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  1. I sold my Smart Frogs on eBay a while ago, Peco tried to help but after a few exchanges they gave up. The current ones seem different from when I bought the original produced ones. I changed to juicers as we use at the Calder Northern Group at Crewe. Never had a problem since, except for the odd loose wire as I use plug in’s
  2. Have you checked the back to back wheel measurements
  3. I agree with that comment, it as been reported many times that some Peco point work is not flat across the Frog area.
  4. I only have experience in DCC on this subject, suggest send a eMail to stockiest for advice most are very good at giving Good advise and replies.
  5. What you need is TAM VALLEY - FROG JUICERS absolutely brilliant. I got mine from Coastal DCC, There are other U.K. stockists.
  6. I got one like that, contacted Peco, they sent a replacement for free in the post. No return of the faulty item required. I did give details of the purchase from Hatton’s though.
  7. I tried some cheaper Servos bought on eBay. They seemed the exact make and code number as the Peco ones but they just did not work very well and I had to replace the four with Peco or ANE. Worth logging in to the manufacturers site for latest updated products in this range. "ANE" https://www.anemodel.com/Home-E.html Some very intresting stuff. About half of my system is ANE before Peco took it on, it was about 60% of the Peco prices at the time. One of the problems is there is still a lot of the older versions about but usually at a cheaper price. If I bought some now I would make sure it is the latest versions even if it cost more.
  8. Yes I use frog juicers, I find them essential as I have a few very small locos. I use the make Tam Valley which are available in single, double or quad versions. They are available from a number of stockists in the U.K. like Coastal. DCC. I model HO American all DCC, most with sound.
  9. I’m still using the Peco system very successfully, some items have been updated since. I control the turnouts with the Peco decoder unit. What I don’t use is the frog juicer, I had them many problems with them I got rid of the lot for (32) points. I use the Tam Valley frog juicers. Owing, they are absolutely superb, the only problem I had in about 3 years is when I accidentally pulled a wire out and with so many connections took a bit of finding.
  10. Using the NCE DCC system you can control up to 100 servos in one go (or other makes and types of switch machines). In my case I have programed up to six which work without the slightest problem. The system though is to fast, the secret is after programing the first servo from then on you have to add each servo twice to create a minute time delay or the program goes straight past to the next one without activating. For instance say 1+3+3+6+6+18+18 and so on any amount in any order. You do have to include normal or reverse direction when programing. This is ideal for a 3 way point which I have 2. you set a program for each of the directions. Also to activate a set of points you just put in say number 9 press enter and the whole series activates.
  11. Suggest look at the ANE site, anemodel.com.tw I have 28 of these working, unless they have now modified them don't touch the frog boards, they are a nighmare of wiring and problems. If you want live frogs use the Tam Valley frog juicers (brilliant). This is if you are using DCC not DC. The servos are quite big and I have still got to work out how to disguise them, other than having 28 sheds!
  12. Hi, sorry but I can't answer this as I bought some off eBay myself but got them mixed up so I don't know which were the ANC/Peco ones or the on line bought. I have 4 in unused and when I had a problem installing one I just grabbed another so it is possible that the 4 I bought off eBay are the ones left unused. I bought most of mine from the track-shack, Isle of Man I highly recommend them. Also often get good prices from Hatton's or look for good offers from listed on eBay. Always comparing total including postage.
  13. Hi, I have 7 of the Peco Smart boards with 28 servos and the 7 DCC boards added, except for the occational minor adjustments they work fine on my NCE 5 amp DCC system. The power draw as no effect I can detect on the running of the trains including power hungry large sound locos. I often run 2 at a time and occationally 3. The do not touch part of the Peco (ANE) smart system are the frog boards which are a disater zone. I use the Tam Valley frog juicers to power frogs, they are amazing. I also have a lot of building lights attatched to the system, these also don't seem to cause much of a power drain although this is not recormended and shoud have a seperate power supply. John
  14. Firstly a correction I should have said ANE not ANC. The ANE versions of the instructions are available on the ANE site and are much clearer than the Peco instructions and probably more uptodate. I don't understand the DC idea as I thought the system is meant for DCC only.
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