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  1. Brilliant! At last I can use my Model Rail DRS MK2a escort coaches - KUA set duly ordered this afternoon
  2. Just spotted this ...... https://railsofsheffield.com/products/39422/Heljan-3457-oo-gauge-class-33-0-drs-minimodal-locomotive-twin-pack
  3. Martin_R

    Oxford N7

    My N7 has also had it’s couplings modified to get a closer distance between buffers. I used the Bachman ‘short’ coupling as a basis for the mod.
  4. Looks like PWM654 for me as it was based on and off at Newland (Malvern) for many years. Now to decide on Green or Blue or both.........
  5. I believe Hatton’s are no longer a Bachmann retailer/supplier.
  6. Just been notified by Hatton’s that my pre-order for the 1P has been cancelled.........
  7. Weed Killing coaches now in stock!
  8. Many thanks Phil, That explains a lot as I picked up the drawing and some others with about 100 black and white photos at a car boot over 30 years ago, I had no idea where they came from. Note to self - find the photos............ Cheers, Martin.
  9. I'm afraid 1661 is wrongly credited in Model Rail as working Lea & Perrins - should be Hill Evans Vinegar Works. Most of the evidence of this line have disappeared following development of the area, some of the track routes are picked out in coloured brick in the St Martins Quarter. I came across the attached drawing many years ago but have no idea from where it came....
  10. Now showing in stock also VBA barrier...... Prices are [email protected]*&£!?!
  11. 68219 arrived on shed at lunchtime today, will be raising steam this evening.
  12. Mine are on the way from Kernow, arriving tomorrow!
  13. Well the speaker in body installation is now sorted. My original thought was to fit a pair of 8ohm sugar lump speakers wired in parallel (giving 4ohms) but having trialled them I was not too impressed.... Looking at the chassis the best position for a speaker is under the fan mesh but the 8 pin plug/socket prevents this so I reversed the circuit board position. Word of warning doing this changes the default loco direction. My eventual solution was to remove the motor and reverse the wiring, this corrects the direction issue. There is another modification, this is to cut away part of the moulded speaker housing in the body to clear the 8 pin plug/socket. The speaker I used was a 4 ohm ESU 50330 but it must be removed from it's housing. It is secured to the circuit board with double sided tape then sealed round with mastic. The ESU V4.0 Loksound decoder then fitted in-between the speaker and the motor plug/socket. There is not a lot of space so both width and height must be checked carefully.
  14. I’m working on the speaker in the body solution at the moment. Once I have the low profile speaker to hand and fitted/tested it I will post an update with photos.
  15. Even with my very sub standard eyes that is absolutely stunning, modelling the way it should be done and a true inspiration to all of us. Thanks Mike for sharing it with us.
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