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  1. Will you be looking at doing the same for the Rapido Bits lines as well? Some of these smaller items could sell quite well especially the ditch lights and beacons. Al
  2. Feb 15th 2019. 68033 and 88002 took one KUA and a pair of support coaches in to Bicester MOD for storage.
  3. With obvious reasons we have decided to postpone this event. We will be looking at doing an open meeting in the future once this has all gone. Alistair
  4. Chase rapido up as they have found a few in their warehouse and are bringing them over for Warley. You may get lucky, may not be the number you want but does mean you can play with it
  5. I was pestering them for a while and provided them with some detail pictures, but nothing seems to have happened with them. my 2 68s are lonely too
  6. Steve posted on the LLC Facebook page in Feb to say that the Ruston was 8-12 weeks away. But did also say he had been ill since Christmas. Might be worth trying to contact through there.
  7. a couple of sets gave gone through Banbury when Bristol Parkway was being updated last year. unfortunately it was a ROG 47 hauled move not 68. The Scotrail Sleeper has also gone through when the knitting came down on the WCML and it was stuck at crewe. They stuck a 67 on the front and dragged the whole lot to London via the chilterns.
  8. One thing to remember is the West Coast Mainline is shut between Coventry and Birmingham all of the bank holiday weekend. Just to add more issues in to the mix, both Aston Villa and Coventry are playing at Wembley Stadium on Saturday and Monday respectively so remaining services (Chiltern Railways) will be very, very busy on those 2 days. Hope you have a cracking trip. Alistair
  9. They aren’t bringing the 60 anymore as it’s needed somewhere else. They are now sending a 56 in its place which works out well as the 56 that was going has pulled out.
  10. They aren’t bringing the 60 anymore as it’s needed somewhere else. They are now sending a 56 in its place which works out well as the 56 that was going has pulled out.
  11. Thats the scratch built model on kings park
  12. It’s Mike clearing up the web siteorder system. Some people have got 4 order numbers for the pendo (deposit, payment, lights, sound upgrade). I have had 4 (patriot, TEA, pendo Deposit x2) in the past few days.
  13. I think that this is a very vaild point and Revolution said the same with the 321. The more options that we are given, then the more the money is spread around. Hence why Farish will do 3 models in different liveries and we just have to accept it. There are 6 different sets available, with the differing of number of coaches and with or without black window surrounds. Possibly too many options were given too us. We are well known for being indecisive look how many different scales, Eras and Countries we model. Im glad the 14 was available to us though. Al
  14. We don’t actually know the amount of models of each type sold. In N it could be 75% of the pledged is for 14car trains, where as it may only be 15% for the full length unit and the shorter 7/9/10 car units amount for most of those sales. Al
  15. You just have to look at the RevolutioN threads for the IZA (cargowaggon), HOA (stone hopper) and TEA tanks. Every few comments, you get someone asking for them to be released in 00 gauge. They have managed to get the TEA through into production and got to the minimum quite quickly showing the buying power of the 00 modellers. It’s unfortunate that the APT-P hasn’t quite got there yet, I’m hoping that it will, as I really want my 14 coach unit! Hopefully there is a long enough period for the N gauge orders to be collated. Al
  16. form an update on N Gauge Forum http://www.ngaugeforum.co.uk/SMFN/index.php?topic=23000.2085 They are currently bobbing around somewhere between China and Felixstowe. Not due to dock for a week or 2. Al
  17. of for very easy use, you can just buy this.....http://www.kernowmodelrailcentre.com/p/49568/86613-Tillig-HO-Styrostone-curve-super-elevation-sheet-950mm which gives the correct angle for the cant and is £2 for nearly 1m. they are expecting it back in soon or you can try other places. Alistair
  18. I would assume that as Rapido have fitted speakers in all of the Pendo’s that the same method would be used on the 92’s, as it only costs pennies for a job lot of speakers. So even if the body swap isn’t possible due to any detail differences, it would be a relitively simple job of swapping the decoders over. Alistair
  19. The one that the Modeller took to review was being used all weekend by me on Kinlet Wharf at Warley. That has a test fit box with Grey scale colourings and a prototype foam tray that wasn’t the finished article. Although there may not be many more models to sell, in order to generate some hype and good feeling that people’s hard earned money has been put to good use. There are also some people that may not use forums so this is one of the best ways to get the news out that they are nearly here. Give them a break, it’s not going to be too much longer before we get our grubby little mits on them!
  20. John if you have a look at my pictures on kinlet wharf the pantograph is somewhere between half and 3/4 height and it looks good sitting just below the wires. If you disconnect the spring on the Farish pantograph it drops them down to a much better height. Alistair
  21. The pantograph is a pose able version like the Dapol ones. It doesn’t have a spring like the Farish pantograph so can be se at any height you want Alistair
  22. I know that we have had the layout in the modeller a couple of times and we do have the pictures especially from the latter shoot a year or 2 ago. One of the Modeller chaps also took a load more photos of the Pendo on the layout at Warley for a future article that they are doing. I might start a thread on here and see if people can add any photos they have to it and I will add all of the Photos I have. On a positive spin, I have had a couple of enquiries about the layout at Warley. So it may be not be retired just yet! Alistair
  23. Kinlet Wharf is still operated by the Wyre Forest MRC. We were planning to retire the layout at the end of the Warlay show as this was when we decided this the club was going to have our new layout ready to go. However this hasn’t happened so we are talking about keeping it out on the circuit until the new one is available. Personally I don’t want to retire it yet as I have 2 Pendolinos and a couple of 321’s coming and I want to play with them! Alistair
  24. As the very happy recipient of a production pendolino to test run for the weekend on Kinlet Wharf, I thought I would do a bit of a review for it. First up the box. Utilising the colours as the previously released TEA tank packaging, it looks very impressive. The 5 car set will be in 1 ‘book set’ pack that I quite similar to those that Kato use, whilst the 9 and 11 will be spread across 2 books, the first book will contain the same 5 cars in as the smaller set with the second box holding either 4 or 6 coaches depending on which version you ordered. This is a pre production box the colours will be the same as each other on the final products. The couplings are a very clever design. You do have to push the cars together quite firmly to couple them up, but this gives you the feeling that they won’t come apart easily, which after 2 days of exhibition running we didn’t have the set split once. I did feel a little apprehensive when trying to couple these up, but I think this was also down to the fact that it wasn’t mine and I didn’t want to cause any damage to the model. With a bit of practice, and from watching Gareth from Rapido doing it with relative ease, I think it will become easier over time. This model has overtaken my CJM 92, as best running model on the layout. It ran faultlessly across our 23 year old track work along with home made point work. Which is much better than some models can achieve even after some adjustments. The power that the 2 driving cars give is very well balanced. I had a go at a bit of a test, I spit the set in half and set them apart using the industry standard of an SPA wagon and turned the power on to 1/4 and ran down approximately 12 foot of the fiddle yard. At the end I put the SPA wagon back in between then and whilst slightly further apart no more than about 4-6mm. It runs very smoothly, and the slow speed control is great. It accelerates cleanly without any sign of a struggle which can’t be said can be said for other models. With plenty of laps completed and many people commenting on how good it looked. I will advise everybody who has got one of these in order, please hold off on making any judgements based on looking at some pictures or videos. Wait until you have it in your hands and on your layout you won’t be disappointed! All in all, I am really looking forward to getting hold of my 2 Pendolinos, the only bad news was that I had to give it up. A huge congratulations to Ben and Mike for pushing this model from the Kickstarter campaign back in November 2014 through to the models about to leave the factory, and to the team at Rapido, Jason, Gareth and everyone else involved in producing this wonderful model.
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