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  1. If you mean Hallen Marsh Junction signal box at 14m 41ch, it was closed on 22.01.1988 Andy
  2. Not much known about the wagon works by me. I thought it was a post war use of the ROF facilities, but Peter Coster in Book of the Great Northern suggests that it existed pre-1939. It appears to have closed in late 1958 - do the withdrawal/transfer dates of the locos back that up? A bit about it, though mostly about the ROF is here http://www.lner.info/forums/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=6352 Andy
  3. Ranskill box GN Type 1a/Arksey Opened 20.12.1875 Extended at non-staircase end, probably when new frame fitted in 1898 An Illustrated History of Great Northern Railway Signalling Michael A Vanns 0 86093 545 0 Andy
  4. Kings Cross in P4 by Bob How, in MRJ a while back. And there is a Grantham in P4 under way somewhere Andy
  5. No problem, Ron, I'll be pleased to see them again! Andy
  6. During yesterdays Didcot visit, enquiries were made about the remaining operating days on the Ruschbahn in 2013. They are: Saturday 10 August Thursday 22 August Saturday 7 September Thursday 19 September Nominal times are 1700 - 2000 on Thursdays and 1400 - 1900 on Saturdays, with fish and chips (and beer) to follow. Transport can normally be arranged to and from St Neots station. Anyone interested in coming, drop me a PM Andy
  7. Thanks to you all for an interesting afternoon Andy Rush & John Dunford
  8. Yes, yes and yes, Mike! Also having to plan to circumvent the bus FCC are threatening me with from Stevenage to Kings Cross (they must think I came up the Clyde on a bike, bus indeed...!) Distrustful of St Neots
  9. Is the 1127 arrival at Didcot OK for this shindig, please? Andy
  10. I've tried to tempt Gilbert with some Parkeston Quay West to the north east BAOR leave trains and return with various exotic engines requiring changing at PN. It would give him a proper excuse to have a Colchester B17 on show. Nice to see your stuff populating Grantham, by the way (even if you did perpetuate loaded coal wagons heading north.... ). It looks like it is already a seriously interesting train set to play with! Andy
  11. Re 4th day at Durham - I'll see you there then! Andy
  12. Gilbert If your distance between support legs allows, could you get your willing chippy (!) to make you up a 4ft 3in wide (approx) chest of drawers on wheels to allow you to store the cassettes lengthways under the north end of PN. My drawers (if you will forgive the expression ) are set at 3 inch pitch and I can get 4 cassettes in each drawer. Your cassettes are taller, and I think, narrower than mine, but you have top 'handles' which means you don't need 'finger room' between them like I do. So, say your drawers are at 4 inch pitch and you can get 5 cassettes in each, and there is 3 fe
  13. Several people and a fowl on this thread need a cold shower...! It is going to be interesting seeing the goods cassettes filled with a convincing mix of rolling stock appropriate for the trains depicted Andy
  14. I hope some of them don't have solid ends! I was worried about his piggy bank if his goods train cassettes could only be used in one direction.... Andy
  15. The link you supply seems to show a sleepered crossing (for wheeled traffic) in front of the loco, to my eyes the other sidings visible have the ground made up to sleeper level. Just to prove that this didn't only apply to major marshalling yards, here is a view behind the up platform at Woodbridge (courtesy of the Mike Brooks collection, as were the previous two). The chickens are optional...... Andy
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