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  1. Thank you Richard for your reply and welcoming words. Sorry for being so late to respond, but it is a very busy time of year at work. The simplified chassis sounds like a good idea. Andy
  2. Good morning all, I'm just wondering whether anybody had taken a look at the Sparkshot h0 Flying Scotsman? Is there any chassis that could work with it? Andy
  3. The new Penn Station should be a massive improvement once the reconstruction is finished. It's going to be in the old post office building across the road. Strangely I don't dislike the current one as much as most people as it reminds me of New Street late 1980s. Andy
  4. If you get the chance to visit New York, then try Myers of Keswick for marmite. Andy
  5. For what it's worth, I enjoyed a couple of glasses if armangac today. I save it for only rare occasions as it is quite hard to find these days. I forgot how much I like it. Andy.
  6. Paul Sherwin and Phil Liggett still provide their regular insights into all aspects of the tour, and this year has been very enjoyable for their knowledge of French ecclesiastical architecture. Andy
  7. Now why does that make me think about the magic roundabout?
  8. Santa brought me three bottles from Ommegang including the Three Philosophers, the Chocolate Indulgence, and the Hennepin, as well as the Two Roads Road to Ruin. Once I have finished them, I will report back once I am able. Cheers, Andy
  9. Captain Laurence is a tiny brewery located just north of NYC. It isn't widely distributed and if you find it the Freshcester Pale Ale and Liquid Gold Ales are most refreshing. Unlike many craft brews the still taste good on the second pint. Andy
  10. This is an interesting thread. I will head to our local brewery in Queens in this weekend in the interests of research. I am surprised that Captain Lawrence and Goose Island haven't been mentioned so far, as they make some excellent brews. Anybody taking a trip to Cooperstown NY should try the local beer Omegang. Andy
  11. I can recall some regional shops from that era in the West Midlands. They may still exist as far as I know: Firkins (bakery); Lasky's; William's (furniture); DFS; Radio Rentals; Bejam; Fine Fare; Londis; Maplins. I also remember a few petrol stations and shops had Green Shield Stamps signs outside or in the window. I think most high streets also had a curry house called Koh-I-Noor or an Anglo-French restaurant called "Pimpernel's" or something similar. Andy
  12. LIRR

    How's Trisonic ?

    Good evening folks, It is a bit unpleasant in the New York area. The flooding seems to be worse than expected. I have no idea about Pete's location, but I would hope that he took all necessary precautions. At least with a hurricane you do get some warning. Andy (in Queens, NYC)
  13. Hi David, I'm not even sure we can claim the breakfast either. I had assumed that the cooked breakfast was a British dish until my first visit to Ireland when I was served a traditional Irish breakfast - basically the same as you get in England, Wales, Scotland and Berwick, but with small local differences. Even my local pubs in New York call their full breakfast an Irish dish. Anyway the best cooked breakfast I had was made in a small Italian cafe in the south of Birmingham with kidneys, fresh mushrooms and not a single baked bean or tinned tomato in sight. Andy
  14. There are 26 witness testimonies in the report. They could all be lying, but at some point it should be recognized that eyewitness testimony is still valid in most legal cases. If you don't allow witness testimony then there will be a huge difficulty in making a case against people who are devious enough to avoid leaving a trail of physical evidence. The allegations against a former DJ, that recently came to light seem to lack any physical evidence to support the claims, but I believe that the authorities are now investigating the claims based on the sheer number of witnesses. Andy
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