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  1. Quick question regarding the FELL diesel, did the loco carry any works plates ? And if YES, where were they located ? Cheers, Ian
  2. Brilliant news about the progress of the SR 0-6-0 DE ..... Happy Christmas
  3. Hope this is allowed, another Bulleid diesel, with a professional weathering application .... I am certainly pleased with the outcome.... Cheers, Ian
  4. Excuse my ignorance, how do I download a 'phoenix' catalogue ?? Cheers, Ian
  5. Thanks, Were the plates, just the normal oval Crewe or Swindon Works plates ??
  6. Hi, Just a question if I may, I do not think it has already been asked ? Did the Westerns have Workplates, if so where were they positioned ?? Many thanks ...
  7. As the Z-Class has returned to it's home shed, I would just like to say what a beautiful model it is. My thanks to Dave for making such a wonderful job of the DMR Kit, box of bits I sent to him a few months back. Stunning, thank you very much. Ian
  8. Apologies for wide scope of this post, but I am hoping to find the answers to some questions regarding 4mm Kits for SR EMU's and BR DMU's Breaking it down ...... * Are there any Kit Manufacturers who produce kits for SR EMU's of the 1950's an 1960's ?? * I believe 'Phoenix kits' used to produce quite a range, are these still available, if yes, details appreciated. * Are there any kits available for the BR DMU Class 123 or 124 ? Many thanks, Ian
  9. Any news on any of the following 4mm kits ... LSWR/SR/BR C14 0-4-0T ED1 - ED6 Fowler Diesels 15201 - 15203 SR 0-6-0 DE Cheers, Ian
  10. Hopefully nobody will object, I have added a couple of photos of D602 'Bulldog' which has been professionally weathered. Comments welcome ..... Brilliant model to start with, in my opinion even better now. Cheers, Ian
  11. Latest one to join my small fleet of these beautiful locomotives ..... 34006 Bude built from a Westward kit, with Markits and RT models detailing parts .... Next hope to model 34004 Yeovil in similar condition, with high Raved Tender . Help appreciated on sourcing a Westward kit .... Cheers, Ian
  12. Would like to add a couple of photographs of the completed 34006 'Bude', a Westward kit with additional Markits & RT Models detailing components ... Next one will be 34004 'Yeovil' again with extended Smoke deflectors and high raved tender ! (Just need to source a Westward kit, any help appreciated) Thanks for all your help, With thanks, Ian
  13. The promised 4mm scale kit (an aid to scratch building) by Warren Shephard has arrived and very nice it looks .... Now the hard work begins ..... Cheers, Ian
  14. Talking of Royal Scots, the latest addition to my collection ...
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