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  1. Am I right in thinking that where a train was routed over a running junction, and there was just a single semaphore distant, this would remain at caution? I am looking at one of the main to relief connections between Reading and Didcot which, I believe, had a 20mph limit. Is this a movement where the train would have to be brought to a halt at each stop signal before being allowed to proceed over the junction?
  2. I hope all is well for your good lady tomorrow.
  3. This afternoon I have been going round the bend with the Down Relief line: A set of DCC Concepts clad sleepers, ready for action, at the baseboard joint.
  4. Last week we were out for an atmospheric and enjoyable afternoon tea: At Carriages of Cambridge: https://www.carriagesofcambridge.co.uk/ Where you can dine in one of three converted BR mark I coaches: A mock up station has been created at a non-railway site although there is one genuine railway building: An unusual colour scheme for a GWR type 27 signal box, somewhat redolent of the Yeovil - Weymouth line after BR transferred it to the Southern Region. I enquired, and was told, it had come from Weston-Super-Mare, although the
  5. Three odd pieces of offcuts cobbled together: With Flat bottom rail joiners: And loosely fitted to fill the gap:
  6. A quick explanation of the, eventual, pointwork in this area: Firstly, a right hand point: To provide a trailing connection from the Up Relief to the branch line (the first part of which can just be seen intruding into the bottom of the photo. Next the trailing crossover between the Up and Down Relief lines: Finally, adjacent to the crossover, a right hand point providing trailing access from the Up Relief to the Refuge/branch exchange sidings:
  7. I only managed to lay two pieces of track last week, for the Up Relief line, with a gap between them: The gap is where some more pointwork will eventually go: The first, a fairly short piece, attached to the rest of the Up Relief, at the Didcot end of the station platform: You might notice the gap in the sleepers above the template. The last three sleepers are not glued down. At the other end of the baseboard is a complete yard, but again with a gap, and about 7" worth of sleepers not glued down: These two track sections wi
  8. I don't know, but it's not there on a 1966 map on the 'Old Maps' website - that has a large car park there. Older maps have, what appears to be, a couple of rows of terraced housing.
  9. While I'm at it, this was the goods shed at Bourne End. Same line as Thame, but I don't know how similar they were:
  10. A few more of the goods shed:
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