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  1. People get caught up on Sam running on a carpet . Key thing is this brand new model ran ok but stalled on the points . I’d have been inclined to send it back . He did say it doesn’t sit straight on the track and it maybe that there’s something about the pickups that’s causing the cut out on the points . Key fact is , of course, that shouldn’t happen in a new loco .
  2. It seems they need to get SK involved in everything . Couldnt quite work out why needing an illustration for the Vampire Simon trundled down to the archive and brought back the illustration of "Dogfight Doubles " Spitfire and Me109 then had a meeting pointing out the illustration is older than the person hes having meeting with . All for effect of course and not at all relevant ! Strangely little Scalextric in it so far , I know theres an episode coming , but one episode from 10 makes me think Scalextric perhaps is not as important as it used to be . It seems to be all Airfix and Hornby so far with Corgi making token appearance and even that was aviation related - The Bristol Fighter. Perhaps Montana had the most telling insights..........
  3. Despite the name , Hornby Magazine is not run by Hornby . It is in fact published by Key Publishing . While there are close links to Hornby , you quite often see latest pics in there and theres two pages of Hornby news , it is a model railway magazine like any other , Railway Modeller etc . This means you will commonly find Heljan, Bachmann etc etc all well represented . I think the loco handed was O gauge . Another entertaining show , but very much following the script outlined by Miss Prism . Not exactly groundbreaking
  4. Wow , yes missed this thread dating back to 2020. The loco and scenery both look superb
  5. Swindon units , which were mainly low density cross country units were 120,123,124 and 126 (my favourites) , while single unit high density were 121 and 122 . Could it be there was actually no rationale behind it and they just doled out class numbers as they came up?
  6. Legend

    New hst

    Good point . The Irish angle was completely lost on me , but makes sense
  7. Legend

    New hst

    Yeah fair point . I discounted Rapido because i think the price would be too high . I dont think they quite have the cachet that Accurascale would have . If Accurascale can produce something detail;ed at lower price then thats real competition. But I also recognise folk want something better to run between the power cars , again I think Accurascale better placed to deliver at a price point.
  8. Legend

    New hst

    The best bet is that Accurascale take this on They are the only ones that are going to deliver both the detail and bring it in at a price that maybe pallatable . Rapido, Bachmann, Heljan are likely all going to be more expensive based on current products / plans . Accurascale on the other hand have a business model thats going to deliver 5 car TPE rake at £225. Now I know that price is several years old and if they were doing it now it would probably increase but its still likely to be less than the competition . I think also Accurascale have built or are building a reputation for detail at a decent price . I've got a Bachmann Deltic but also the new Accurascale Deltic on order because I believe that its going to be something special even though I dont really need one . I think there will be lots of people like me who have HSTs and dont really need another one but would buy Accurascale just because it would be something special. In other words Accurascale have such a reputation that they can generate their own market for models . This is important when in competition with others . If Hornby are doing a new one , and bare in mind this could still be a bit of Simon Kohler spin for the drama of the program , then it will be as expensive as current model unless there is competition . Its Hornbys cash cow , people are buying the current model at existing price , why would they lower the price ? I remain convinced that the price of models owes much to what the manufacturers think we will pay rather than being related in anyway to the true cost of manufacture . In this respect we are our own worst enemies (and I am guilty of that too with Precedent and Caley 812 on order , at high prices , but I want them )
  9. Err I’m confused . Is this not what KR models have already announced. Or is this a different shunter?
  10. I think that was mainstream 150s 20s and Double Fairlies that other shops seem to be getting about now . Still hoping I get mine before Christmas along with the Precedent
  11. I always thought it might be a good basis for a monorail , but other than that I'm afraid it met with complete indifference .
  12. Legend

    New hst

    Could this not be to do with Power Cars made in one factory and Coaches in another . Just a theory , I dont know . But it does seem that Hornby are struggling for manufacturing capacity again , let alone synchronising the availability of power cars and coaches . In fact they appear to have given up on last point !
  13. I remember 3DS , around 1980,81? Was Hornbys attempt to cash in on the Star Wars / Spaceship phenomenon . Unfortuanately it was a complete failure . They dont seem to ever learn that their core competence is railways. If we are talking integrating ranges , I remember these great sets with Minic Motorways and Tri-Ang . These really excited me as a wee boy . There are still a few examples around .
  14. No I have same issue . I only have 5 coach rake , curiously it always seems to be the second vehicle that derails even on a slight curve it seems the bogie just doesnt want to go there . It happens intermittantly , no matter what order the coaches are in . Frankly its just got to the stage I tend not to run them anymore as a train . They seem OK if used as singles in other trains . Perplexing
  15. So Black Friday starts Wednesday hmmm . Will keep an eye out though
  16. Legend

