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  1. On the subject of dockside cranes some great examples can be found at Sharpness docks, These two are not used now, as roadside cranes do the job this one on the opposite side of the dock, is used, this shot gives you an idea of scale the shot below show all the cranes in one shot. Most of the trackwork for the internal railway is still in place, and yes it does run over the bridge in the picture (which it shares with the road). Just needs a little 0-4-0 and a couple of wagons to complete the set.
  2. Which day were you there and which train did you do the mixed on? I'll have a look and see if I have a better shot. The one above was the last mixed of the day on Monday.
  3. Where did you hear that, because it definitely is not up for sale. It's in the restoration queue but it's behind Hollybank and the S100, it's going nowhere at present.
  4. A few shots from the weekends excellent "Made in Staffordshire Gala" at the Chasewater Railway
  5. Wolstanton with a rake of empties heading for the colliery
  6. The Bottom Shed at Furnace Sidings on the Pontypool and Blaenavon Railway is an original (albeit now with new roof) NCB shed, built in the early 1970s to house Nora and Tota (Ab 0-4-0s). Probably the last purpose built steam shed in the country outside of preservation. https://aligrieve.smugmug.com/PontypoolandBlaenavonRailway/2011PBR/PBRGOMER/i-V9pppJS/A
  7. I don't think there were many. Interestingly the next one off the production line after the Preston Dock ones went to the nearby Courtaulds works and that too has the walkway, maybe it was a batch they did. http://martynhilbert.railpic.net/gallery/displayimage.php?pid=1506
  8. having a look further through some of my pictures and some 4 wheelers have the cross walk, with a shorter fuel tank Preston dock Whilst others have a longer fuel tank and consequently no cross walk OIC
  9. according to the accompanying text with the picture both are 4wh, and the 4wh does have a cross walkway too.
  10. How about a nice red Stewart and lloyds narrow boat if we're going black country. Worked from Halesowen to cannock chase bring coal from the Cannock coal field to S&L at Coombeswood basin.
  11. At Preston docks the mainline trains work down the branch from the mainline and onto Preston Dock metals to access the exchange sidings. The sentinels take over from there to the unloading terminal
  12. the photo is part of this set of brilliant shots of Radyr - Dolwais goods working. Got some great shots of the internal works railway - http://www.alangeorge.co.uk/radyrtocaeharris.htm
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