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  1. robgregson1

    Hornby P2

    I contacted Hornby today about the fault on my loco. I was told by a young lady that the issue was due to the fact I am using a Bachmann EZ command controller. She told me I would have to send my loco (a Hornby product) to Bachman forthcoming to alter the cv's. This totally gobsmacked me. She told me that my controller was not compatible with the tts sound system but she didn't understand when I told her I have a tts sound A4 that works perfectly on the controller. I told her I was not happy and I am now sending the loco back to Hornby for a full refund. I think I will be buying a Bachmann sound class 40 instead.
  2. robgregson1

    Hornby P2

    I understand it is needed to alter volume, acceleration and deceleration speeds etc to suit the individual users but you would expectations default sounds to work properly straight out of the box.
  3. robgregson1

    Hornby P2

    This is all very well. Thank you for your advice. I am new to dcc sound. I have been modelling dcc in n gauge for a number of years. I currently use a Bachmann EZ digital controller. I have no ability to change cv's. Buying a brand new loco for £150, you don't expect to have to start modifying things before you use them.
  4. robgregson1

    Hornby P2

    I have just received a tts fitted p2 direct from Hornby. The service was fantastic. Unfortunately when the logo is put into reverse, the sound of the brakes releasing happens but then there is just the sound of the loco idling as it moves off. Also when you play some of the sounds it automatically plays a whistle afterwards.
  5. After spending my childhood with 00 roundy trainset layouts with very poor quality Lima and Hornby models I have modelled in n gauge for the past few years. I was mesmerised with the sound quality and realism that is now available. I recently had a play with a couple of sound fitted 00 locos and the day after was my 40th birthday so with money I was given I purchased a Hornby A4 "Gadwall" with tts sound. Now I have to start a layout to run it on. I am limited with space so it is going to be on a board of 6' x 3'. I want a four road engine shed with peco inspection pits in the back left corner. I want a turntable in the centre of the board and some stabling sidings and fuel/coal/water points. The plan is something on the idea of BarrowHill where they have a mixture of stock on site. This will allow me to have the full range of Hornby tts locos (steam, class 40, class 47 and network rail 97). The name Wheale Valley comes from a play on words of Barrow Hill.
  6. I have been modelling n gauge digital for a few years now and I now want to dabble in oo gauge sound. Am I able to control one of the new Hornby tts locos with this controller. I know I can only operate 9/10 functions with the controller.
  7. I wonder if there will be lights on the dbso.
  8. Thanks for the comments Dave. I spent a week in Plockton last June and we have just booked to go back in October this year. Such a wonderful place.
  9. I have now completed the building of the cottages, shop/pub and church. The layout is starting to look very busy. I have topped up the loch with a bottle of Dapol modelling water. It is now a bit more flat (the ripples looked good but were a bit to much). I have also purchased a farish class 20. Excellent model. Not sure how often they got to Kyle but I had to have one. My fleet of blue locos and blue and grey stock is growing slowly. I have set the date of the layout to circa 1989. My next purchase is to be some suitable street lights, some grain of wheat builbs to light up the buildings and some frieght wagons.
  10. I got my br blue class 20 this morning. (only ordered saturday afternoon). I have to say that it is an excellent model. I used to have an old poole one and this is a massive step forward. After reading the posts above, i am glad i didn't get the disc version. Removing the four screws to get the body off is bad enough. Running on dcc now. The only thing is that the red lights are seriously bright.
  11. Thanks for the info. Unfortunately peters spares bogie are not the same item. I contacted bachman direct and got a reply this morning. They can supply them at eight pound a pair plus two pound postage.
  12. does Anyone know where I can get hold of a spare bogie frame for the latest version of the class 37. the plastic has broken around one of the lug holes on mine and the bogie won't stay in place now. Be lines have them for the previous version but not for this one.
  13. It has been a while since i have done any modelling. Over the past week I have cleared what is the residential part of the layout and repainted it a base of black. I then got the metcalfe village shop and cafe and a pack of railway workers cottages. The cafe will become a pub when i get round to getting some signs for it. the cottegs have been made and positioned. The remaining open area is for a church to be positioned. Next step is some street lights and some signals. The water level needs to be raised up a little as well.
  14. robgregson1

    Class 26

    I will try and do a video after work tonight. The amount of movement is amazing. In terms of scale movement the bogies must both move about four foot. I
  15. robgregson1

    Class 26

    i was wondering if anyone else has a class 26 with travelling bogies. i have a br blue example and when i change direction of travel on it, the bogie which is then at the leading end of the loco moves forward in its housing by about 3-4 mm. when the loco is off the track, both of the bogies can be moved backwards and forwards by a considerable amount.
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