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  1. Surely there is another Westward West Country kit out there somewhere ?? Please reply ......
  2. Having read through this very interesting thread, I hope no one objects to these photos of D9 .....,
  3. I met Dave a few times, picking up locos that he had built for me, which are still treasured. Lovely man. Condolences to his family and friends. R.I.P. Dave
  4. Hope people will take the time to reply, simple question really ... How far South were the Clayton Class 17's seen ? Would like to know of any information of Class 17's working South, not really including the Clayton that was taken into Derby research Centre . Would just like any information on 'normal' BR Class 17's working South, sightings even if as light engines to works ? Many thanks, Ian
  5. This news is very good to hear. I was thinking about Steffan and Maindee East only the other day, I unfortunately also had no success in trying to recover the beautiful items I lost, 2 kit built County Class and a Ash Steam crane. Most upsetting and annoying .... Good luck ...
  6. I think we are all in the same position, ....
  7. Hello, I was hoping someone may be able to provide the following information .... What size and manufacturer's were the Turntables at the following three Southern region depots (in the era 1950-1965) , 70A - Nine Elms .... 71A - Eastleigh .... 72B - Salisbury .... Many thanks, Ian Bradford
  8. Thanks to the excellent response and help to a previous topic, ' ABS V4 Kit instructions', I was wondering if I could request more help. I am hoping to model 34004 Yeovil, 34005 Barnstaple and 34006 Bude. I have been successful with Bude and Barnstaple, but require another Westward W/C Original kit ? Anyone got one, two or more stashed away that they may be willing to part with ? Cheers, Ian
  9. Thanks to 'Merlin', I now have a set of instructions for the V4. Cheers, Ian
  10. To think, brand new out of the box a few weeks ago !! D842 Royal Oak .....
  11. As was I, waiting patiently for the 70' turntable ....
  12. Many thanks, let me know wen it arrives ... Thanks, Ian
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