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  1. Yes it is the SECR design SR built Diagram 1681. Another problem I found with the Blacksmith range the packing lists for the bogies were incorrect mainly for the GWR bogies but with drawings and photos I have now got them sorted. The new underframe for the Cooper Craft range is put on hold until all the Blacksmith range is sorted and back in production.
  2. Now the nights have drawn in and I will be spending less time doing gardening in the evenings it is about time I started updating you more often. Please contact me by phone if there is a problem or chat with me at a show even it is only to give me a thick ear and I have found that Hotmail has decided that RMweb is now spam so if you have used this please try again and I will try to check my spam folder more often to see if there is any thing on there. First the bad news that Slater’s have decided that as they have the Cooper Craft 7mm kits they will do everything to stop me doing their
  3. Well I had a good first show but as normal I was unable to see the good layouts and there was three I would have loved to really been able to watch which I had never seen before. There was only two small faults I could find for the trade/layout operators/demonstrators was on the Sat there was no tea boy going around collecting orders for drinks on the stands where there was only one person holding the fort and delivering them, but after a big hint by a fellow trade RMwebber this was in place on Sunday. Also some cold drinks would be good as this can be put back to one side on your stand a
  4. No 10 is Cooper Craft. I will be the short balled fat guy with red hair on the stand.
  5. Thank you for that so I will have to use the ones for the Blacksmith 10' bogies as these are the correct length.
  6. Yes please Castle. I had not had time to check the most likely bogies these coaches should have. As it has been said above please can you measure from the centre of the spring pin to the next one and there is a very good chance it will be 4'6" (1321 mm) between them.
  7. The question is as it says on the tin (Topic Title) the Russell part one book shows the 10'0" and the 8'6" both with 4'6" springs but both Blacksmith and Slaters have 4'0" springs for the 8'6" bogies. Has anybody ever checked some of the survives (both wheel bases should be on the South Devon Railway) and the 8'6" at Didcot.
  8. Slater's should not be doing them but knowing David White they will be still selling them as he is like that. Blacksmith also do them and in stock. I will be getting some of the Slater's ones done for my self using some I have in stock as masters.
  9. http://www.cs.vintagecarriagestrust.org/se/CarriageInfo.asp?Ref=135
  10. But remember you will have to play the game outside the pub as it is one of the very few places you can play it in the whole country and there will be no food until you have played it. And you might get this from the forum if you don't do it.
  11. The ones that are missing are Dia 335, 337, 284, 117 and the converted Third motor driving coach and all of these were non corridor stock.
  12. I should have looked under E95 as well as the F20. But Russell book says the corridor connection on the F20 is only at the guard end when it is only at the compartment end.
  13. The list for the Blacksmith castings are steadily getting sorted as some are only listed "for 6 wheelers only" etc and some like the GWR self contained buffer you can run at one time with plenty of other parts as well but not what you want. I am still having problems with one of the moulds for this kit and are looking to see if I can get another grade of the plastic as the firm I got the last batch worked better than the current batch but they closed down. Most of the drawings are missing for the LNWR coaches and their were some mistakes in the original artwork as well, so
  14. Mike I cant seem to find any information on the F20 in any books I have got which includes the Russell (coaches part 2 and appendix part 2) and Harris one. So were they converted and where can I find the information on these as there are spare slip ends in the range so will be very easy to do this as a kit.
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