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  1. not you specifically, but un-named conspirators that have gone before...
  2. “Support the British economy, buy a kit.” …support British Psychiatry…try building it..
  3. Danny still has the artwork for the GER coaches and produces them to order, so a nice letter might yield results. It’s how I got my four and six wheel sets and some wagons and horseboxes.
  4. I have one on my bench; it’s a nicely produced kit that goes together well. The only downside is that it does not include the flared side GS tender (for 201 Bramham Moor) , which involved some fabrication. PDK produce the 49/1 and 49/2 as two distinct kits, so take your pick! Recommended.
  5. I'll be in touch...one of us has just volunteered for something...
  6. It’s based on a standard signal or lamp hut - there’s a diagram in the back of LNER constituent signalling. I must admit that I have thought of commissioning Intentio to do the lot as I just don’t have the time to design and scratch build the buildings and build all the rolling stock. Each building (station, the old WHBR waiting room, signal hut/porters room, toilet, tin shed, signal box and storage shed, as well as their current coal staithes, should keep GER modellers quiet for a while and be useful to NG and others too. One thing at at time, though…
  7. We should put our combined weight behind them at Intentio - I too would like the Widford buildings and have broached the subject with them a year or so back, including the signal box. They have Mardock box in their portfolio so it wouldn’t take much to produce Widford. Making the leap to the rest of the buildings would complete the job! best, Marcus
  8. Peter K Little Sharpie c1988, Riceworks E22/J65 since 1989. I have, however, finished a great many more since…
  9. “Zo, now veknow who iz ze railway modeller in ze camp. Ze tunnel has come up under the locomotive…”
  10. The one thing ‘elf and safety haven’t yet worked out is how to prevent widespread fatalities as a result of being present at one’s own birth…
  11. I was teasing. It was the bit about building them with your eyes shut…my apologies.
  12. Yep. I took on a Hertford Quad kit (see the blog) a few years ago; structural assembly, correcting the kit, door handles, hinges, ventilators, door stops. Done. Still to do: underframes (~50% done), articulation, bogies, footboards, roofs, glazing, painting (LNER teak), interiors, passengers, still to do. For some reason I was planning a GE quint too…
  13. A bit late to this discussion, I admit, and apologise. My question is this; did the A30 (of ‘Airfix’ fame) sit on 9’ plate/heavy bogies as I suspect? In addition, did they ever sit on 9’ pressed steel (guess what kind of bogies I have spare)? Failing the possibility of their using the pressed steel ones, does anyone have any suggestions for a cos h to ‘plant’ on them (‘everything else but A30’ is not going to help bit feels inevitable!) - ideally RTR or modifiable etc as my coach building queue is enormous. I just did the Airfix for fun but seem to be taking it seriously. Thanks in anticipation, Marcus
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