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  1. Thinking about it, I will get cork sheet again. So does it sound like the best approach to lay across the whole of the baseboards?
  2. I am starting out with a smallish end to end layout. I previously has a 6m by 3m round the wall layout on which I used cork tiles as underlay to give the rails that raised look. However, with this current layout it is going to be a TMD and so raised track might look a bit odd. I'm thinking of buying 3mm fibre underlay and laying over all of the baseboard. Does this sound like a reasonable plan? I don't really want to lay directly onto the ply baseboard.
  3. I'm having my garden renovated and am thinking of having a small railway in the corner. I would say I probably have about 3m x 6m to play with. A few years ago I saw a really nice garden railway in OO which was just two simple lines. The chap had built a brick rectangle (like a raised flower bed) and had sunk the track bed into this raised bed. I would like something similar. Doesn't have to be complicated. No points, just two continuous loops. Anyone know or seen anything similar so I can gather some inspiration? I think it was in a Model Rail garden special but was a good few yea
  4. Interesting thread. Following the demise of my last layout attempt due to a house move I sold all my code 100. My thinking was that if I get the opportunity to start another layout it will be using code 75 as it looks much nice when photos and makes the rolling stock look much bigger (to my eye anyway) However, the space I have for a new modern image layout is quite a bit smaller than the last and I'm going to needing to use small radius curves that originally intended - although no lower than R3. Think code 100 is going to be the least problematic. I have one piece of code 75 -
  5. Only discovered this location from RMweb recently. Was passing today so thought I'd take a few pics. They're a bit rushed but least I know where to go for some more up close and personal photos.
  6. http://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/search/advanced/WTL/2015/08/05/0000-2359?stp=WVS&show=non-passenger&order=wtt I didn't know you could get times like this. I live in Haverfordwest and the line is about 400m from the house. I can hear the oil train at night during the summer. It passes through Haverfordwest train station and last time I caught it by chance it was around lunchtime. A class 60 in Loadhall livery. I've also taken the directions for Margam yard. I'm often on the M4 and will be on it early Friday morning so will try to stop off and see what I can find
  7. With the DC plug fitted the cab lights do come on. I think the the decoder is directly lifted from another Bachmann 66. I'm not sure which key is allocated to the Aux 1 output - how would I find that out? There is a little switch underneath and this is set to on. I think in hindshight, now I've looked into things a bit more, I'll buy sound decoders from regarded sources rather than auction sites. To be honest, it was just a little test to see how hard it would be to fit them myself. Physically, it's straight foward, the programming bit is where I need more learning!
  8. I recently bought a Bachmann 66 - 66301 Fastline and a 21 sound decoder. Fitted fine no problems but I don't seem to be able to get the cab lights to work - they are there. I have Bachmann 66522 Freightliner Shanks which came with sound onboard but this loco doesn't have cab lights. It's not the end of the world I can't get them to work but was wondering if it was possible to get them working? Controller is a MultiMaus Pro. Any help appreciated
  9. Ed - has a layout really fallen through someone's ceiling? Yikes! Whoever did my loft conversion did a fairly proper job of it. The floor is reinforced and it has a staircase. However, the staircase comes in just off centre to the room and the chimney breast is still in place albeit plastered up etc. Not sure why it wasn't removed - probably keeping the roof up! I could get a layout of some sort up there but it doesn't really fit the bill - other that having a bit more room to play with. So, the garage it is. B McG - thats another fine use of the space available. Where will the branc
  10. I've had a play with anyrail as its ability to produce curves is much better than Xtrkcad. It's a fair bit different so it's a bit of a learning curve! The layout size is the workable room I have for the garage. The heating system is on one wall which may well be built into it's own little cubby space - the intention is to convert the garage into a proper room before the layout construction begins. Gives me time to consider my options. If I continue down the road of OO do you think I could get away with using R2 and R3 Peco settrack curves? The only steam engine I have is Tornado whic
  11. Thank you all for the comments. Crewlisle - your design certainly shows how to make best use of the space available. I've progressed a little having looked at terminus stations and looking online at the idea of having an island in the layout rather than "just" round the walls. Obviously again, this is very rough. I like the idea of giving the passenger trains somewhere to go. From station A to B via once round the park as it were. Ideally, I'd like to add some curves here and there to take away the "set" feel but not sure how to get nice S shapes out of trkcad yet. One thi
  12. So this is my initial idea. A TMD and some sidings with the through lines underneath. Station on the left with something on the infield and again something of interest on the right. I've made the line going tp the TMD dual so rakes can be made or broken. Only issue there would be the incline would need to be level or the wagons will roll away I'll move the TMD to the infield probably on the station side but won't be able to fit train making there. And as mentioned have an incline to a terminus on the 2nd level. I know it's rough but it's really just to get a feel of how much space
  13. I previously had a loft layout with around 20ft by 9ft to play with. Having moved to a bigger house which does have a loft conversion I'm weighing up where to put an OO guage layout. The loft is currently ear marked for my eldest but this may change! It's also a bit of an odd shape up there with the stairs and the chimney so doesn't lend itself too well to a round the walls plan - I might try a few sketches up there and post on here if any of them look workable. I don't really fancy going outside to a shed. Not that shed layouts aren't for me but I have children so would prefer to be clos
  14. A couple of years ago there was an edition of Model Rail which had an article on a chaps OO guage garden railway. It was a simply round and round with no points in a nice tidy raised portion of the garden. I'm renovating my garden at the moment and considering doing something similar. Would anyone know which edition it was? Apologies for being vague but that layout is kind of the vision I have for my garden. Many thanks
  15. I recently picked up the Roco Multimaus Pro - I changed from NCE as it was a cheaper way of having wireless and PC control. If I'm completely honest I find the Roco is awkward to use having come from the NCE. Although I'm going to press on with the Roco I wouldn't be surprised if I went back to NCE eventually.
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