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    Now happily retired and hopefully not being boring in Boreham, near Chelmsford
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    Railway/modelling: BR/SR (mainly SW Division) 1960-66, LMR c.1960/61, the railways of east London c.1957-62, also modern era US railroads in New England. I also have a collection of Hornby Dublo 3-rail.
    Other interests: Cricket (only watching these days), West Ham United FC, pop/rock music (a wide range from 60s pop through blues & hard rock to classic & current prog and folk rock bands), real ale, history, reading anything that takes my fancy, also days out with the missus and walking our dog. Now also working part time in a model shop - well, somebody has to do it!

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  1. I was just wondering if anyone knew which station this particular building (and its matching platform shelter) is based on - or if it is a generic structure, is it based on a particular railway company's architectural style?
  2. Shame it’s not this weekend as I am staying in Haworth for the beer & music event on the KWVR, I’d definitely have been in touch!
  3. To follow on from my good friend Mr Crepello (and I certainly don’t claim to be an expert here!) I’m fairly sure that some of the MN tenders were identical to those that ran behind certain WC/BBs, I think they were the largest of the WC/BB tenders and were built in BR times (to my knowledge they were only ever paired with rebuilds). Hornby Dublo’s rebuilt Bulleid was (incorrectly for their choice of locos) produced with one - an article on how to convert a Dublo WC into a reasonable likeness of a MN in Model Railway Constructor by the late Albert Goodall back in 1968 gave details of which locos could be produced without any tender modifications being necessary. In addition to the overall length discrepancy, there are numerous other detail differences (boiler diameter for a start) which for me, would definitely make a conversion rather difficult, to say the least.
  4. I went today with an old friend who lives close to the line, got to say it was well worth the trip down from Essex. With train travel as part of the deal (34053 looked terrific) it was a very reasonably priced show with a nicely varied selection of layouts and traders. Picked up a couple of book bargains and went home happy!
  5. Yes to the 8F and I would wholeheartedly agree about the Duchess if the driving wheels were just a bit bigger.
  6. There's something about the Dublo Castle - I much prefer it to Hornby's more recent model, despite the latter's wealth of fine detail. The HD loco just seems to have more "presence" and to me, looks superb running at a medium speed.
  7. Only just picked up on this thread today and am finding all this rather hard to believe - some years ago I was in fairly regular contact with Gordon and he even built me a set of baseboards (beautifully, of course) which sadly never got used due to a house move. We would meet very now and then at exhibitions and he was always the same - warm, friendly and with a very firm handshake! I have a Bachmann Evening Star which I bought from him back in the day - that’s one loco which will never be sold on. I’ll think of Gordon next time I try to replicate the Pines Express on my little layout. RIP Gordon, one of the good guys - my sincerest condolences to his family.
  8. Sorry, didn't make myself clear enough; my C is actually in sunshine lettered black, as will be the H when Hornby release their next version. I also have a Bachmann birdcage set in malachite and am looking for a suitable/credible year (either side of WW2) when all these might possibly have been seen. I have always modelled in various BR eras up to now, so it's all rather new to me.
  9. Just a quick query here - did many locos survive the war years in their Maunsell liveries without undergoing a repaint? I was hoping to run my Maunsell liveried E4 and Terrier alongside my Wainwright C and (when it arrives) H with a mixture of olive green and malachite liveried coaching stock with a clear conscience, ie. without the need to invoke Rule 1.
  10. It’s not the length of the HD coaches that ever bothered me - after all, some of the highly regarded Continental manufacturers such as Fleischmann and Marklin produced 1:100 scale length coaches in their HO ranges for many years (and possibly still do?), they always seemed more appropriate for train set curves. My only beef with HD stock is that the solebars are as wide as the bottom of the coach body, which always looked rather odd to me.
  11. AFAIK none of the LT panniers had the later cab, in fact the earlier versions required a little surgery around the rain strips due to clearance issues.
  12. Interesting and entirely credible! If only 44781 HAD been rescued.....
  13. What a lovely pic - thought I was looking at an old Meccano Magazine for a second!!
  14. I use H&M controllers with my Dublo - a Duette and a Powermaster. I chose them partly because they are "old school" and thus more in keeping with the rest of the collection and also because they seem to consistently provide enough power - my Gaugemaster Model D kept tripping out when I ran larger locos and heavier trains! With regard to running qualities, I have a couple of Standard 4MT tanks which run as smoothly as my Bachmann models - but not as quietly. My Duchesses and 8F, however, need rather a lot of welly to get them moving!
  15. Colin

    2021 hopes

    If enough people want a Maunsell L1, let me know and I'll make a start on my Crownline kit just after Christmas - that should do it nicely....
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