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  1. Here's a couple of short videos of The Brickworks - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=er_w4Ly-NLM & https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dcqoJGJGUdw&list=UUAUNNsgi3Tnyd4pTa4RL7oA
  2. My 0-14 layout The Brickworks appeared on the old RMweb site and can also be found on NGRM if you look hard enough, but all the info and many photos can be found on my blog https://www.freewebs.com/arthurbudd/thebrickworks.htm The photos that accompanied the article in the Modeller in 1998 can also be found in the Gallery section. It's about 3 years since I updated this blog, I really must get round to posting some more recent stuff. Arthur
  3. The Albion Inn was the station hotel. The station site is buried under a new road alignment and housing estate. Part of the original road alignment leads off the new road and into the pub car park and the old road bridge still stands and can be seen behind the pub from the new road.
  4. You guys certainly know how to push our buttons! Having got me hooked with the delightful HUOs, you are now reeling me in with these (not so little) beauties. At first I thought they would be amongst the last wagons I might need for my tiny P4 shunting plank but, as luck would have it, I've just noticed a previously undiscovered Blue Circle depot just a few miles up the line from the exchange sidings, so it looks like an order will be on its way. Please keep up the very good work and many thanks in advance. Arthur
  5. Early DPD delivery this morning, very impressed with the sturdy packaging but even more impressed with the very fine detail of these models - quite stunning. A job of just a few minutes to pop the wheels out and replace with some 51L P4 wheels. Maybe not quite so free rolling with these fitted but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Just need to fit some DG couplings and then apply some weathering and rust. Looking forward to more models of this standard from Accurascale.
  6. Sorry, came to this thread late via the Scalefour forum and obviously got wrong end of stick! Anyhow, put me down for a Peckett chassis kit when you get it to market please. Arthur
  7. Re possible Peckett chassis. Having just pre ordered a Peckett for delivery next year, I would definitely be interested in a replacement chassis kit please Chris. Arthur
  8. Dacron is used for some bow strings. This might be useful - http://www.quicksarchery.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&path=538_539_543&product_id=877 Arthur
  9. Just finished the brake gear on a High Level 57xx chassis. Beautifully designed and etched as you would expect from High Level but My God, it was fiddly! I need much smaller fingers.

    1. 3 link

      3 link

      Forget the smaller fingers, move up to 7mm......

    2. Arthur Budd

      Arthur Budd

      Doing that in 7mm Narrow Gauge. There's just more smaller details to add and they're just as fiddly.

    3. davefrk


      You should have heard me when I was test building it for HL, a few small mods were made to make it easier for you.

  10. I have about 40 binders of various railway modelling magazines I need to dispose of FREE to a good home. They are mainly Railway Modellers with some Constructors, Model Railway News, Model Railways etc. and date from the 60s through to the early years of this century. The binders are the type that WH Smith use to sell when it sold useful stuff rather than the tat it seems to major in now. Some have the steel rod retaining system and some the plastic retainers. They have been stored in a clean, dry cupboard in a non smoking household so they are in good condition. If it wasn't for the fact that
  11. If you can find a copy issue 24 of Model Railway Journal, from way back in 1988, has an article by Patrick Reardon about his build and the improvements he made to the Slaters Dean 4 wheel coach kits. It's a long time ago that I built my two examples but I seem to recall this article was very helpful. Regards Arthur
  12. Hi David Good to hear from you. I'm still working (very slowly) on both my 7mm NG layout Wigmore and the P4 layout Wigmore Road Sidings but I'm afraid most of my spare time is now taken up with archery and chairing my club, the Bracken Company of Archers. I discovered archery back in 2011 just after I finished a course of radiotherapy for prostate cancer. I needed something to lift me both mentally and physically and although modelling played it's part, it wasn't enough. I took a beginners archery course and was immediately hooked on the sport. One thing led to another and now I'm not only C
  13. I did go there when we were in Aus. 5 years ago and had a cab ride on 6A so it made it impossible to resist! Arthur
  14. Sorry for the delay in replying, it took a while to find the loco at the back of the cupboard again. As you can see from the photo the pick ups are simple top wipers soldered to a small PCB pad glued to the valve gear supports. There is a small cut out in the top of the frames to allow the wire to pass through without fouling the body. With the body in place they are virtually invisible. Hope this helps. Arthur
  15. Sorry, I've only just picked this up; been very busy of late organising my archery club' s recent competition. I'll have a look at my model this evening and let you know. Arthur
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