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  1. Well I need to be honest, this was not built by me, but by a 'professional' builder ... sometimes you just have to admit, I do not have the necessary skills ! I am very proud to have this model, as after an amount of weathering, to me it looks the 'real thing', which was so unusual .... Thanks for the compliments ... Ian
  2. Hi, thought you might be interested in the attached photo, any comments welcomed .....
  3. Yes I have ....... Reading his thread, I really do not understand why there are so many negative comments ....
  4. As at present a few Princess photos are being aired , thought I would put up two of mine .....
  5. With respect to the cost of having a kit turned into a very realistic model of the real thing, I feel I am a very lucky man. I have attached a photo of a Martin Finney A4 and a Westward West Country locos in 4mm, that a builder, who i now classify as a friend has built for me. The photo depicts the two just before they were finally finished, coaling etc .... If I said the two together cost me less than £600 to have built, painted weathered, would you also call me lucky ?? PS. Please do not ask for the friends name, as I have a few more to be built !!
  6. Thanks to you both for the information .... I have actually ordered a set of Worksplates from Narrow Planet, in my opinion very reasonable considering you have the opportunity for the exact/correct details. Just still need to know the dates that the Nameplates had Black Background and Red background ? Many thanks, Ian
  7. Britannia Class loco's, basically the question is, were there any works plates fitted to the Britannia class locos and tenders ? If yes, where were they situated ? I am having a kit built in 4mm to recreate 70018 Flying Dutchman, whilst running on the Western region ... I have sourced the correct Smoke Deflectors and Etched nameplates and shed plates, so are there any other plates required, infact is anything else required ? Also dates 70018 ran with red nameplates would be useful. Many thanks, Ian
  8. Added this to an excellent topic, the Spam Can with no smoke deflectors ....
  9. Going off topic slightly. Did any of the engines built with the short Deflectors, (34001 - 34057), I believe, keep their short Deflectors and run in BR days (and livery) ??
  10. Brilliant thread, but I still have a question..... Which of the 'Originals' ran with Short Smoke Deflectors, did any of these carry the short smoke deflectors with BR Livery ? Many thanks For information I believe two Manufacturers will shortly be offering the Extended Smoke deflectors that Bude ran with ...
  11. Thank you, I think that will be fifty pence well spent. Ian
  12. Obscure question, but I am sure somebody will be able to answer, hopefully..... What were the dimensions of the 'Extended Smoke Deflectors' carried by West Country 34006 Bude, throughout her life ? Many thanks, Ian
  13. I am looking for information concerning the Fell Diesel. Which Liveries did this loco carry ? What was the date of any Livery changes ? Dates of Emblem changes etc ? What date was the Fell locomotive changed from the driving wheels being all coupled into two sets ? Thanks in advance, Ian
  14. Hello, after catching up on this thread I thought some people maybe interested in the following photos .... These are of the GWR 36T Crane , the kit was built by the late Steffan Lewis (RIP) of Maindee East fame. I am lucky enough to have two of these built by Steffan, as well as the correct Tools and Mess vans. Comments etc most welcome, many thanks, Ian Bradford
  15. Any excuse to add a photo of a Schools class, here is my 30927 Clifton before coaling , constructed from a PDK kit ...... I am currently having 30912 Downside built with the 8-wheeled Lord Nelson tender, something different !
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