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  1. Isn't the head code box on a LIMA 117 a bit undersized too?
  2. Could be Hornby territory . Big , impressive . I think they've just about saturated market on small black 0-6-0s even though theres still lots that could be done . Hornby do tend to go for the more exotic stuff
  3. Yes hes very good . He jokes he has more paint than B&Q
  4. Yes the picture shown is at Largs on the run to Cumbrae Slip Millport . The Ferries before that were similar in concept but a bit more utilitarian , if you can believe that . They were called the Coruisk ( the one before the current ferry which is much larger) and Largs . But I wouldn’t get hung up on it . Use whatever you thinks useful . The double ended one you show could be used but I’d take the overhead bridge down and place it on one side . But what you really need is a Clyde puffer as seen in the Para Handy series of books . That would have been very typical at Tarbert .
  5. Legend

    New Hornby Rocket

    Actually you can run it on layout with these couplings . I ran it for quite a while with no uncoupling Issues . They are extremely frustrating getting them fitted in the first place but they do the job . I don’t think you are meant to be shunting with this loco. Taking it off the layout I ran it onto a spare section of track to avoid having to couple/uncouple again . The whole thing is now displayed in a bookcase still on the track!
  6. The wee ferry I think is a relatively new route , maybe only in the last 30 years . The “Isle of Cumbrae” was a regular on it . A double ended fairly basic ferry . Before that time and if you wanted to pretend it had been there in the 60s it would have been one of Calmacs ubiquitous Island Class Ferries . they look a bit like an extended landing craft ! Tarbert was a Pier for Clyde steamers though .Glasgow or Greenock to Inveraray but that was really just a tourist route by that time . Maybe a Clyde Puffer like the Vital Spark in the harbour would suffice . It is true that although there’s really nothing there but the ferry terminal, West Loch Tarbert probably has the larger through traffic with the ferry to Islay and lots of whisky!
  7. Yes its an outstanding area . Last year I was in Appin so followed the Ballachulish branch through Creran and up the shores of Loch Linnhe . It must have been outstanding when operating . This one on the shores of Loch Fyne would have been equally beautiful I have a pic in a book of a 120 at Oban and I know 101s made it there , including refurbished ones . Bradford Barton book " Diesels on the Scottish Region" shows 2 Class 107s on the Killin Branch doing the 6 Lochs Land Cruise . There are also pics of a Class 100 on the Land Cruise as well as 101s
  8. Pick ups from wire mesh on wine bottles . Brilliant! And I have an endless supply . Great posting .
  9. Very very small and limited model railways . I mean the shop is so small you could probably only get one or two in before social distancing
  10. Model Rail seem to have a fixation on numbers . I've never fully understood why . Do they think its punchy , will make people look see? Top ten of this , top 5 of that . And like Black Rat you do think here is a mag thats full of fillers with nothing really substantial in there . There is now quite a contrast in styles between Model Rail which seems to go for these Top 5 articles , big pictures ,not as much narrative and mags like Railway Modeller and BRM which maybe feature 3 or 4 layouts , usually in a good bit more depth , I'm thinking here about the recent BRM article on Hornsey Broadway which was extensive, as an example . But there's also a lot of reading in good old Railway Modeller .
  11. I can see the capacity thing being an issue in bars and restaurants . They are usually full and so capacity restrictions are real to them . But model shops are different . Maybe they only have one or two customers in at any time , so hopefully they will fair better. It will be tricky though because part of the experience of going to a model shop is being able to browse , see new stock etc . Invariably you buy something but maybe not exactly what you went in for . You may also have travelled a considerable distance for the experience eg Glasgow to Edinburgh per above , so you want to be treated well when you get there and not shoed out the place or treated as some sort of inconvenience , just because you can't make up your mind , or perhaps they don't have the model you intended to buy. That said , of course you should be cognisant of other people .
  12. I'm the same Caradoc , living in Erskine . There is a small shop in Cambuslang , but he doesn't carry much stock . As a result I've been using Derails and Rails of Sheffield recently . Great service from both . At least there someones local shops !
  13. Yep me too. Davids thread really putting me in notion . The last time I was in Switzerland was 1990!
  14. Ah but if you're doing that why not make it a 104?
  15. It was in the weekend virtual exhibition , James . Andy has interview with KR models which is very good . In it I think Keith shows the body for this loco . I must admit initially I was very cynical about KR models , especially as it was around the time of DJM fiasco , but they do appear to be very competent outfit. I was wrong . So I hope they go on to make something that's on my wants list .
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