    New hst

    Of course it could just be Simon Kohler up to tricks . Maybe hes sitting back now having a right good laugh at response stirred up in forums. Its not like him to give much away We know there is a lot on the TV program thats specifically there for a bit of drama . It could be that limited modifications to the HST (the coupling) are being over emphasized into a "new HST" . Actually theres not much wrong with the existing one .....................except the the price! So he has got wind of a potential competitor . I sincerely hope so because the model is over priced . I think you would get more bang for your buck with Accurascale or Hattons . Could it be Hattons ? They are very quiet of late . Starved of new Hornby models to supply (the Tier system), are they going out to generate their own sales . An HST in a myriad of liveries could do that . No need for new coaches if they match existing Hornby ones , or maybe developing Mk3s as well , but thats a fairly crowded market. The main issue here is , as well as developing the "Rolls Royce" HST , Hornby still have the perfectly adaquate Limby one and so could torpedo anyone entering the market with a series of low cost , high spec paint jobs , just like the 66s which came out in response to .......Hattons 66 It really would be interesting to be a fly on the wall at this years trade days . Will Hattons and Rails even get an invite , and if they do , would they go . Now thats the real drama I'd like to see on Hornby a model world , but unlikely I think !
  17. interesting . Simon Kohlers had a tip off of a rival HST ! I wonder who . Could backfire on him as we might all now hold off to see if it’s who we hope it is .
  18. I suspect Hornby are having trouble securing manufacturing capacity again . Looks like quite a lot of 2021 range now due winter 2023.
  19. Wow . You've certainly captured the atmosphere there , having driven past Ardlui on Saturday! Brilliant modelling
  20. Thanks Ian , thats reassuring . Certainly all other models I have run succesfully with my set up , the latest was the Crimson Compound which is now very smooth . Not sure what motors in that one . The DS I have must now be 25 years old . I have been contemplating getting a Morley controller as I see in Oscar Paisleys YouTube channel that he has succesfully used one to control older Hornby/ Tri-ang models . I still run my older locos (the oldest dates from 1965) right up to present day . The Bachmann Compound and Heljan 86 are my latest locos . Never had any issues in controlling old or new . Hopefully the advent of coreless motors on my railway (got the Precedent on order too )wont change that . Anyway, thanks for looking that up and posting . Hope all is going well with you in hospital . Wishing you the best.
  21. Disappointed it’s coreless and it certainly wasn’t mentioned at the point of ordering back in Feb 2018 . However, I had begun to think that it would be coreless when the 94xx contained one and I knew the Precedent was going to be Coreless .So I’ve taken out my electronic track cleaner , which works with all my other models to facilitate this . I have Gaugemaster DS controllers , hopefully these OK . If it runs like a bag of spanner’s it’ll be going straight back to Rails , regardless of the fact I do want this model . Being able to run it is fundamental and I would say the fact it wasn’t listed as coreless at the point of order is also the fundamental reason you should get a full refund if not running satisfactorily . However here’s hoping for the best
  22. Kind of puts 2mm thick tender valances in perspective . Wishing you well
  23. I’d argue that this latest program Hornby:a model world reflects the hobby much more accurately than GMRC did . As I’ve said I’m settling into this program and really enjoying seeing the various layouts Heaton Lodge etc . I’ve got over the initial disappointment as its really not going to give you any insights into the really interesting decisions in Hornby ( James Mays program did this better) it’s really a PR platform for Hornby .However it is showing layouts outside Hornby and is much more typical of the hobby than Daleks, Dinosaurs and Martian Landscapes! I know people say oh it’s telly and it needs to be entertaining to the general public but are we really saying that this hobby isn’t entertaining enough without resorting to these gimmicks? The other thing GMRC introduced was false jeopardy of doing something by a timeline . Aside from making a layout for an exhibition surely one of the major points of our hobby is the relaxation aspect . Hours can go past and it’s enjoyable , this was completely missing from GMRC . Overall I’d say this program is much more representative of the hobby as a whole . I hope people are enjoying it .
  24. Just noticed the OP pic of Railway Modeller says price £9.04
  25. Thanks Phil . Really sorry to hear the brand manager passed away. I thought I remembered seeing someone in that position in the James May program when they unveiled the Hellcat .
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