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  1. Tempting... I saw mention of a tender cab at some point as well? What type?
  2. £300 plus DIY dinosaur transfers might be a bit of a tall order. - perhaps?
  3. Is that a modified version of their Fowler-like centre-cab shunter I spy in the background?
  4. There was a battered (VDA maybe?) van visible from the A40(M) during the 90s (I remember going past in a coach just after it had been burnt out), which I think is what your photo shows. I don't recall seeing anything else then, but going past on the former South Ruislip-Paddington Parly since then saw what I thought might be the body of a brake van next to it.
  5. Perhaps. But it's not something their ankle-biting competitors are bothered with, is it?
  6. I am torn between my usual leanings: 1. I want to see more accurate small stuff; 2....but I'm willing to compromise... 3. ...and I'd like to see higher-standard freelance if I can't get exactly what I want. At worst, a good-running mechanism (within sanity) will always be of use. Noting johnhutnick above, I'd hope Hornby would go ahead with a GWR-liveried version. I'd prefer new tooling, but I'd expect it to sell if just re-liveried (especially if - get this - in a hi-spec train set, properly marketed). Alternatively, if they thought it worthwhile promotion, they could pa
  7. Could we maybe split the difference and have it in its (weathered?) Brampton Railway form and livery, as prior to preservation? (We can guess and base it on its current state if not known.) With some suitable wagons. You could stick some goggled travellers into them if you wished. I appreciate it would therefore qualify as a Stinking Industrial, but, nonetheless...
  8. I think the coaches are too small in the painting, so I'm not sure you'd need to bother that much. (I'm fond of the painting, short of Tripods Over Ludgate Hill I can't imagine anything I'd more like to see portrayed, although obviously there are other stations I'd pay money to meet the Heat Ray...)
  9. Has Railroad (Standard? Minus? Vanilla?) gone then? A number of items appear to be in the main range that I'd've thought would have appeared as Railroad. I'm guessing there might be a Pt.2 with continuing items? I really like the Steampunk figures, but a pity there's nothing similar for "normality". Sadly I find the rest of that range half-hearted and ghastly. (This would be where any new generic stuff might have gone, too.) Still, Std 2MT...
  10. They've already added one new body and two(?) former TTTE shells. The motor has been changed. YMMV whether the "real market" would prefer a different-colour loco to one a different shape. And yes, I'd give up my personal wishlist (mostly industrial or LT, so you know, not exactly that likely...) if the entry-level stuff were better. Or if not, just imagine a tram or diesel shunter with a convenient 8'6" chassis... (Besides, I have it on reliable authority from Some Bloke down the Pub that the next 25kV AC Hornby models will be Heysham units - just after something simila
  11. ...and this, with crushing inevitability, is what I'm expecting (although a new body on the existing chassis). Better than not-Thomas I suppose. Also the Bagnall in the old Dock Shunter livery.
  12. Agreed - and, for the 101st anniversary, why not send the moulds for the GWR 0-4-0t on a nice holiday? Centre of the Sun, Mariana Trench...
  13. Yes, but we've presumably got a human-crewed mission to Mars to look forward to, in which case I'd be more bothered about our meeting the Mysterons...
  14. I read it that the Flying Machine drove off/knocked out the Channel Fleet; I find it interesting that John Christopher's Tripods in When The Tripods Came they resorted to hypnosis (via TV) to conquer.
  15. I thought the reference to the Russo -Japanese War (and Dogger Bank Incident?) was a neat nod to current geopolitical affairs and the inspiration of e.g. The Battle of Dorking on the novel. I'm not expecting too much of the next episode but we shall see...
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