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  1. Some of them , the Schools and Bullieds actually appeared in background of their catalogues . Isn't it correct that the Bullieds are actually the same as the ones that Bachmann eventually released in the 90s?
  2. Railway Modeller said that Merchant Navies , Pecketts and Azumas had been affected but it didn't mention anything else . Could the Prairies and Princesses just be a result of what has become a "normal" timelag? Isn't Hornbys year end 31st March . Got to be in their interests to get them out and invoiced (therefor in sales and margins ) in the current year
  3. Its not even listed in Rails adverts anymore I'm told there are updates in the Bachmann Collector Mag but I stopped my membership last year .
  4. You can make a direct comparison between the Hornby J83 and the Mainline J72 both New in 76 and see the difference in fidelity . Even though I’m a Scottish Modeller and buy most Scottish models I’ve never bought a J83 recognising it for what it is . A poor jinty substitute that’s far too tall for starters .
  5. Very interesting . I never knew any of this . I’d always assumed they were made in France . Never knew about the A1 or A3 either . A bit of Model Railway history that’s passed me by . My era too . Maybe Oxford following suit with a series of somewhat unrelated products
  6. You've given me an idea for my redundant ones . Currently they are running around in basic grey primer between 2 Inter7city power cars . Thanks for that!
  7. Remember the market they arrived in though . I've always been a Hornby fan but they had rested on their laurels . Their contemporary releases were Sir Dinadan and the J83, so when Mainline and Airfix arrived they were a revelation . People were just so keen that there were now alternative manufacturers they welcomed them with open arms . I did anyway! Nowadays we have moved on , the market is much more discerning and frankly there is a lot of choice and comparisons to be made .
  8. Never did understand the rationale for that . Bet they sold a lot of Mk3s though , as they were the only full length option for running with the Hornby HST that came out about the same time .
  9. I loved them . Sitting behind the driver before they had blinds , route out of Glasgow Central at 20mph then sharp right curve onto the Clyde Coast / Ayrshire lines , then they accelerated at Smithy Lye and what a great journey down the straight Glasgow and Paisley joint lines at max speed 70mph . Always used to try and get the express train at xx55 so no intermediate stops . From memory it was the sharp point work at Paisley as we diverged onto the Inverclyde lines that caused most lurching . Generally they were comfortable units . I'm hoping one day we may see one from the manufacturers but they were fairly geographically restricted . Handsome trains though a bit of a BR icon in the 60s
  10. Interesting. Hopefully something more useful than a rail mounted gun , although I understand it sold well !
  11. Legend

    Bachmann 2020 Range

    But possibly more realistic . I feel sorry for Bachmann . Announce new models and be met with derision that we will get them in 5 years . Announce nothing in the hope of recovering the backlog and be met with criticism for being boring . Best course of action is the one they are taking , update on where they are with models already announced and maybe some exciting reliveries . The LMS Crimson Rambler seems a good one . Then maybe give us a surprise in the year.
  12. I thought they were selling them in pairs. Who has got space to run a whole train. That will be cutting down the market considerably . If Hornby fo it they’ll certainly be selling individual coaches or at least allow incremental buying . The APT is an example of this . Restricting people to buying a whole train would be madness .That would be a marketing gift to Hornby
  13. Accurascale won’t be afraid of Bachmann. But Bachmann should be very wary of Accurascale
  14. Its still very cheap despite what you hear about labour costs . Bringing production back here gets you closer to market, more control and more responsive , but cost outweighs all of these . Not coming back any time soon.
  15. Legend

    Bachmann 2020 Range

    Err I still don’t think people have quite got that February announcement will be about EXISTING projects .
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