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  1. A very inspiring little layout idglover.
  2. Hi 08221 This is a very interesting project and I look forward to further updates of your progress. I am still unsure exactly where the platform and canopy will go. Can you enlighten me. Regards, Nigel
  3. Hi Gary Thanks for sharing your layout. It is always inspiring to be shown how a layout is developed from scratch into a convincing scene. I do have a couple of question, if you don't mind. Firstly, how do you operate the passenger and goods movements, including shunting the yard, without a fiddle yard? Secondly, do you have a detachable fiddleyard/ fiddlestick, as you haven't mentioned it so far I think? Nigel
  4. Restoration of the viaduct is for the 'Laira rail bridge pedestrian and cycle scheme'. Ownership of the bridge was transferred to PCC who are creating a cross-city route from Devonport to Plymstock, so use of the bridge is a strategic link. Further information can be found on the Railway Ramblers website (news entry in March 2014), which also includes a link to a council web page specifically about the restoration of the bridge.
  5. Hi Dan I like your layout plan very much and can understand your worries about your ability to build the originally planned sector-plate fiddle yard. I know I would feel the same way. The advantage of course is that you could access all of your scenic lines from it, which you could not from your new design. Also, your new design has points, which take up a lot of space and reduce storage capacity. If you are unsure about a traverser, then cassettes might be the simplest alternative. There is plenty of advice on here and elsewhere about how to build and use cassettes. Regards Nigel
  6. Hi Sparks I really like what you have done. Has there been any more progress? Nigel
  7. That's going to be a rapid build. Looking forward to seeing the progress in your next update. Nigel
  8. Hi Mike, good start. Have you decided on a track plan yet? How are you planning to raise the base to span the rail between the two boxes? I assume the scenic/ off-scene split is around 3ft/ 1.5ft. An APA box is about 27 inches I think. Good luck with the build. Nigel
  9. D1041

    11x1 Layout

    Hi Tony No matter how small our intended plans are to start with, we always want more. Sometimes small is best, especially if you are just starting out. It may be worth looking at micro layouts for inspiration too. Will the sizes you quoted be for the scenic area or include one (or two) fiddle yards? Doubling the area might seem like a good idea until you have to decide how to fill it. There are so many plans on the net and in mags it can be daunting. Start by deciding what kind of layout you will get most fun out of. Good luck Nigel
  10. Hi John Do you have any close ups of the trainshed. I am thinking of building part of one in a bitsa station micro layout. Some key dimensions would be useful too. Nigel
  11. I'm liking your layout very much, but I was just wondering, since the tunnel is the way out to the 'rest of the World', shouldn't the signal box face that way rather than into the yard?
  12. Hi Steve I love your little cameos. Not only are they so atmospheric, but you completely forget that this is such a small, simple layout. Brutes on the platform take my mind back to the good old days of proper trains with (blue) loco haulage. Have you firmed up your ideas of how to deal with that tricky transition from one box to the other? You've made such a great job with the perspective on the other end that you need to look twice to confirm its flat. Nigel
  13. This rekindles memories of bashing peaks and rats along the Dawlish - Teignmouth sea wall in the late 70s and early 80s. A great re-creation. The normals would never understand.
  14. Hi again Steve, Is the second box going to extend the scenic area, or is it just for the fiddle yard? Nigel
  15. Fantastic use of such a small space. The perspective view of the concourse works brilliantly, especially because of the way the canopy breaks up the view. Where did you get the images that you say you layered? Nigel
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