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  1. The UD trailers look the same type as the unbranded ones - both have Dyson plates on the end. So I think you're right. My guess is that took some publicity / training shots with an unbranded one so they could show other dairies. Will
  2. Just had another look at the wagons appendix book figure 156. If the 1935 date is correct then they must be O37? (I can't find a build date for O48 but O47 sausage Van's were 1936 so I'm assuming later than that). The wagons in that photo look the same as 2501/3 pictures but you can't see much due to the platform and churns. Unlikely to be 'foreign' vehicles in a book by Russell. If (and it isn't definite) figure 156 is 2 x O37 then you've got two that were used for United Dairies at least. Will
  3. If I remember correctly, Plassers crossing near West Ealing is like that. SN218 on the Up Greenford has it integrated, separate red/white flashing unit (DCI driver's crossing indicator) for the Down approach. Will
  4. A train driver doesn't generally have another train blocking sight of the signal - closest to eye for restrictive aspect is best. A car driver may have a bus / lorry in front - red at top is most visible above high vehicles. That's my understanding of why but other views may be available... Will
  5. Hi Karhedron, I've tried a few books for you but not much concrete info I'm afraid. Russell GW miscellany vol 2 - nothing Russell GW coaches 1903-48 - nothing Russell GW coaches appendix vol 2 Fig 535 no. W3107 text suggests Guinness usage empty to Park Royal Fig 536 later B748830 (1949) also empty to Park Royal Fig 537 top view of B748830 Russell GW wagons - nothing Russell GW wagons appendix Fig 148 CWS road trailer 6 wheel no rotank Fig 149 top view of rotank used for Guinness. Captioned as 1731
  6. Thanks Penrhos, I've now found a picture in the Russell's freight wagons and loads of one from the last lot and it is DC braked. So I think you are right and they were all built as DC braked. I was panicking as I've just finished building one from the last lot with DC, butnow think it's probably right. Thanks again Will
  7. Hi all, Just a quick lunchtime question on N27 wagons. Atkins Beard etc show this as DC brakes in the text, the diagram and the photo (wagon from the first lot). There is only one preserved that I can find (at Severn Valley Railway 83831) but this has a Morton brake. Were some of them converted later on, or were some lots built with them? Thanks Will
  8. Please continue Stationmaster, This is all really interesting and will hopefully allow many of us to do things properly on our layouts. Thanks Will P.s. ever thought of writing a book?
  9. Hi all, I've been thinking about getting some more variety with Loco Coal wagons. There is the Coopercraft and Cambrian 10 ton wagons, a Cambrian 40 ton and nothing great in between. Dapol do several wagons liveries as loco coal, but none are spot on. Shapeways do 3d prints of two types, including an N28 body to go on a Dapol underframe. But the underframes were out of stock when I last looked... You can make an N27 body by taking 2 Dapol bodies and putting the fixed end from one where the other has a door end. A bit wasteful, but it then gives me a spare underframe f
  10. Many thanks Stationmaster, That's all going to be very useful. I haven't got info on empty stock moves but plan to use the two short sidings for local services overnight, with locos going on shed. I can use your info to ensure I follow the rules. I'm thinking of adding more operational interest by adding / removing tail traffic at the station - the down siding has an end dock so I'm thinking some Damos and Loriots might get some use. Adding it to the back of an down express would be tricky as it will involve a run round and shunt via Malvern Road West. Than
  11. Thanks Paul, I forgot about your photos. Thanks for providing such a useful resource for us all. Will
  12. Hi all, I've recently bought some Chivers 4mm P23 ballast wagon kits. They come with vacuum cylinders and 4 brake shoes - is this right? I can't find any pictures of one and other ballast wagons of similar vintage seem to be 2 shoes non-vac. I assume the same arrangement would be on the earlier P17 Dean/Churchward brakes variant? Thanks Will
  13. I've got another query on absolute block - specifically Malvern Road again. I've been reading David J Smith's GWR signalling practice and hadn't picked up before about night indications of subsidiary signals. I therefore assume that (going along DM & siding) 27 would be white/green, 8 red/green. What about 10? A long train reversing at Malvern road east signal A could be past 10 so would it be r/g? Also, would it be possible to send a train from 10 towards A? Reading about blocking back outside home signal, we haven't got the space to have a clear half mi
  14. Would the distant signals 19 & 20 be on the same lever? Not saying it's wrong, just asking. Will
  15. I thought it was a rule (55 iirc). But I always wonder how fair it is to expect a fireman to know which signal lever is protecting their train and stop anyone moving it. Hopefully those with more knowledge than me can enlighten me on this. Will
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