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  1. There could well be scope for TT , but it would take a brave manufacturer to introduce it . I think it would need to be a reasonably comprehensive range straight from the off, a bit like Mainline introduced in OO back in 1976/77 with regular updates . Quite a hefty investment I think , so I cant really see it happening . However if OO gets saturated like I think it is , then maybe......... The reason TT failed or was withdrawn by Tri-ang was that dealers didn't want to be stocking two ranges. I'm wondering if a direct selling proposition from a manufacturer might get round this (and they get to keep a larger proportion of profit , which might help justify the investment) But still a long shot I think. Ref Hornby Dublo , downfall was for many reasons . Late abandonment of 3 rail and transfer to 2 rail, too complicated a 2 rail system. However they had invested in new plastic injection molding machines for super detailed wagons . But I think basically compared to Tri-ang they were just too expensive and the market just gradually slipped away from them.
  2. The donation was great, but more than that I think its that he understood the grief and sense of loss of something that took 25 years to build , that was the key point . Well done Rod ! I think more than anything he understands "One of the locomotives had been built by a man who has terminal cancer. Not only was it worth in the region of £8,000, it had also taken him a lot of time to build and because of his cancer he will never be able to rebuild it. "He had also brought along a layout that he had created over 25 years. Again, this is something he will not be able to remake" I obviously don't know the state of layout and model, but if something could be done to have them restored to help this gent that would be great. I can well appreciate that the scale of donations could well be seen as an embarrassment and great burden of responsibility to the club. My advice is not to do anything immediately but give a considered response later . I'm still shocked by the events and despair that some people could do that and I'm sure people closer to it and who have had their models destroyed are even more in shock. So not a time for immediate decisions.
  3. ‘I think it may be Scott’s Models . However as far as I know he only stocks construction kits although he joked he had more paint than B&Q ,which was certainly true !
  4. Shocking . Of course it’s not just property but models that people have put their heart and sole into. That’s what makes it particularly devastating . I feel so so sorry for people that have had layouts and stock trashed . And all you were trying to do is entertain the public . I really hope the punishment takes that into account, but somehow doubt it .
  5. Minic was great. I had a figure of 8 with racing E Type Jag and a white and red car (can't remember what it was). It was on acquiring the Green line Double Decker bus at age 6 that I learned an important lesson. Bridges have to be higher than what passes under them! Scalextric took over , but in a lot of ways with integration between road and rail Minic was actually the system that had more fun potential. Level crossings, road railers etc
  6. I think you can over analyse things. The sad case of Henry being one of them!
  7. I do remember a very good model shop in Victoria. Maybe that was it . Its great stumbling across these places
  8. Yes I think they closed end April . I understood they were simply retiring , hadn't heard about rent increase. I think they are simply selling off existing stock on their email site. Best wishes on their retirement PS In Glasgow there is Wildcat models in Dumbarton Road (Partick) . I was there last year and while it had some model railway equipment it seemed mainly construction kits , but may have another run out sometime . I'm also told there is Uddingston Model Center in Uddingston (duh!) but that is definitely a car ride away.
  9. Much is made of Model Railways Shops disappearing from our High Street , so imagine my surprise when wondering along Tobermorey shore to come across Browns Ironmongers selling model railway equipment . Would never have expected that in Mull . Its ironic , because with the retirement of Pastimes , Glasgow doesn't really have a model shop(although I need to investigate Uddingston Model Center) , and yet in Mull here is a shop selling N gauge Dapol and Peco Streamline! Its still a delight when you stumble across a shop like that . It was a bit of an odd selection . The German HO Pacific in the front window first caught my attention . There seemed to be some Faller and Metcalfe , and on going in ( I really had to) there seemed to be a lot of N gauge , mainly Dapol I think, but there were also Hornby Flying Scotsman, Pendelino and 0-4-0 starter sets. My suspicion would be that the proprietor is an enthusiast because I can't imagine demand in Mull would substantiate keeping stock . It was only a small part of a much larger Ironmongers He also had a reasonable selection of the smaller airfix kits , which I can imagine holidaymakers buying . Good on him . I would have bought a wagon or something as a keepsake and to offer support, but he really didn't have much suitable . Just wondering where else you have found surprising model railway shops.
  10. Good video. Cleared a lot of the questions up. Does look quite impressive. I think for DCC users it certainly will have that playability and Wow factor, with the additional £39.95 decoder . Its something different and a first in UK outline after all. The functionality for DC with the panel and light switches looks good too, but maybe not quite as remarkable . If you model the WCML then you are going to get one . The Dapol 68 was one that got me back into the current scene just because the real thing looked so good and the model very good . I've now got 2 of them ! The 90 I think without the DCC functionality will be less of an impulsive buy .
  11. Dmus , primarily class 116, 107 with the occasional 101 .
  12. Then you take all the risk yourself as the manufacturer with no idea if you are going to sell any. You need to announce in advance to drum up interest
  13. Hadn’t thought of that . It could be a possibility. But if it is it’s not exactly demonstrating a mature approach to business! In any case it will only work if he turns up on May 17th or very shortly thereafter with the “I told you so” moment , which to me means first pressings from tooling and a firm timetable to completion. Even then I think I’d struggle to believe it.
  14. Its certainly a case of buyer beware and I was. As I've said before I wasn't a fan of the Adhoc approach of announcing models and the track record of delivery , so I didn't sign up for APT even though interested . But I note "in the other place" that you are critical of the response on RMweb accusing people of lynch mob mentality. The facts and record as brought out by Ravenser and The Stationmaster speak for themselves , and as you say people should be aware. You accuse this thread of making things worse. Can I suggest that it was DJ himself that is responsible , the rest of the thread is trying to figure out what happens now . Would you put money into these projects? I wouldn't. Curiously I think we are all saying the same thing but its not a Lynch mob
  15. Its not all rosy. Lack of Glasgow Airport Rail Link for one thing
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