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    British standard gauge and light railways of the north in the early decades of the 1900's

    U.S. railroads in the 60's - Akron, Canton & Youngstown and Jersey Central
  1. I would certainly be very likely to purchase a 264 Class Caledonian 0-4-0ST much like the Neilson 0-4-0T. See the link below : http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/63/LMS_CR_0-4-0ST_56039_Whiteinch_1.9.58_edited-2.jpg Small loco which can be produced in CR, LMS, and BR logos. Something new for Oscale RTR that also opens a market for some rolling stock from up north to go with it. Bruce
  2. Beautifully done layout and locomotives of all types. I too am taken by the smaller locomotives such as 56035. Is this an augmentation of the Slater's Pug or some other ? Thanks so much for the inspiration. Bruce
  3. Hi Bob : Your information search roused my interest as well. When I search for this type of information I always use the layout name and follow it with a comma and model railway. In trying this, I got this : http://eastmoor.blogspot.com/2010/04/york-2010.html It shows two photos which it appears one could enlarge, but I could not do that by clicking on them. Anyway, a couple of photos to renew your interest. Perhaps the Scale 7 group also cited could provide you with a contact for the builder. All the best, Bruce
  4. Very nice layout topic and interesting design. I'm finding the buildings to be of great interest and well built. I'm looking forward to see how this plan evolves. Thanks so much for showing us your work so far. All the best, Bruce
  5. Hi Gary : I'd missed this layout on the older version of RMWeb, but am quite impressed by the beautiful work you've done on the buildings and scenery. I'm looking forward to seeing your efforts on the signal box and station. What a fine bit of modelling. Bruce
  6. I'm happy to see that so many are enjoying the new site and its' flexibility. On my end, the new site gums up my DSL powered Apple and every move is slowed beyond belief including showing some of what I'm typing right here; it does not all show up in real time. I felt right at home on the old forum, but if the roadblocks to smooth real-time use don't abate, I'll sadly be leaving one of the most interesting and educational groups I've encountered on the web. Are there PC versus Apple use issues ? If so that's a great tragedy. Just for reference, in the last sentence I typed,
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