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  1. Thanks for that, very useful, I am drawing breath to take the saw to a Bachmann body to straighten the bunker and also file in the inverted curve to the side tanks for'd of the cab, wish me luck!
  2. Hi Ian, Thanks for that! I knew it wouldn't be simple especially with a fictitious branch! Ian B
  3. I wasn't going to have a P Class as I think they are a bit twee, but hey-ho. Did the S.R. disc head codes equate to head lamps on the rest of the railways? Probably not. Where could i find out where they should go? Many thanks as ever Ian B
  4. Mooring ropes done, nearly finished layout, just in time for Newcastle Exhibition, oh wait a minute...
  5. Some progress snaps of S.G. Decided to put a lighter on the canal, pimped up the excellent Anyscale model A view of the docks across the coal yard A view down Cable Street, have done a bit street furniture Contractors loco on reclamation work on the closed E.L.L. Deptford branch
  6. Making some progress on the canal and dock gates. Putting the girders on the underside of the bridge will be fun. I will make them as one unit on a piece of plasticard and slot it in place I am in two minds whether to put a lighter alongside. There will be a footbridge at this end of the canal so it may look a little 'busy'
  7. Help, probably posting in the wrong place but, I want to convert a Jinty to a condensing type for cross town traffic (not the one pictured) I cannot find a decent picture of the tank tops to show positions of fillers or flange detail of the condensing pipes, can anyone help?. Many thanks guys Ian B
  8. Couldn't spring for a burn out, but here are it's seats.
  9. Cath's Caff, the original being Kath's Kaff in Whitley Bay, nice Welsh Rarebit. I used an Oxford Diecast model for the basic shell.
  10. Temporary station building at South Gallions due to bomb damage. Based on E.L.L. Wapping. Need to sort out street furniture next so ignore post box!
  11. Used to go to Erith a lot when I was at sea, we did our own pilotage up the London River, lots of fun.
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