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  1. Really? You seldom see anything detrimental in the modelling press , which is why I prefer these YouTube reviews . But back to subject matter . My 42xx has completed a fair few miles now trundling round with heavy freight trains and is a lovely smooth runner .I dare say there will be wear but it’s certainly not noticeable after 5 or 6 years of use
  2. If you are referring to who I think you are , it had a D and a J in it , he had absolutely no idea of the concept of working capital .
  3. Many of us actually do it as part of the day job sometimes on a much bigger scale . I did read Jasons article . He is describing the basics of investments and working capital management .
  4. Which may well cost you the price of a 4th Deltic
  5. Isn't there a Swiss Class Re6/6 , which despite the name actually has a Bo-Bo-Bo configuration . I think they are now class 620 and are with SBB Cargo . Quite a big class I think
  6. Sorry just edited post . I was questioning whether it was Waverley as the Waverley I knew was on the Clyde . But you are correct P&A Campbell transferred their operations south with their Waverley which means their must have been two paddle steamers with the same name pre 1914, the P&A Campbell one and the NBSP one on the Clyde ! Didn't know that could happen
  7. The thing is at £35 its not cheap , so I think people want to know that its not the same material in a different format . I know in the past I've been caught out buying books where the cover had changed but the content inside is exactly the same . Of course if you cant browse , you cant tell .
  8. My preorders are all there . They did take a wee while to show though . Well done Rails
  9. Looks like Sam was right on this one then ! Generally I find Sam doesn't know to much about prototypes , he admits as much , but he does know his mechanisms . In previous years he did repairs and he has fixed a few of my locos , so I wouldn't be quite as dismissive about his abilities.
  10. Legend

    Hornby APT 2020

    Maybe 10% jollier?
  11. Legend

    Hornby APT 2020

    Think you are grasping at straws here.
  12. ahh that would make sense Jason , probably with mk4s intended to be around then
  13. yep been doing it since my Father’s Day . It is an impressive optical illusion
  14. Similar to Hilux . I bought a GWR 42XX when it was heavily discounted by Hornby . Never had an issue with it . Superb hauling power and good low speed performance . Just right for long mineral train . Must be now 5 years old . I'd give it a go .
  15. Link to the competition rules Yeah looks like Hornby model due out before real trains enter service , so it may simply be a repaint . Or given that 197s already exist and the TfW Stadler units must be close by , maybe Hornby have been working closely with manufacturer . However it’s also likely Hornbys prediction of Dec 2021 will have slipped , for a whole host of understandable reasons
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