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  1. Mine was apparently dispatched Friday about the same time as another order coming from Cincinnati in the USA. Guess which one arrived this afternoon via DHL… Royal Mail is really struggling in many areas so delivery times are certainly extended so my Road Van will arrive when it arrives.
  2. I have always disliked the duplication of products by multiple manufacturers. I now suspect it could be open season for other producers to introduce items that Hornby refuse to supply to a increasing number of retailers/sellers. The next 12 months or so are going to be interesting and perhaps a turning point in model railway manufacturing.
  3. Just checked my rake of Fastline liveried FEA wagons. 8 of the 9 pairs effected some not too bad but one shows bad splits in the underside. Eased off the containers and top of central spine is OK but the container on wagon with bad underside splits does not fit on very well. This wagon must have a twist too as the bogies rock a little. Going to dig out my other FEA’s and check them out, not holding up much hope though.
  4. Believe it to be a Zimo MX645P22.
  5. For me with my cynical glasses on the first question to answer in all this before I even get to the scale / track gauge discussion is......... WHAT TYPE OF COUPLING WOULD BE USED? Hat and coat on and running - very fast!
  6. Hornby, Bachman plus even Heljan now facing retirement?
  7. I knew I was right to wait, my wallet is saying otherwise but I am going to ignore it big time........
  8. Don’t forget Royal Mail are working with the pandemic, certain areas are still saying allow 14 days before chasing deliveries. Mine were ordered June 2019, they will arrive when they arrive.
  9. I’ve been deliberating for weeks over DRS 37’s or DRS 20’s as I cannot justify or afford multiples of both. Having just spent a lot of time and effort getting a Hatton’s 66 to run reliably with the correct lighting configuration I will now be buying a couple of accurate DRS 37’s. These 20’s could have been definitive models for just a little bit more effort and an acceptable higher cost.
  10. If my memory (of nearly 70 years ago) serves me right I’m sure it was solid sleepers on the steel decking with no gaps plus longitudinal planking out side the rails. Remember factory workers using the bridge as a shortcut over the canal. The attached section of old map shows the line and environs.
  11. You’re right about happy days Phil. Some more here, Shrub Hill road and the canal bridge, please someone invent that time machine and I can relive those memories......
  12. Just received my receipt too. 1668 and 1661 hopefully on the way, 1661 will bring back memories of footplate rides with my Grandfather down to Hill Evans.......
  13. Just been notified by Hattons my order has been picked and packed so looks like more stock has been ‘obtained’ from Olivia’s....
  14. I ordered 2 last weekend, BOC 14 & 19. Had a confirmation from staging.hattons.co.uk but nothing else except I have just checked my credit card and payment was taken on Monday. Checked my order on Hatton’s website and it says ‘completed’. I wonder if they are trying to get more or more likely their system fell over and is screwed up. Will leave it for a couple more days before I contact them.
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