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  1. The wee trip across to Rothsay is nice too . Wemyss Bay is a gorgeous station . You still get that sense of occasion that you are going somewhere when you get off the train and walk down the covered walkway to the boat . Probably best late spring/ summer when they have great flower displays . Hopefully we can get out and about later this year
  2. Wow! These look absolutely superb . Got the TPEs on order .
  3. I’m suppose it all comes down to what we are used to. And you are correct I wouldn’t like a continual engine hum or roar at the bottom of my road . Standards are changing though, and that’s a good thing . Relating this to aircraft noise you can barely hear an A320 as it goes overhead , but back in the 60s you knew when a Trident , 1-11 or Dan Air Comet went over because the window panes shook . But these were different times
  4. And I think it was part of a set released relatively recently
  5. Another aside , Scotrail are putting up cab views of some of their routes on YouTube . Yesterday I did Crianlarich - Oban . Very relaxing . I've done the route several times by car , and a few times by rail , so I was picking out all the familiar places . Only thing is theres no sound , but it was still very good . Well it beats Midwives on Ice or whatever was on last night!
  6. It does look like this is only available from Hornby direct John . Just in case you waste time looking for it at retailers . Yes that is good price .
  7. I think she did replacing 50s with 47/7s on the Salisbury Exeter route , In fact do Kernow not produce a really weathered Scotrail 47/7 with NSE flashes applied?
  8. Was going to say , weren't we in lockdown 1 from 23rd March . And you could see it coming . I was due off on holiday to Vietnam on 11th and only decided not to go day before as things rapidly deteriorating
  9. Yeah but people here think 15 degrees is Scorchio
  10. Summer in Scotland can be quite short , it’s usually the third week in June . Wonder if Rails know that ?
  11. Kind of puts things in perspective ,Huw . So sorry for your loss . It is strange that when one parent goes the other quite often follows fairly quickly. . My mother died nearly one year to the day after my father . They’d been married 65 years and suspect that she just gave up the will to live . It’s a horrible time for you, then of course you’ve got all restrictions on top. My trains , escaping to the loft certainly got me through . I remember my first exhibition , Ayr 2016, about a month after my Mums death I just wondered round not really taking it in . Really I was just going
  12. Thanks Keith . I didn’t know that . Looks like Sam was calling out a known fault then . You would wonder given he was reviewing a 2019/ 2020 trainset and that the N has been out for quite some time ,why that hadn’t been corrected . As to running stuff on the carpet we all know that’s a no no. And I really wish he’d put track on a board . That said he does service his locos regularly and doesn’t seem to suffer undue carpet fluff ! The other thing to say is that by definition he is running on less than perfect laid track , so in some ways it’s more typical and useful for me . My layo
  13. Regrettably I only got to go to the shop once. But what an Aladdins cave of model railway stuff . Superb friendly service .
  14. One model that I keep an eye on is the Dukedog or Earl class . Surprisingly this has never been available in GWR for DC users . It’s always DCC or sound fitted . We’ve had black ones but never a GWR green one .
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