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  1. I had a few visit the room in the summer, but I didn't realise that one had taken up residence!
  2. I seem to have acquired an assistant: I'm not sure where he's come from, bearing in mind it's cold outside and all the doors and windows are closed.
  3. A vast improvement on the original. I bet you could make contact with the International Space Station using that Peco 'chimney'.
  4. Further progress with brickwork, at the rear: At the Didcot end (Gentlemen's Lavatory entrance):
  5. Isn't it arriving from Barmouth Chris? It looks to me that part of the town is visible in the distance, on the left, beyond the estuary. The train appears to be crossing over the junction for the Dolgelley line, so heading towards Machynlleth. I think the photographer is standing next to the signal box - is that its shadow next to him? - and with all the point rodding leading away.
  6. I think I would have it as a two road shed. It would help to avoid making the area look too cramped and Bradenham, as a sub-shed, would have been unlikely to have its own repair facility. I agree with Chris that the water tank/crane should be at the front. I'm sure that you have seen the elevation drawings for Aylesbury on this page: http://www.rdmrc.org.uk/Aylesbury Town 2 Pages/ATES/ATESC.htm
  7. There are two separate official drawings for the girders, at Cholsey, shewing this, and a variety of different types of girder depending on the different widths and shapes of each building. Those for the island platform are double ended, supporting the canopy on both sides.
  8. To summarise my recent activity; I have fixed the inner wall to the end of the subway (bottom centre): Together with the floor for here and the bottom of the steps: I am not entirely sure what the original floor was constructed from (I suspect bricks). I have painted it black, as a compromise, since it will be fairly well hidden when the building is in its position. Having done this I was ready to glue the rear wall to the rest of the building and start attaching more of the brickwork: The rectangular cut-outs at the top of the walls are for the stone blocks that support the girders, which support the platform canopy: As you can see the girders were 'carefully' removed when the full size building was vandalised modified.
  9. That would be an interesting experience for the next Polar Express!
  10. You're right - they could be twins. It's a wonder I've never seen a giraffe car or an exploding Battle-Space wagon at Cholsey.
  11. A few odds and ends on the building today: Firstly I have fitted the downstairs windows, and glazed them, from inside: Inside the doorway, entrance to the platform, has been bricked up with the lintel fixed in place: The 'stones' marking the bottom corners of the doorways are in place: One good thing, after yesterday's Hornby announcement, I won't be diverting any money from the Peco bullhead switches and crossings fund!
  12. The first few items, for this building, from the Silhouette: Brick arch for the archway and window lintels: Two part window frames glued together:
  13. Railway Modeller recommend fixing their free backscenes to thin plywood or MDF using wallpaper paste.
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