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  1. Now here’s a question to stir things up a bit; if I was to attempt to match the Precision Paints Ultramarine (P507 Ultramarine) in the course of producing a decal, what would be the closest PMS # ? At the risk of pre-empting things, I am currently looking toward #2757 I look forward to the comments! best, Marcus
  2. I’ve just been to the web site and discovered an “account suspended” notice. I assume that is it for Kemilway/Peter K as a source.
  3. ...and back to the meat van again. This time in P4 over a Rumney chassis with Exactoscale wheels. Parkside doors replaced the originals. Cambridge Custom transfers. All in all just as easy a project as building it ‘out of the box’. All credit to Airfix for a lovely little kit. ’B’ type tank wagon next... best, Marcus
  4. The panels have been ordered from Fox and should be ready in about 90:days (they are very busy, which is good). I’ll keep you posted...
  5. Some enterprising type is doing just that. All I need is the PMS (Pantone Matching System) numbers for the blue and the vermillion/red lining.
  6. I don’t know if anyone has suggested as much, but I am in the process of commissioning a set of blue panels to go over the black to produce a GER livery. I would appreciate it if anyone could let me know the PMS (Pantone Matching System) numbers for both the blue and vermillion/red lining.
  7. I’m in for several sets of transfers - David, I’ll let you know, but basically at least enough to finish all the coaches I bought from you. best, Marcus
  8. Anthony I just found this page; of course I shall be following - and, no doubt, commenting! best, Marcus
  9. Craig You have my attention/curiosity, but alas I am not familiar with the work (nor, it seems is Google/Amazon, so I am not being lazy!); could you please direct me? best, Marcus
  10. I had planned to but I just sat and looked at it as it was and couldn’t bring myself to tear up that chassis, so the current plan is to start again with the Comet chassis set. I know Dave Bradwell also produces one, but experience of his products has me shy of the (perhaps unnecessary) complications, whereas a similar conversion of a Coronation left me very happy with the Comet solution. Now I have a P4 and original chassis, an approach I intend for my 9f too. Anyone else built a new chassis - stories of the Bradwell one especially? If theres a separate chat on this subject, please
  11. How much kit bashing are we allowed? This is my 04 conversion to the W&U tram style version using the old Impetus kit and Branchlines motorising kit. I have another about to be built as a later 04 on a Branchlines chassis too. best, Marcus
  12. Well, there’s sort of an update after three years of silence on my part. My original aim was just to commission some etches to replace an Impetus kit I had destroyed and sold. Since then I was fortunate enough to acquire another and finish it (last week!) A photo will follow once glazed and finally assembled, but my needs have been met. I have also noted a printed 3D ‘kit’ or whatever has become available. Nevertheless I still have a hankering to do this, so is anyone still interested? As an aside I am also close to finishing the Vulcan kit (its the longer of the two!). T
  13. Please do keep us up to date - I have a voracious appetite for Adrian’s kits as a pleasure to build and of the highest quality. It would be a slight to his abilities to let the ranges fall by the wayside.
  14. Dammit, Richard, now I want to build this one too!
  15. Looks like some good, solid progress there. I have noted that Finecast does produce some good chassis now. I dumped the chassis in a PDK kit of the Schools in favour of the Finecast one and built it to P4. Nice runner! I builds these 'old' Wills kits for a bit of nostalgia fun and for my T-H layout (all code 100 and Superquicks!), so any missing 'scale' stuff is intentional! Best of luck - now you'll have to tell us about your build! Best, Marcus
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