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  1. I see they've updated the RES 47578 advert with a photo of 47578 rather than 47776! Yay... but this time of 47578 with no nameplate... I hunted around and did eventually find a photo of 47578 in RES with the name 'Respected', so I am now convinced it did actually exist in this colour scheme with the name. Tempted as I do like parcel trains
  2. Had a few double headed 58's pulling HAAs around the Foxhall curve... <two-tone horn>-(ton-ton-ton--ton-ton-ton)--(ton-ton-ton--ton-ton-ton)--(ton--ton)-(ton--ton)-(ton--ton)-(ton--ton)-(ton--ton)-(ton--ton) ...oh wait, that's a cheaper train to model - only 6 wagons from the Power Station's cripple siding! What have I started?! Anyone got my coat?
  3. Just wait until someone like Gaugemaster releases an exclusive Waterman Range linked commission from Heljan, sold by a company like Kernow, through the Bachmann EFE Rail brand as an Exclusive Limited Special Edition! ...and if Rod Stewart were to buy one or two... (All names mentioned for the purpose of demonstration of a fictitious situation. Other suppliers, commissioners, re-branders, pop singers and producers are also available / exist) It were all straight forward when I were a lad! Liking the ROG 47 from GM though - a definite choice for me!
  4. I am sure when I used to see MGR trains going to Didcot 'A' Power Station, the wagons used to be in multiples of 7. i.e. we used to see 28, 35 and 42, though I vaguely recall sets of 45 but I may be mistaken. Were they ever treated as 'blocks' of 7 (or any other number)? If so, were there a pair of 'outer' wagons around a group of 5 regular types? I fear for my poor wallet... if I were to eventually buy a rake of 45 wagons! That's going to be some outlay but to put a camera next to a model level crossing and see a blue 56 pass screaming by with ton-ton--ton-ton--
  5. If sticking to your two options, I would say late than early. I suspect this would prevent another company stopping their announcement when you make yours, only to hasten their process to release in advance of your own. Personally though, I would say best when the first major CAD iteration is done and ideally with a 3D print to display... so neither early nor late... This shows progress beyond just an intention to make, stopping short of heavy tooling costs. It allows suggestions for popular liveries and gives people a little more time to save up. That
  6. Yes - the Class 40 was a doddle! I am very cautious about having to mill, cut, solder, re-wire, etc. a costly model and wanted a really easy option, so I chatted with YouChoos (other manufacturer offerings are available) who told me how easy it would be. So, I bought one from them at Warley a year or two ago and a day or two later, removed the Class 40 body, took the blanking plug off, plugged in the decoder, put the body back on and my N-gauge Class 40 sound fleet successfully increased by one! I am sure I could manage a much more complicated arrangement but for anyon
  7. Hi big jim I placed my order yesterday and had no problems getting through and reserving one, so I expect you'll be OK but don't hang around just in case. I would imagine many people who wanted one raced out to get the Hornby version, so probably leaving a slightly lower demand for this one. That said, I think the idea of packaging it with two aircraft relating to Colonel (Captain) Tom's efforts (I think it was a flypast for his 100th Birthday?) is a nice touch. Now having placed my order, I have already done my bit for charriddy mate but... don't like to t
  8. That appears to be correct... On Bachmann's website, it says 'Speaker Fitted' on checking a couple of non-sound 31's. It also has a Next-18 decoder socket specified. Glad this is the case because having ordered the non-sound one, it was disappointing to see I could have ordered a sound fitted one... so at least I do instead have the choice of a 3rd party option for the sound file and no worries about installing a speaker! At least any future 31 purchases with sound would most likely be a different sound file, so no 'in-synch' sounds when double heading.
  9. OK, thanks Adrian. It's probably quicker for them to fulfil payments back... maybe stock is moving fast for those who have ordered stuff. Cheers.
  10. Did they already have your card details? I'm reluctant to send mine by e-mail but if they can accept over the phone, then maybe... I think I may only have a month or less left, so it's not a big deal really but the offers sounded very good.
  11. Hi James, I saw the magazine article, then realised your interest in Didcot Parkway - my local! Your weathering is really impressive and I spent some time looking over your choice of models and whether I had seen them there myself. The realistic nature of your weathering brought back many memories though especially one specific memory of 37684 'St Blaise Church...' stabled next to the station with really tatty nameplate and heavily worn paintwork as well as rust. Perhaps a contender, though I am not sure of the year? Perhaps the only loco named after the y
  12. Does anyone know how you do pay? It doesn't say in the e-mail as far as I can tell but sending credit card details by e-mail is insecure and I'm sure any credit card company would frown about compensating if the details were stolen or intercepted. That said, there certainly are some good offers! Ixion.
