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    Now happily retired and hopefully not being boring in Boreham, near Chelmsford
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    Railway/modelling: BR/SR (mainly SW Division) 1960-66, LMR c.1960/61, the railways of east London c.1957-62, also modern era US railroads in New England. I also have a collection of Hornby Dublo 3-rail.
    Other interests: Cricket (only watching these days), West Ham United FC, pop/rock music (a wide range from 60s pop through blues & hard rock to classic & current prog and folk rock bands), real ale, history, reading anything that takes my fancy, also days out with the missus and walking our dog Monty. Now also working part time in a model shop - well, somebody has to do it!

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  1. AFAIK none of the LT panniers had the later cab, in fact the earlier versions required a little surgery around the rain strips due to clearance issues.
  2. Interesting and entirely credible! If only 44781 HAD been rescued.....
  3. What a lovely pic - thought I was looking at an old Meccano Magazine for a second!!
  4. I use H&M controllers with my Dublo - a Duette and a Powermaster. I chose them partly because they are "old school" and thus more in keeping with the rest of the collection and also because they seem to consistently provide enough power - my Gaugemaster Model D kept tripping out when I ran larger locos and heavier trains! With regard to running qualities, I have a couple of Standard 4MT tanks which run as smoothly as my Bachmann models - but not as quietly. My Duchesses and 8F, however, need rather a lot of welly to get them moving!
  5. Colin

    2021 hopes

    If enough people want a Maunsell L1, let me know and I'll make a start on my Crownline kit just after Christmas - that should do it nicely....
  6. All just a memory now - packed away yesterday morning as per our domestic agreement! I took plenty of photos so I can build it again, next time the opportunity presents itself. It’s surprising just what you can get onto 8x4 without it looking too overcrowded. A pleasant surprise was that it all ran so well, apart from a couple of loose track joints - soon sorted. HD really was built to last!
  7. A couple of pics of my pre-Christmas “Dublo Day”, I was able to obtain clearance from SWMBO to put my 8x4 board on the dining table, a temporary layout soon followed. Rather than use HD buildings I opted for Superquick as although they have been updated over the years, I have fond memories of buying and making the kits over 50 years ago. HD purists won’t be impressed but I have opted to give an impression of the sort of layout I craved back in the early 1960s. j
  8. Colin

    2021 hopes

    On the coaching stock side, personally I’d like to see a couple of gaps filled - a Stanier 60’ CK would be very welcome as would a couple more Gresleys such as a CK and BTK, IMHO the current ranges make authentic formations rather difficult to replicate. I think us Southern fans are fairly well served now (or will be once the Blue Team’s Bulleids appear) although LSWR Ironclads would be rather nice! For post steam blue-era modellers, the biggest gap has surely to be Mk2b/c stock. Final plea is for Hornby to get more use out of their diecast Duchess tooling and produce Cit
  9. Colin

    2021 hopes

    I’d love to see a Maunsell U, the big issue with this loco being that there are 2 distinct types within the class - the high running plate locos and the rebuilt Rivers with a lower running plate, more noticeable splashes and a slightly different type of cab. Also 3 tender variations at least! A Urie S15 would be nice, after all the chassis and tender already exist within the superb model of the Maunsell loco. My other steam choice would be a Brighton K (faint hope there, methinks). 4COR/4SUB - definitely!
  10. I’ve been modifying a couple of N suburbans using a mixture of all 3rd and brake bodies to get away from the “mirror image” problem as much as possible, the intention being to alter the remaining doors with scalpel and Microstrip. I think that with new roofs and some enhancements to the underframes they can be carved into a fair likeness of LMS n/c stock, but we shall see....
  11. Looks like the Bachmann train set my mate has just bought as a start in the hobby!!
  12. Very nice, Peter - where did you get the NER pattern tender?
  13. Why not try the N scale buddleia instead? I’ve thought of using plants intended for 2mm on my layout as most of the “4mm scale” stuff looks too big to me.
  14. Hi Peter This was easier to do than to describe, I think! I must stress that this is very much a bodge, but conveys a reasonable impression from normal viewing distance IMO. Basically I superglued a small piece of L-section Plastruct to the top of the crosshead to convert it to a single slidebar type. I tried to use a small piece of brass strip without success, so taking the view that as the loco won't be hammering round my layout at speed, I decided that plastic would probably be sufficiently durable for a low-mileage shunter and definitely worth trying. Once the glue had set a
  15. Sounds like a scene from Father Ted! ”Careful now......”
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