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  1. Have you tried Alan Gibson? That's where I got complete Buffers plus Buffer heads springs and collars when I did 4mm a good few years back. They are still listed in the catalogue they have online on page 20. http://www.alangibsonworkshop.com/Catalogue.pdf
  2. On the note of the Springs not working I had David etch me 32 of these little beauties specially in nickel silver about 10-12 years ago. They very rarely see the light of day online but I'm more than happy with how they work. If you dont follow the instructions to the T they dont work and you will struggle to build the kits to. One day I will get round to completing them but that's down to me not a fault with the kit or how it's been designed....
  3. Jeff Why would you want to bulld an excellent kit without the springs? Here's me trying to get David to produce your favourite catfish and dogfish wagons with the springs and you are trying to get them removed from his other kits... When the catfish dogfish and tank wagons came out there was no option just the cast springs. David added this option for a short while later. Unfortunately these are no longer available for the old kits I wish they still were. To make the etched spring units up only took an extra hour or two and made such an improvement over a casting.
  4. I can remember seeing 16 ton mineral wagons coming out of the car and lorry factories in Dunstable when I was a youngster. This would have been just before the Beeching axe closed the line. Around 1964-65. These were full of the scrap punched steel and curled swarf left over from making cars and lorries. Often it had a light rust coat on the scrap as the wagons only left around once a week.
  5. For some silly reason the bolt heads on the points sit higher than the flexi track ones. I never had a problem on the flexi track when I had mine. I'm glad you tried it and its worked for you to.
  6. The 66 will work fine on Peco points if you slice the bolt heads off the chairs. You cant notice they are gone at normal viewing distance. This was a fix someone pointed out a few years back when they built a shunting layout for the 66's. As for Cliff Barker points I have never used them or his track so I cant help there.
  7. At least Dapol are trying to bring some of their production back to the UK. It will be interesting to see how much this eventually alters quality issues
  8. You can often pick up the ends that Coopercraft did on Ebay. Not brass but plastic and they look ok if you dont mind a GWR twist to your van.
  9. Whilst rubbish models are inexcusable in any form has anyone given a thought to this being a result of the current situation? I'm guessing someone normally goes out and accepts stuff but freedom of travel may be preventing this. This must compound on top of the usual odd things wrong and dropping off. It may also be that there was a lack of the usual labour to build things again due to the current situation. Whilst this is no excuse it may answer why Hattons are trying to somewhat limit their loss. Just my thoughts tin hat and flack jacket on lol
  10. There are lots of the Decals/transfers on Ebay if you want to confirm the origins of them. Here are a couple of them it clearly states Peco by Modelmaster though. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/333274938086 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/333247528296
  11. All the WEP kits are a similar construction so it's easy to get a feel for them. A lot of parts are slot and tab construction. There are several other van builds on that site though.
  12. Compared to the First Class kits they are excellent. Is it this one which the late Raymond Whalley reviewed on his website? http://wryl.co.uk/wagons/gwr/toolpacking.html
  13. Ebay links if you want to follow them up. https://www.ebay.de/itm/264865891843 https://www.ebay.de/itm/264865891872
  14. There are some on Ebay in Germany but I cant see any here in the UK just N and 00-gauge ones. I'm guessing they must be high on the stocking filler list and everyone has had a run on them.
  15. Thank you. I saw that earlier on Facebook I have had re-write my list to Santa now
  16. I believe the parts supplied in these kits are coated with some kind of Lacquer to enable them to be super glued together. I'm sure there have been other threads on the build of them. If it is coated you will need to clean this lacquer off to get the solder to flow properly. Try cleaning the parts with something like nail varnish remover before trying to solder them.
  17. Has anyone heard any news on the latest delivery date for the Conflats and Containers? I'm sure they were meant to arrive early December....
  18. Search "origin of G-scale" on Google and it says G scale stands for Gross Bahn you assumed right
  19. Is this any help ? Scroll down near the bottom for dimensions. https://railsofsheffield.com/products/17622/ratio-502-oo-gauge-cattle-dock
  20. Slaters sell Delrin chain now it's in the motor and gears section at the bottom of the page
  21. A bit of a long shot but does anyone have any photos of the rear of Ais Gill Signal box. If not as it actually was situated photos of it in it's new situation at Butterly GF. I'm trying to see how the walkway at the rear attaches to the box and if there is another entrance.
  22. I hope you are going to market them. It looks superb !
  23. Without binding most Heljan stuff will. I have run a class 60 round Peco curves quite happily. Couplings are another issue though as most diesels overhang far more than little tank locos or shunters. You will need to add another link at least or wind the coupling out as far as they will go without dropping then off the threaded part. You may still get a few occasions where the loco will flip the wagons off if the buffers lock up.
  24. The Slaters tender is not as finely detailed underneath as the Finney or MM1/JLTRT tenders. If I remember right it has more etched parts and less castings. As others have said Slaters does have the cast corners and the sides are all pre-formed but you do have to punch the rivets out if you need a riveted tender option.
  25. I thought it might have been you that has something in the pipeline Phil I know you did a lovely single road one
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