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  1. I predict this will do for the Caley what the 'C' class did for the SE&CR . Who could not be impressed with that beautiful blue (whatever version) livery . I can see 0-4-4T appearing after this . And who knows may yet get a 4-4-0. Getting excited
  2. it’s a pity they are both numbered 828 , otherwise there may have been a few buying both . I’d be tempted but I’ve never spent that amount of money all at once on my hobby before
  3. Yep looking good . I’m down for the later blue as preserved example . The LMS one looks tempting too but just a bit expensive at the moment, so one will suffice .
  4. I thought oh no the pop up adverts here again , but it has since disappeared. I know people are experimenting with settings . Although the pop up was there initially , you can live with it as it disappears after initial viewing .
  5. Doesn't look anything like my Consett Iron Ore Wagon , Hornby railways circa 1974
  6. Romantic break in Stranraer ................one of the funniest things I've heard in a while!
  7. Yep , well done guys . I think the annoying pop up has gone .
  8. Thanks for coming back on this . I appreciate that RMWeb has to pay its way and so advertising is important . I don’t have any issues with the advert I see at the top of the page or down the side . It’s this last advert that is continually popping up at the bottom that is so distracting and annoying . I hope you take this into account when you review and make decision I access this forum daily , I am quite prepared to pay something for it , if it got rid of these adverts . However I don’t want a subscription to BRM (I don’t subscribe to any magazines preferring to see content be
  9. Dammit ! I'd just gone for the low tech cover base of screen , when it popped up twice . I think it knows you know! Seriously if there was a Silver membership that got rid of this and it was reasonably priced (obviously somewhere between 0 and gold membership , I'd be tempted just to get rid of this advert . I don't object to advertising as such , the site obviously needs to pay its way , its just the pop up from the bottom of the screen thats the issue
  10. Blown away as always . Loved the video and these night time shots superb
  11. What people forget in theses days of a train every 15mins to Edinburgh every hour to Aberdeen , West Highland , Anniesland , Falkirk and Cumbernauld trains , is that traffic was actually quite sparse at Queen St . This was particularly so in the period David is modelling when Buchanan St was still open . So although the layout looks restrictive it probably coped quite well with the traffic .
  12. I can live with the ads at the side but the ones popping up at the bottom of the page are annoying . Sorry but it has to be said . I know you’re working on it . As someone else said it does make you wonder if Google know what they are doing . These ads are so annoying it’s a disincentive to buy any of the services offered which apparently includes socks and underwear subscription.......who knew you could subscribe to pants ?!
  13. Wow . That’s a lot of work David
  14. It’s a difficult one . I don’t think you can share information as it’s technically illegal . It maybe that with something like an HAA there is actually enough of a market for two high spec models . As to not announcing something until it’s in production , well that’s not really happening is it . But it’s not Accurascale or Cavalex that have brought the system into disrepute , let’s face it it’s Bachmann with 6 year gestation periods ( class 90 , 94XX etc) still don’t know if they are producing a new Turbostar or not . The guys here at least announce something and are working on it .
  15. That 86 looks gorgeous . I think that will be my next acquisition to run with BR blue/grey and maroon stock . I note the 45 is held up for d9ne revisions to body . I wonder if that’s to get the roof curvature correct , as was pointed out on the thread on here
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