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  1. Latest one to join my small fleet of these beautiful locomotives ..... 34006 Bude built from a Westward kit, with Markits and RT models detailing parts .... Next hope to model 34004 Yeovil in similar condition, with high Raved Tender . Help appreciated on sourcing a Westward kit .... Cheers, Ian
  2. Would like to add a couple of photographs of the completed 34006 'Bude', a Westward kit with additional Markits & RT Models detailing components ... Next one will be 34004 'Yeovil' again with extended Smoke deflectors and high raved tender ! (Just next to source a Westward kit, any help appreciated) Thanks for all your help, With thanks, Ian
  3. The promised 4mm scale kit (an aid to scratch building) by Warren Shephard has arrived and very nice it looks .... Now the hard work begins ..... Cheers, Ian
  4. Talking of Royal Scots, the latest addition to my collection ...
  5. 34006 Bude completed, will post photo in the near future, now require Yeovil, so Westward SR/BR West Country kit still urgently required ................. please !
  6. Is there a year to that photo by any chance ? What Livery ? Cheers, Ian
  7. Actually looking at a couple of photos on the web ... I am not sure about disc wheels for the tender ?? Can anyone confirm for this engine, 61658 Cheers, Ian
  8. To All, Thank you very much for the info, the one I intend to build is 'Essex Regiment', so disc tender wheels it is ! Thanks again. Ian
  9. LNER/BR B17 Class - Wheels info I am trying to discover the wheels dimensions etc for the LNER/BR B17 Class .... Need to know size, number of spokes etc etc for both Loco and Tender ? I think the Driving wheel size is 6' 8", with 20 spokes - Is this correct ? Leading wheel size is 3' 2" ?? How many spokes ? Tender wheel size is ............ ?? Lastly, which Manufacturer makes the equivalent 4mm scale wheels ? Many than
  10. Hi Tony, Yes changed the tender as required, am now having 60010 built with the 1928 corridor tender ... It is so easy to make a mistake, but the devil is always in the detail ... such as a Schools with 8-Wheeled tender ... 30912 Downside.
  11. Hello to all, Apologies if I have missed something in the recent posts concerning the A4, Was wondering why nobody mentioned the Martin Finney / Brassmasters kit for the A4 ? With thanks,
  12. Spanner in the works, Original Royal Scot .... and rebuilt Scot ....
  13. Thanks Tony, I think the Irwell Press series 'The book of the xx' are wonderful reference books, I was worried I had missed one ! Cheers, Ian
  14. Tony, You mentioned 'The Book of the B1s', is this a new Irwell Press release ? Thanks, Ian
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