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  1. Hiya Chris ! Cheers for the photos ! I've literally just won a Mainline 56 for £19 on eBay tonight so will soon be wiring in a decoder and then it's onto detailing! Love the new photos looking forward to more Regards Lewis
  2. Hello Chris, How's the layout going? Used to love seeing the updates! Also could you post a picture of the class 56s with the hardwired decoders please? Thinking of getting one and doing the same! Regards Lewis
  3. Excellent start on the TTA mate! Sure it will look smashing massive improvement getting rid of the old moulded detail! For the suspension springs I've used the castings from Stenston models on my short rake of TTAs. Think they are £1.75 a set. Looking forward to seeing more progress! Cheers Lewis
  4. Just had a read though your posts mate some excellent work here. Love the OAA ! And the Sea Hare and Sea Urchin are 2 very interesting 2000s era wagons that dont get modelled that often! Ive got a couple of OBAs on the bench and plan on using a 00000 brush for painting the individual planks. Should make the job a bit easier. Following with interest , Cheers Lewis
  5. More amazing work James the 60s are simply top notch! Always interested in seeing what projects your working on. Got any more scruffy 2000s era EWS wagons on the bench!? Cheers Lewis
  6. Any new wagon projects James? Sure you've got another batch waiting to be revealed! Cheers Lewis
  7. Also a trio of other wagons have been completed after a long time sitting half done, BDA No.951082 Railfreight/EWS combo! BDA No.951082 by Arpleymodeller60059, on Flickr SPA No.460890 again in battered Railfreight red with EWS maroon patch painting and a lot of rust! SPA No.460890 by Arpleymodeller60059, on Flickr And finally a mundane EWS MFA ballast wagon No.391451 renumbered using the Railtec pack. MFA No.391451 EWS by Arpleymodeller60059, on Flickr
  8. Cheers mate! Got some more progress to report of first up the OAA... this wagon is now very nearly done it has had its brake levers and other underframe details scratchbuilt from brass and nickel silver and a couple of Cambrian mouldings. The air brake pipes and OHL flashes have just been applied. Only needs screw couplings (MJT), TOPS panels and weathering to complete!
  9. So far so good the groundwork has been laid for some super models mate be following with much interest! Especially 47303 one of my favourite 47s! Regards Lewis
  10. Very nice work mate look forward to seeing these weathered! Hope the exams go good! Regards Lewis
  11. Cheers mate! Been busy working on a few more bits I'll make an update for tomorrow evening. Stay tuned! Lewis
  12. I've been following this layout topic for a while and I must say it's superb ! Love the semaphore signalling and the overgrown and rationalised trackwork. It's come a long way from the original version I remember reading about in Model Rail magazine way back in 2010! Keep up the good work! Regards Lewis
  13. Ah David that is some superb collection of HAAs you have! I currently have 36 would love to get it up to 60 ( 3 rakes of 20) for my layout Monks Siding. Following with much interest! Are you planning on renumbering all of them? Lewis
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