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  1. Certainly a splash of colour . These Sealink coaches appeared on the 17.12 Ayrshire commuter express for a while . Bright yellow corridors . The wood veneer had simply been painted over and not very well . What a waste .
  2. Not really noticed it either . Much too busy drooling as she heads a rake of maroon mk1s around layout and doing time/speed trials as described by Mike of Model Railways Unlimited. Im trying for a scale 80mph
  3. Legend

    Preorder email

    Not really . I dont like pre orders but sometimes needs must . So ironically up until a few years ago I'd never pre ordered any model railways but now find I've quite a bit on order Rails /Bachmann Caley 812 . An absolute must Accurascale TPE Mk5 set Rails/ Bachmann LMS Precursor Rails/ Bachmann LMS Compound I had recently pre ordered a Heljan 86 through Rails (although only ordered recently it was before the loco was released , so I think still counts as a pre order). Arrived without issue . Great model . Under consideration is an Accura
  4. It was always someone else's fault He made the classic mistake for new start ups of failing to appreciate the need for working capital.
  5. Well it'll make a difference from the disease of the day as they always seem to run some depressing healthcare story . A far cry from Jimmy Young I'm afraid . Remember when we used to have the "Legal Beagle"?
  6. Legend

    Preorder email

    Interesting Gareth . I don't keep up on the board announcements , I tend to think of Mgt as Lyndon Davies and Simon Kohler who certainly made a big thing about supporting retailers and generally questioning actions that went on during what SK call his "Sabbatical"
  7. Legend

    Preorder email

    What I don't like is being spun a line . They rubbished the previous management , who had made strides to sell direct , said they were supporting their retailers and now we have this. And its not just Hattons . Other model shops are reporting same , notably Trains4U and Great Eastern Models , Durham Trains of Stanley who are reporting their orders (their customers pre orders) cancelled . Really if this was your company , would you run it this way? Clearly they are re orientating themselves to selling more direct . The job advert just reinforces this , they are just being less than frank
  8. Very true I think maybe the model railway market has actually grown in £ terms , but its much more diversified and the structure has completely changed, maybe the number of consumers is less. Lets face it back in the late 60s it was only Triang Hornby and Wrenn, with a bit of Trix that did rtr . There was a huge trainset market and enthusiasts all seemed to be building Wills, Ks or GEM kits . There were models that stayed in the catalogue for years and were always available. So I would suspect there was a sizeable youth/ toy market and a smaller enthusiast one .
  9. I'm following how you are getting on with this with interest Johnster . I was initially interested on announcement , but then thought that id prefer a traditional knob control . Interesting to hear that you've quickly got used to the sliders . I have a roundy roundy layout up the loft with a double track mainline controller by a Gaugemaster DS and a third loop controlled by an old Hornby R910 (dates from 1975) with a further station, marshalling yard,mpd controlled by an H&M clipper (also 1975 - the shop had run out of Hornby!) . As both these controllers are now superannuated I did thin
  10. Lovely , especially the last picture of train going over underpass at Crianlarich. I feel I'm sitting in the car waiting to pick someone up !
  11. Yes it looks lovely , if pricey. Finger hovered above the “buy it now” button in Rails for all of ....oh 5 seconds . Looking forward to it .
  12. In fairness to Bachmann these are quarterly announcements . I think too many people are expecting A “Hornby” style announcement every quarter. I get why they are doing it . Following criticism of models not turning up for years , they only announce what’s arriving in next three months. I do wonder if they have enough to sustain this though , and whether they will ever meet people’s expectations. I’d prefer one announcement but with the certainty of stuff arriving in that year, or no announcement until stuff turns up . That would certainly be more appropriate for “N” where frankly there’s j
  13. Legend

    Preorder email

    Yep its another sign isnt it . I note W1s and APTs still available Your year with Hornby ............. your preorders placed 05/01/21 cancelled at retailers but available here
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