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  1. I purchased the IC version from Rails, a lovely looking loco. Sadly, when I undid the clamshell packaging, bits flew off! Rails were, as always, great with their immediate offer of a replacement, which arrived on Saturday. I had purchased the Legoman Biffo sound chip at the same time, and after a bit of a struggle to find a screwdriver that would undo the cover, installation was very straightforward. as I always do, re-numbered the model, using my NCE Power cab set-up, and worked perfectly on the rolling road, both sound and mechanical-wise. then.... I realised there were no instructions with the sound card, (not sure why, surely an omission by Rails or Legoman?), went on the DC kits website and downloaded the relevant info. Whoops! it advises that you cannot readdress the card whilst it is in-situ in the loco. Hope that hasn't caused damage or invalidated my warranty.
  2. Hello Howard, You have an article by Phil entitled ‘Variations on a Theme’ which highlights a Metcalfe small cottage kit, which the article says is available from the Warner’s website (world-ofr-railways.co.uk). But I cannot find a way of accessing the order site for it. Would be grateful for your assistance Many thanks Rod
  3. Congratulations to all at Locomotion, a fantastic result and well-deserved. Also, of course, to Rapido, for their skill in bringing this project to fruition, it is an awesome model which defines the engineering expertise that BR had at that time.
  4. Sorry Chris, I give up on trying to amend the address to a lower case 'd' , the system won't allow the company name to start with the lower case letter Rod
  5. For some obscure reason, the email system insists on putting a capital 'd' , the correct address is Dapol.co.uk (lower case 'd'
  6. Hi Chris, if you haven't already done so, drop an email to [email protected], for attn. Andrea, I am sure she will sort it out for you, and let you know what is happening. Rod
  7. Thanks for all that info, Craig, and also, Kit, that is really useful. I will also speak to Locomotion, as the coach was only lightly handled, so would have thought that they would be more long-lasting than this. Will look at Shawplan, and take your advice re sizing. Once again, thanks for all the info and research you have carried out on my behalf, it is greatly appreciated Rod
  8. Hi Craig Like the disco train, very smart! I notice that you have various TC numbers, were these as supplied, or can you purchase them separately? I would like to get the faded one on my PC1 replaced.
  9. Deader'n a dodo eh? Had a look at the trailer car, two very slight nicks on the lip of the roof, but the marks showing in the pic are nowhere to be seen, must have been a trick of the iPad
  10. Blimey , Craig, that is the devil's work indeed! I hadn't noticed that mark, can't check it at the mo, as we have got builders in and I packed the set away. Will have a look later today. Hope you get the electrics problem sorted and stabilise the '08' so it doesn't do any more damage
  11. As it has been back to Locomotion, and Legomanbiffo, I would guess they would know how to handle the model. As for myself, I always wash hands prior to handling any locos, anyway, I would hazard a guess to say that the decal was faulty
  12. This is the wear on the decal I was talking about, and the power car has not been overly handled
  13. Update - received the 21 pin decoder this am (Soundtraxx in a Bachmann box!) and having fitted it, now have a running set. So, obviously, the decoder is faulty, and have emailed Bif to arrange replacement and return. Have mapped the forward running lights, now to sort the rear lights, will do as you suggested and look on the forum for adviceRod
  14. As I said, the decoder appears to be absolutely fine, but there is no power to the motor, or at least, the motor is not responding. Neither is the sound card. The TC was stopping the red tail light working, if I removed it from the train, all lights worked perfectly. It was Ian's surmise that the motor had blown, although I would have assumed that the sound card functions would be running, prior to the failure, the set went haywire, tearing round the track, out of control. I pulled the power, waited 10 minutes, restarted, and the same thing happened. Third time, nothing! So, I don't know what to do now, still waiting for assistance/advice from either Locomotion or Charlie Petty. If I don't hear today, I will have to ring one of them again. Thanks for your input, though, greatly appreciatedRod
  15. Hi Craig, I thought it was the decoder, so read the CVs and they appear to be sound. Emailed legoman as he had recently re-blown the sound, and his opinion was that the motor was duff. Still waiting to hear from Locomotion ( I have already returned TC2 as it was causing running lights to act erratically) and have ordered a new non-sound decoder to try in the machine, just in case it is a chip problem. Not too happy about dismantling the model, have noticed that the 'PC1' transfer is wearing off and don't want to handle the body too much. It's a great shame, as it is a fantastic model Rod
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