  13. Are you referring to the RNA barrier wagon? Bachmann 38-007... https://www.hattons.co.uk/60965/bachmann_branchline_38_007_46_tonne_rna_nuclear_flask_barrier_wagon/stockdetail.aspx
  14. I'm really pleased KR Models have been offering all these different, unusual models. DHP1 (and the Bulleid Leader) are only EOI's at present, so there's no commitment to buy nor manufacture, keeping risks down on both sides. GT3 and the Fell are in production/tooling, so something good to look forward to already from these people. What really pleases me is the wide choice of experimental/low member classes of diesel, electric, hydraulic, gas-turbine and steam that we are either provided or can project interests for nowadays. Ever since Heljan brought out Falcon, my dr
  15. Never knew about that one but could well have done so... I'm sure there may be other occasions of electric workings too. I think what is still missing is an electric loco on its own power West of Didcot, other than the 90 on the pantograph test train. However, if the GBRf railtour was likely to have had a Class 92 as the 'first' powered loco on the Didcot-Swindon section (Covid aside...), that would justify one for me from Accurascale ! That said, I have to admit, I do rather like the 'Railfreight Distribution' livery on their 92022... Decis
  16. Hi sc2016, 92031 (DB Schenker red) made a visit to Didcot yard back in 2011 on a 6X44 car train, albeit hauled DIT by 66019. So if you need an excuse, it did touch the GWML metals!!! I also vaguely recall seeing a photo of a grey 92 in Didcot yard at night time... though I could be mistaken. FYI, 90035 in DB Schenker red also made a 'live' working, albeit just for pickup calibration tests in November or December last year and I gather for use on Severn Tunnel overhead testing. It was sandwiched between a pair of 67s, a DVT and a 252 liveried Mk3 coach. Al
  17. This showed everyone adapting to circumstances and did so really well! It also gave a chance to test such a delivery method... and it was surprisingly rewarding. I particularly liked the idea of giving videos to show all stages of building up a layout which will hopefully give people something to follow when trying this for the first time, be they young children or, more elderly people. It was also good to hear from a number of manufacturers and I have to admit, KR Models announcing two more experimental locos was especially of interest to me. A great s
  18. As Woodenhead says, livery updates/number variations between the sets. A significant livery change included changing the side wording from 'New Measurement Train' to 'Improving Your Railway' (later livery). R2984 had: 43013 (B) & 43014 (B) 'New Measurement Train' R3366 had: 43062 & 43014 (B) 'New Measurement Train' R3769 has: 43013 (B/N) & 43014 (B/N) 'Improving Your Railway' Where (B) = Buffers; (B/N) = Buffers and named The two sets of coaches released over the years also reflected the livery updates. Hope that helps?
  19. Hi Phil Roberts, It's difficult to tell the exact shape of those black components but they look slightly rounded at the ends in which case, they look more like diodes to me (also see below). Generally tantalum capacitors have flat end terminals but they look more like active devices (e.g. diodes) as the leads appear to extend out of the case... though as I say, it's a bit tricky to say from the photo. If they are diodes, then my guess is they may perform some kind of rectification, perhaps along with the brown surface mount capacitor, to eliminate some flickering on th
  20. Hi JR_P, I found this (371-651A) on the Hattons database website: https://www.hattons.co.uk/182032/graham_farish_371_651a_class_57_0_57008_freightliner_explorer_in_freightliner_livery_weathered/stockdetail.aspx The recommended decoder in the text appears to be a 6-pin unit... https://www.hattons.co.uk/317519/hattons_originals_dcr_6pin_direct_6_pin_2_function_1_1amp_direct_plug_decoder_with_back_emf/stockdetail.aspx No guarantees the information is accurate but I suspect it probably is correct. As for the gears - hopefully someone else can help out th
  21. Hi Hilux5972, Yes, I believe that is correct - just the combined volume and online updates. I received my collector's club magazine after the announcements online, so I suspect the magazine and online announcements are produced about the same time. The only difference may be the chance for club members to see the items at showcase events before general viewing. Not sure if I like the idea of a combined volume catalogue as not everyone wants N, OO and OO9, though I guess it reduces production costs and makes little difference in cost to customers. Personally, I like b
  22. Hi Fran, I see DRS PFA set O has also now sold out. When you said there are more set N on a ship... does this include more stock of the others too? I'd like a set of the DRS ones, so keeping my fingers crossed Cheers, Ixion.
  23. Hi Fran, Thanks for that - I presume 'Set 1' = 'Pack 1' on the website; 'Set 2' = 'Pack 2'? The sad news it that I think it was sets TP09 and TP06 I saw... maybe oneday, perhaps with optional loose plastic wrapping! But happily - I will add TP01 to a growing list of things to order from you! At least TP01 would be the 'first' in the series (numerically) which will do me. Hope to place an order very soon! Keep up the great model work! Cheers, Ixion.
  24. Hi Fran, Can you say which OO Mk5a sets are to be produced? I have an interest in the ones that came via Swindon, so am waiting to see which ones you are releasing before committing to one. Thanks, Ixion.
  25. That DB 90 does look particularly good! I'm looking forward to a Virgin 90 - I have the Virgin liveried Heljan 86, Hornby 87 and just need a Bachmann 90 (hopefully in 2020) to make the hattrick Cheers, Ixion.
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