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  1. Hi Simon. Your photo of folley lane bridge and the 2 ,86s .your right about​ the running lines.The line the res 86 is on Is also by directional from the station to winwick jcn. As used by the train to st,Helen's. You could run a demu back and to On a shuttle services. Hope the info is useful to you.? I started my working life at the s&t department at arply in the late 70s
  2. Hi Simon I live in Warrington so if you need any photos taking just drop me a line. I also model n gauge. I am planning to do dallam shed in n with a mate. The bridge you have made Looks good .but I think it should in blue engineers brick Good luck with the build.
  3. HI ,I have just found this topic. It was a great time For me, Left school ,Started my first job two weeks later on br, working for the s&t department . still have a lot of frends form the railway to this day?? so many different class of loco's not like today. there used to siganl boxs and semerphor signals,all round the area in the north west that i worked on now its all lights and power box Thanks guys a good time brought back
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