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    Railway & Landscape Photography and Railway Modelling, Tennis and Football and now Golf as well.

    I am new to Railway Modelling I started in 2009 after reading an article regarding the ECML in Scotland.

    I have my own railway photography website with many photos of preserved steam locomotives taken around the country,
    Please click on the link below if you would like to visit it.

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  1. Hi Tony My best guess would be when 60013 paid a visit to Doncaster Works during her career. You have got me wondering now so I will investigate further to see if I can find a dated photo of her with the plaque on her cab side. Watch this space. Regards David
  2. Hi Tony I have looked through all photo I have of A4 60013 dating from the late 1950's until 1962 and cannot find a single photo of her with the coat of arms on the cab side. Regards David
  3. Hi A second photo of Hornby A4 60028 Walter K Whigham passing by Haymarket MPD. Regards David
  4. Hi Today's photo is of probably my favourite of the A4 Class, No 60028 Walter K Whigham. This was the very first A4 I saw and the second LNER Pacific as well as it followed A1 60141 Abbotsford through Finsbury Park station back in September 1962. Lasting impressions but unfortunately I cannot remember what other locomotives I saw that day on my very first visit to the ECML as a nine year old. I was fortunate to see this A4 as a few months later it was withdrawn from Kings Cross MPD. I said in my last post I started the ballasting of t
  5. I Just realised looking at this photo that the tender was not sitting correctly on the turntable track, hence the difference in levels between the cab and tender chassis. The photo above of 60510 under the water tank is how it should be. Regards David
  6. Hi David A lovely looking model I assume it’s a Bachman Deltic. I remember booing then back in 1962/63 seeing them run through Finsbury Park Station or arriving at Kings Cross. As a young trainspotter I just did not appreciate how good they were, My thoughts were they were pushing the Pacific’s out. Thank god a good few have been preserved Thanks for your reply. Regards David
  7. Thank you Tony Regards David
  8. Hi I see that Hornby are proposing a third member of the A2/2 Class as R3977 Thompson Class A2/2 4-6-2 60502 "Earl Marischal in BR green estimated arrival date December 2021. Regards David
  9. Hi I have made a start on the ballasting of the main running lines passing by the MPD. Please bear in mind on the enclosed photo that the PVA glue solution hasn't had time to dry yet so I haven't had a chance to clean up the rails and sleepers. The purpose of the photo is to show today's progress and to see what the ballasting looks like from a photographic point of view looking across the main running lines. Regards David
  10. And A2/1 60510 Robert the Bruce. Regards David
  11. Hi todays photo concentrates on Thompson's locomotives which I must say I do like especially his take on the Pacific Locomotives. This is the Hornby B1 61243 Sir Harold Mitchell, which for some reason is not working at present standing under the huge water tank which supplied the whole MPD with water. More of Thompsons designs to follow. Regards David
  12. Hi Todays photo shows one of Top Shed's A4's 60017 Silver Fox on Haymarket's turntable about to follow A2 60537 down to Waverley station then back home to London Kings Cross. Regards David
  13. Hi This evenings photo shows A2 60537 Bachelors Button ready to leave Haymarket MPD complete with lamps and Flying Scotsman Headboard. Regards David
  14. Hi This evenings photo would be at a time later than the period at Haymarket I am modelling, this could be early 1962. I do like the Deltic's and took the opportunity to snap up a bargain on Ebay many years ago. I have just finished weathering D9003 Meld, with the so called rarest A3 Pacific to be seen south of Newcastle 60101 Cicero. Regards David
  15. Thanks David Thats the only Hornby Thompson I have ordered Regards David
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