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  1. jpendle

    Class 88/93

    Well I've got 5 N Gauge DRS Compass CL68's. John P
  2. Or, if possible, put the Lais decoder in the motor car and program it there. Most DCC systems expect to see a motor load before they'll program a decoder. Regards, John P
  3. The N Gauge wagon looks like the Realtrack PCA. Regards, John P
  4. jpendle

    Class 88/93

    The livery thing always puzzles me. There are 34 CL68's. I have 4 N gauge ones with another 3 on order. I have a Scotrail loco and a TPE loco, the other 5 are DRS 'Fade' livery. I'll get one more TPE liveried one, to go with my MK5A rakes and that will probably be that. Now according to my little book (DRS 25 years), there are currently 14 in TPE livery and just 12 in DRS Fade livery, with 6 Chiltern and 2 Scotrail ones, and yet there's only one TPE liveried version available as a model. I'd happily buy 4 CL88's in the same livery as long as they h
  5. It means that the model is ready to be posted. For example, I got my notification on a Saturday, but the tracking info only showed up in the RM system on the following Monday or Tuesday (International order). So I guess it depends when Ben or Mike actually get to drop off the parcels at the PO. Regards, John P
  6. Sounds like the PC which you are using for TrainController isn't talking to the Z21. Assuming that you have connected your PC with a LAN cable to the Z21 router, then as the Z21's default IP address is, that means that the the LAN port on your PC needs to have an IP address in the same range. You need to edit the properties of your PC's LAN port to turn off DHCP and give it a fixed address, such as To test the connection, from a command prompt on the PC, type "ping". Regards, John P
  7. Look like Touax Hold-alls. Revolution trains are making them in OO and N. Regards, John P
  8. Hi, What DCC accessory decoder are you using, or do these motors have them built in? Regards, John P
  9. CV 7 is firmware revision, not decoder type, some manufacturers do have a CV set which tells you the decoder type. For example Zimo use CV250 to tell you the precise decoder, MX617, MX600, etc. Regards, John P
  10. If the point blades are making contact with the stock rails then creating a short circuit is dead easy, just get the power wires the wrong way round. But obviously the solution is just as easy, swap the power wires around. John P
  11. It depends on the decoder, but setting CV8 to 0 or 8 are very common methods. Regards, John P
  12. Hi, Glad you got things sorted. Re the decoders, a hard reset of the decoders might help, if not, the various Zimo non sound decoders for 20 pounds are extremely good value. They are not budget decoders, they used to be priced nearer the 35 pound mark, but Zimo reduced the prices on these a few years ago. Regards, John P
  13. jpendle

    Class 88/93

    In the full article it talks about ROG competing for infrastructure and intermodal work. Regards, John P
  14. Railcom is optional in the NMRA standard and many US designed decoders do not support it. I use NCE Switch 8's for point motor control, and I have to disable Railcom on my Z21 for them to work. Regards, John P
  15. jpendle

    Class 88/93

    Railway Herald reports this week that ROG are about to order 10 CL93's with an option for a further 20. Regards, John P
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