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  1. Just been notified by Hattons my order has been picked and packed so looks like more stock has been ‘obtained’ from Olivia’s....
  2. I ordered 2 last weekend, BOC 14 & 19. Had a confirmation from staging.hattons.co.uk but nothing else except I have just checked my credit card and payment was taken on Monday. Checked my order on Hatton’s website and it says ‘completed’. I wonder if they are trying to get more or more likely their system fell over and is screwed up. Will leave it for a couple more days before I contact them.
  3. Brilliant! I too can’t imagine this “expressions of interest” phase lasting that long!
  4. Looks like 2020 models will be produced with £80,000 being donated to the NHS. It is so good to see this happen and that Hornby and all those on rmweb who have been so positive have really driven the NHS donation up from the original £20,000. Wherever you look individuals and businesses are are doing their utmost to lift our spirits and support all those at the forefront of trying to deal with this awful situation. Well done Hornby.
  5. Hornby could have have the best seller of the decade maybe the century so why not let the orders run and then just make them so we can all have one - not just those who want a limited edition to sell at a massive profit. Danger is of course that another brand(s) could also step in with their own version (correct body etc) and then people jump ship and cancel their Hornby order.........
  6. Check for an email confirming order, mine popped up 10 secs before the We Will Be back screen appeared - fingers crossed.......
  7. Brilliant! At last I can use my Model Rail DRS MK2a escort coaches - KUA set duly ordered this afternoon
  8. Just spotted this ...... https://railsofsheffield.com/products/39422/Heljan-3457-oo-gauge-class-33-0-drs-minimodal-locomotive-twin-pack
  9. Martin_R

    Oxford N7

    My N7 has also had it’s couplings modified to get a closer distance between buffers. I used the Bachman ‘short’ coupling as a basis for the mod.
  10. Looks like PWM654 for me as it was based on and off at Newland (Malvern) for many years. Now to decide on Green or Blue or both.........
  11. I believe Hatton’s are no longer a Bachmann retailer/supplier.
  12. Just been notified by Hatton’s that my pre-order for the 1P has been cancelled.........
  13. Weed Killing coaches now in stock!
  14. Many thanks Phil, That explains a lot as I picked up the drawing and some others with about 100 black and white photos at a car boot over 30 years ago, I had no idea where they came from. Note to self - find the photos............ Cheers, Martin.
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