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  1. OK fella's, I totally confused. Scale Model Scenery sell their tactile paving in packs of 5 A4 sheets, you can't download it, it comes in the post. Scalescenes sell downloadable kits hat you print onto card, but unless you use textured card there won't be any texture. So the OP has the 2 confused, but it looks like MalcT is confused as well. Or maybe I'm confused! Help. John P
  2. Just got to grind my axe a bit. Why don't Dapol mention the scale in their flyer? At least the Hatton's email fessed up that these are the OO version. John P
  3. Lights are on all the time in First, optional light bars were/are available for second. Regards, John P
  4. BBBBut you might want to change the title John P
  5. According to Mr Ando the Mk2e’s are not used with the KUA’s, the Mk2a’s are. Revolution announced the N Gauge version a couple of days ago and the same question was asked. Regards, John P
  6. Hi, You can plug in a non sound DCC decoder to your loco and run it on DCC. You can plug in a sound DCC decoder instead and run it on DCC, but with no sounds. You can plug in a sound DCC decoder that has had a "sound project" loaded which matches your loco, and attach a speaker, and then run it on DCC with sound. You can always get the various 'sound project' suppliers to add a speaker and suitably programmed DCC decoder to your loco's for you, rather than buy all the bits yourself and do the conversion. Regards, John P
  7. Don't ruin the experience by buying cheap decoders, and don't assume Hornby would be best in a Hornby model, etc. My vote is for Zimo, I use these exclusively when fitting decoders myself, many here like Lenz, and ESU are also very good. Regards, John P
  8. I find that the forum runs slow very often, an almost daily occurence. The ad banner on the main page takes 5 to 10 seconds to load, the menu button's drop down menus don't drop down, because the banner is still loading? Topics can take 5 to 10 seconds to load, pressing the back button to go to the previous page can also take 5 to 10 seconds. When submitting a reply the button 'greys out' and nothing apparently happens. But the reply is there when I come back later. There is definately something going on, but it's hard to be definitive. Regards, John P
  9. I have used neither, but the only reason I can thing of that would cause the address not to be recognised is that the Dynamis is expecting a Long Address and the Elite used Short addresses. DCC fitted loco's should work with any controller that follows the NMRA standard. Regards, John P
  10. Wayne offers Bullhead Wooden Sleepered track, and Flat Bottom Concrete Sleepered track. I don't think the FB track is available with black sleepers. Regards, John P
  11. Rhyl was actually a LNWR and then LMS station, it's on the Chester to Holyhead line. Regards, John P
  12. How about trying the Man Vic Man Exchange thing where they joined up platforms 3 and 11 to get a single platform over 2000 feet in length but with points and such so that 3 trains could be accommodated at once? Regards, John P
  13. I remember doing traffic lights as a science project at school in the late 80's. It involved a 555 timer and a bunch of NAND gates. I know it's not the same but the principles would be. Regards, John P
  14. Yes, but be careful. I use Brown car primer, if you use too much at a time it can eat into the surface. It also depends on the primer. I also cover some scenic areas, and embankments, etc with plaster bandage so then it's not an issue. Regards, John P
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