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  1. I have just sent the following email to Hornby since they should be able to raise the issue with Keymodelworld:- ========================================================================================= There is a problem with the new Keymodelworld web site which is not reflecting well on the Hornby & Airfix brands. As neither the Keymodelworld Help desk nor their FAQ are active, so please can you contact them to get them to address the problems I attach a screenshot showing that this is being discussed on the rmweb site. Many Thanks Howard Brissenden
  2. I currently receive the Hornby magazine via pocketmags and see that there is a new website via keymodelworld for subscribers. However this does not appear to apply to pocket mags subscribers & as of today their help pages are not accessible so what is the use of this? I would be interested but not if it needs me to have two separate subscription.
  3. Just received my order for the SR brown version - superb model however let down by slightly bowed roof and wheels. 100% worth the money, but would have paid a little more to have seen these issues sorted before purchase. Howard
  4. Have a look at Ramsgate harbour - closed in the early 1920's but had a turntable at the end of the platforms which will save a lot of space. The othe end vanishes into the tunnel and it would be quite easy t change this from double to single track.
  5. Maybe not totally accurate but have ordered 5 for my planned SR (ex SESR) layout where they will provide an acceptable impression of the occasional pre-grouping stock that may have been seen on the line. Many thanks to Hattons and also hope the D Class turns up as well
  6. A very useful source of information as there are a number of new images of sandling/hythe/smeeth stations that I have never seen before in my searches.
  7. According to the records this was only fired once on the Elham Valley and resulted in serious damage to windows in the surrounding areas despite being left open as instructed. The gun and additional track was designed to allow coverage of the entire Kent coast in the event of an invasion. There were other smaller guns located to the east of Dover which may have been fired more often
  8. It will be a 1:1 scale live steam SECR H class with Real Sound and powered by Real Coal as displayed at the NEC. The price will be a little more than usual and it will run on 4'81/2" track from the about to be announced Peco Bullhead range. :onthequiet: :onthequiet:
  9. If you want the old OS maps of Sheerness, the the National Library of Scotland https://maps.nls.uk/os/25inch-england-and-wales/index.html will provide a good starting point I think this link will take you directly to the dockyard station http://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/#zoom=16&lat=51.4399&lon=0.7497&layers=168&b=1
  10. The firing spur is now added to the Rail Map on line site http://railmaponline.com/UKIEMap.php If you have never viewed the site it shows a old lines that have long gone. Cheers Howard
  11. Your comment had me rushing to check the books and photos. The disused stations web site says"On the bright spring morning of 13th February 1941, the gun was pushed out of the tunnel by a WD diesel engine, through Bishopsbourne station to the Kingston spur, where it was fired for the first time sending several rounds into the English Channel." & "As a result, only two other test firings were made near World’s Wonder bridge and at Lickpot bridge" http://www.disused-stations.org.uk/features/index6.shtml B Hart's book on the Elham Valley railway also has the same photo and states it i
  12. The curve appears to be the wrong way for the firing spur between Kinston & Bishopsbourne so maybe the wartime photo was printed the wrong way around to confuse Jerry spies
  13. It may not be on anyone else's wish list but as someone who models the Elham Valley Railway just before WW2 this is an amazing and unexpected model that is a must have. During the war the line was used as the base for the railgun (see the Elham Valley Railway book by B Hart) so I can now model both periods
  14. Southern Way ran one or two articles on unbuilt engines. One I particularly recall is a Q1 based Pacific, which if it was anything like the original would pull anything, but would have problems stopping. The other was about early diesel designs.
  15. For general lighting without shadows a decent uplighter is ideal - no shadows and a very even light.
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