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  1. Thanks for all the help so far, I am glad I am not the only person who found this complicated. All the information is excellent, thank you. More wanted. Cheers.
  2. Hi, I realise that this information may have been asked for in other topics, but I am getting totally confused whilst attempting research on the following subject .... What I am hoping to find ... Accurate (with dates) Pullman car formation for the following two trains . (Any date of running between 1959 and 1965) * Bournemouth Belle * Tees Tyne Pullman If successful with the above question, the second part is are the 'Pullman' cars identified above, available (currently or previously) from Hornby, etc Obviously, I am happy to re-number and rename any vehicles Thus if successful I will know exact formations and what Pullman cars are available etc to create these two trains. I would really appreciate all help and accurate information. Many thanks, Ian
  3. A photo of a DJH kit built Britannia, unfortunately not built by myself .....
  4. Thanks for all the replies, I still have one question .... In the 60s, were there Carflats being used with both types /lengths of chassis, the LMS 60ft and the BR Mk1 57ft ? Or have I just got even more confused ? Phil Bullock, it does seem as if i would be interested in these transfers, if and when available ? Is the CCT ? Many thanks, Ian,
  5. Thanks for that, and sorry to have these basic questions, but just trying to understand. Could Cartics and a type of Carflats run together in the 70s & 80s. as I have seen a couple of photos which indicate this ? Were these a different type of carflat wagon ? Many thanks, Ian
  6. Hello, I am looking for help, direction and advice concerning models / kits for Carflats running in the 1960s. I am hoping to model a train (4mm) of a mixture of Cartic 4s and Carflats. I have the kits for the Cartic 4s from Intercity models. I need information concerning the correct Carflats for this period of time, I believe they were FVV / FVX wagons ? Questions, are there any kits (metal or plastic) available for this kind of wagon ? Are RTR models available, if so do they need any modification to be accurate, I think I have read that Oxford models may do a model ? but also the bogies may need to be modified or changed ?? All information will be gratefully received. Many thanks, Ian
  7. I have a couple of questions, that I would like answered or my thoughts confirmed regarding details for 34005 Barnstaple in original form .... I am wanting to finish 34005 as running in circa 1956 ... Questions I have, What colour background to the Nameplate ? Tender details .... 4500 gallon in original condition, ie high sided ? Extended Smoke deflectors ? Livery, BR Green with Early Emblem ? Many thanks, Ian
  8. Hi, Perhaps I can confirm or confuse a few of the above statements etc.... Steffan definitely did produce a few of his 35T Crane kits as ready to run models. I am lucky to own 2 of these, both built to OO gauge. The price of these when purchased, approx 5-6 years ago was a couple of hundred less that the £1,000 mentioned. They are beautifully finished and weathered models. One of the above maybe for sale at a price. Steffan also built the ash crane and wagon, unfortunately I bought one of these, but it was back with Steffan for a small repair. I have so far been unable to collect this item, along with a couple of GWR County 4-6-0's he had built for me, I am starting to feel I may have to put this loss down to experience and a sad set of circumstances. I was lucky enough to see Maindee East a few years ago at the Southampton model railway show, I remember talking to Steffan and him saying it was one of the few shows he could attend and use all the smoke effects without causing Fire alarms to go off. It was an amazing model, he was a very talented and lovely man. Ian Bradford
  9. And the GWR/BR 47xx were not bad either in my opinion ....
  10. Another kit built 'Schools', this time a PDK Models example. 30927 Clifton, awaiting coaling etc ... Not the best of photos, to show off the excellent dimensions of these powerful engines. With thanks, Ian
  11. Cheque is in the post ! Many thanks
  12. Tony, I would like to see a list of what is available, Many thanks, Ian
  13. Desperate for the SR/BR West Country original class kit to model Bude ? Please ......
  14. Thank you, most helpful, also I had not seen that photograph ... Best get started on the 4mm version of Hercules .. Cheers, Ian
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