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  1. It was. This is July ‘72. If there had been a Jubilee I would have photographed that too!
  2. I am in the process of changing ‘City of London’ to P4 via a Comet chassis. In doing so I have found the injectors to be an appalling representation of the actual item. Does anyone have or know of any good photographs of them. I fear fabrication is the order of progress here. many thanks, Best, Marcus
  3. EHertsGER

    Oxford N7

    Without delving into RCTS/Yeadon and so on, the N7/3 has 3’ 6” dia trailing wheels, had a different bunker and rear window arrangement and so on...did Oxford release an N7/3? Not as far as I can tell. 8011 was a N7/GER as was 1001 (technically not an N7 but an L85). The BR ones were numbered as N7/1s rebuilt as N7/4 which might excuse the cab front spectacles as remnants of the belpaire firebox that went before... ..and (unless you are being period specific to 1932/33) 8011 should have been lined... AFAIK best, Marcus
  4. I have acquired an original ‘Wills‘ GWR 2251 kits, but it is missing its instructions. I need to identify some parts #s to order missing ones. Does anyone have a set they could copy and add here, please? Perhaps this should be the ‘go to’ page for requests for missing instructions in future. My thanks in advance. Best, Marcus
  5. EHertsGER

    Oxford N7

    Turning back to my P4 conversion after mugging up on LNER liveries means I now have to line it (and renumber). Does Oxford plan on a lined LNER one - one would think so as all condensers had gone by the time they went plain black. If so, I’ll strip the condensers and go for the postwar ‘belpaire’ look... Those of a more selective nature may be able to convince the assembled company that their LNER N/7 is as running c1932/33 when Stratford shops ran out of red paint temporarily due to the scarcity of material during the depression. Best check your Yeadon/RCTS before making such assertions, though. We can't be fooled that easily, you know!
  6. A very specific request, perhaps, but also possibly applicable to all LNER tank locomotives appearing in lined black livery. I am looking to establish the lining layout on the rear of the bunker of an F4 c1923 (106e, just like on the box). It is possible the post 1928 scheme was different. So far what I have seen of F4 lining in general is that it corresponds only in some areas to that stated in the LNER forum site, namely that: - bunker lining does not extend around the bunker but remains on the single panel - lined boiler bands are seldom applied (I know its hard to see them, but I rreally have looked with a strong magnifier) - lining does not extend over the roof - spectacle plates are not lined, nor are spectacles Most of those pictures in which I have been able to see the lining are from the 1920s/early 1930s. By the late 1930s they seem too filthy to tell. Regardless, back to the bunker. I have already inspected it. Your help, inspiration and chatter is very welcome! best, Marcus
  7. tsk tsk...odd jobs and goldfingers...
  8. Like the man said... which helped me sort out some doubts about door handles... best, Marcus
  9. Which is why I asked in the first place. They look nice in the flat, but then, why???
  10. So, finally, things on my bench have taken a leap into the recognisable in the form of four assembled bodies of diags 102-105. They do need a good clean, but each has droplights, ventilators, doorhandles and grab handles. Count them. That’s the delay explained... Anyway, here they are waiting for me to pounce again and begin with solebars, trussing and undergubbins while I work out the articulation. one or two notes; the floors were replaced by more solid 0.018” n/s sheet (see previous notes for reasons) with the exception of diag 105 which was built around an MJT 51’ underframe kit. Roofs are MJT aluminium extrusions. Best, Marcus
  11. Has anyone seen any LNER decals for the Parkside D5?
  12. Has anyone had a crack at the etched roof/end combination in the Kemilway kits? I’m tempted ‘just because’ but the day isn’t long enough...
  13. Mike, thanks for the comments. My feeling is the brush is too soft, depriving me of a ‘grain’ in the application. Otherwise, happy with the second coat. Now, I went off to Western Thunderer and had a lovely time - until I got to the bit about printed seats and tables and so on. The solution to my seating needs! Are you planning to add them to your Shapeways catalogue? I was planning on casting them in resin... best, Marcus
  14. Well, I seem to have the hang of this, but what of the roofs? I know they started as white lead, but what shades did they go through and what patterns of sooting developed until they became all-over dirty? I have tried roof dirt overall, but they seem just to be BR grey colour. I’m going to start again... a nice gentle teak finish, but a little bland, so... Another coat - in bad light and with a darker roof. Still not there yet... Comments/guidance - especially on the subject of roofs, most welcome. best, Marcus
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