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    model railways uk reading classic movie and comedy /drama dvds favorite decade 1970s models in general writing songs and composing them.

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  1. Also worst is when someone you dislike or dislikes you answers one of your posts. Mark
  2. If this gets released i will put the loksound micro in to the more refined dmu but until then im happy with my conversion as its fairly close. Mark.
  3. Dave, for a revised 31 'n' i think its a fair trade, for pack of 8 large tesco sausage rolls. Mark
  4. Worst - People who don't set 'Receive notification' when they post a question or request for advice/assistance and consequently don't thank respondents or re-visit their thread Doug. Ah! i thought id missed something Doug? Mark.
  5. More? ok .... wallace road. no1 side no2 side abacus shelter and footbridge inside the shelter .... im singing '' i dream of chocolate with a cadbury taste''.you would too.... it used to be freezing in the winter months waiting to get home. 24 on a goods to willesden. 37 on small goods to stratford.
  6. Im just waiting to get my sound decoders back from digitrains with the small zimo speakers also im going to order the class 24 sound on the zimo mx648f and zimo cube speaker as well, another addition to the diesel collection ,sound on my class 24. Mark.
  7. As seen on other threads canonbury on the north london line railway is my chosen real location. .
  8. Thanks all, i should be modelling instead of installing sound decoders but.... i cant help it !! Mark.
  9. Hmmmm actually a 31 'n' gauge skinhead would be nice and i could fit it with the early class 30 sound? No bovver boots though! Mark.
  10. good points of rmweb some great modellers and topics on here. worst Asking for advice ! Mark.
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=t1izaN35ul4 Mark.
  12. Also sound wise 'n' gauge is getting easier to fit sound chips ....Dapol /farish which is about time i say. Mark.
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