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  1. Kynar wire for the hoses, blue and pinkish red. A bent sewing pin for the torch? Really enjoying this layout build.
  2. Most of the things are finalised for the weekend now. Traders. Douglas Blades books The Junction Box model railways Doon Valley Models Shedring Models Layouts. Lammermuir- Waverley route in 1960 N Gauge. (N) Malcolms Dale - Kids drive a train layout. (OO) Bron Hebog - WHR based on Aberglasyn pass.(OO9) Kilbowie - The north Clydeside railway prior to closure.(OO) PapageI Stadt - Parrot Town Germany. (N) 1950s Bedroom - Hornby Dublo with carpet for underlay Williamson River - Cupar MRC - CP and CN lines(HO) Glendramm - Kyle MRC - north British distillery line.(OO) Kinnel - Kyle MRC - Suburban N gauge.(N) Loch Dubh - Falkirk MRC - Highland Terminus (O) Barnsford Bridge - Renfrewshire MRC - MPD (OO) Seething Lane - 12AD - Trafford Park estate - (OO) Coeur d'Alene - Perth MRC - North American - (O) Tramstop- Douglas - 4mm trams in a street setting. Meccano Scotland Mini Adventures(how many Minis can you find) Teas and Coffees, hot and cold food and snacks And lots more.
  3. We have a new trader signed up for this year's show. Shedring Hobbies are specialist scenic suppliers. Using the latest technology in resin and 3D printing to produce a wide range of scenic accessories for 1:76th scale. We look forward to hosting Brian and his team on the 19th and 20th of October 2019.
  4. Tell you what Legend. If you turned up in School Shorts in Greenock in October. I'd pay your admission myself!
  5. Greenock and District Model Railway Club Annual Exhibition 2019 Dates; 19th and 20th October 2019 Sat-19th 10am to 5pm Sun-20tg 12noon to 5pm Venue; Lyle Kirk Union st building Union Street Greenock. PA16 8DD. Trade; The Junction Box model railways Douglas Blades Transport Books Doon Valley Models A.R.P.G. Layouts. Bron Hebog 4mm NG Welsh Highland in miniature (It's only outing of 2019) Kilbowie 4mm A Little slice of Clydebank in the 1960s (It's only outing of 2019) Seething Lane. 4mm. The Trafford Park railway. (Its debut show) Papagei Stadt 2mm Continental outline. Tram stops. 4mm scale tram townscape Loch Dubh. 7mm local terminus in 1960's Old Blarney 4mm Irish outline Barnsford Bridge 4mm Scottish Modern Image Coeur d'Alene(O gauge) will now be attending in place of Old Blarney Malcolms Dale (OO) Drive a train layout for kids. Williamson River (HO) a little taste of Canadian railroads. 1950's room(OO) classic layout on the living room carpet. More to follow...... For the 3rd year running..... KIDS GAIN FREE ADMISSION! Under 16s gain free admission(with a paying adult) if they bring some railway related artwork to the show. The artwork will be entered into a competition to win a prize donated by one of our traders. Hopefully we can keep the lid on the Dinosaur tub this year......(Unlike last year, took us all weekend to find them all) Of course we also have the terrific buffet run by the ladies of the church led by Fryers Jimmy and John. Online. www.greenockmrc.co.uk Twitter: @greenockmrc Facebook: greenock and district model railway club
  6. Saw this layoutin the flesh for the first time today. It was by far the best layout for me this weekend. So much squeezed into a small space but left uncluttered. Looking forward to seeing it again. Andy.
  7. That was probably my Son operating, either that or the Father and Son that took up a shunting challenge with the three wagon change using 2 sidings. It is part of our ethos Legend. has been for a few years now.
  8. You had it covered Teacup. But I do apologise for the late running 12noon Bacon roll service.
  9. Should of popped back down. You'd of been layout operating before you could say Morni.....
  10. Hahaha. Our plan worked Legend. We knew we'd get you chatting........
  11. Give away year this year. 1. We're holding last years door prices. 2. We're giving away free children's tickets, if they bring some railway related colouring artwork(With a paying adult). 3. We have some brilliant prizes for their art competition. 1st-Hornby Trainset 2nd-Collectors club loco 3rd-Airfix starter set 4. We have the Local newspaper giving away 3 family tickets(worth £13.00 each). 5. We have apple pie(At a very reasonable cost) 6. We are Friendly(As Legend states) He wont get away so easy this year......... 7. We actively encourage the public to be part of our show. 8. We have some brilliant modelling on show. 9. We have 3 never before seen layouts on show. 10. Our Drive-a-train layout has had a serious refurbishment(And its situated right beside the apple pie shop....sorry, Buffet) Drop in and see. 10am to 5pm Saturday 20th October 2018 12noon to 5pm Sunday 21st October 2018
  12. Joe is sharpening his teeth as I type........
  13. Dr John will be running some of his Hornby Dublo collection this year. A nostalgic layout that should bring some new sights and sounds to the younger visitors.
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