis, the axle looks like 2mm.
  9. I've just checked the Z21* and the Lenz 100 set and neither has any connection between mains ground and track output. There also no connection between the case ground and track output on the Lenz. *In fact the Z21 floats about 40v AC above ground, the Lenz is only 2.5v above ground.
  10. I've just been checking on Railcam 11 car just passed Thankerton on the way to Glasgow. Next two going north on WCML are both 11 car according to fleet numbers (3901XX)
  11. The TPE 350 was 2x4 cars: All 10 350s gone to West Midlands Trains now
  12. I travelled on TPE from Lancaster to Penrith in 2018. I let the preceding Pendo go as I thought the TPE class 350 would have more room. How wrong I was. The missus and me ended up on the last two free tip up seats in the wheelchair vestibule as it was packed.
  13. Stick to Zimo or Lenz and you wont go far wrong.
  14. I use my Picoscope with the laptop. It's USB powered and current consumption is quite low.
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