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    Railway & Landscape Photography and Railway Modelling, Tennis and Football and now Golf as well.

    I am new to Railway Modelling I started in 2009 after reading an article regarding the ECML in Scotland.

    I have my own railway photography website with many photos of preserved steam locomotives taken around the country,
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  1. Many thanks Ray I have just had a reply from Graeme to say he can supply the smokebox doors. But I appreciate your response as I need to buy some smokebox door handles, I did purchase some about a year ago and could not remember where I got them. It was Wizard Models, so thanks for that. Regards David
  2. Hi peter sorry my misunderstanding, the number plate came off quite easily but the glue holding it on was all over the top hinge. I tried removing it with different tools but concerned I would end up removing the hinge detail as well. Regards David
  3. Hi Peter i have never tried to remove an A3 smoke box door, so I will take your advice. i just-hope it’s not glued on to Well. Regards David
  4. Hi Apologies for the late reply and thank you to all who have commented and helped out with the alterations to A3 60043 Brown Jack, and thank you Ray for posting the two photos. I have good news and bad news. First I have decided to keep Brown Jack as it was in 1961 so the boiler matches and I managed to remove and raise up the smokebox number plate above the Smokebox door handrail. I do have a Bachmann two tone green deltic that will hopefully compliment A3 60043 so Haymarket will on the odd occasionally be late 1961 but only when Brown Jack is on view. The bad news is when I removed the numberplate there is a blob of glue on the smokebox door top hinge that I cannot remove. So I have decided to replace the entire smokebox door hopefully using a Graeme King resin one if they are still available this should be superior to the Hornby as fitted door as it will have brass handrail and brass smokebox door handles as well. I have contacted Graeme and await his reply. Photo enclosed. Regards David
  5. Hi Tony Thank you for your help, I am not surprised in what you have said, I have had a second look at the model and it does look as though the front number plate may come away from the top hinge so I could raise it up and move the lamp iron as well but the boiler will just have to stay as a reminder to me next time do your homework properly. But I would be interested in your findings in case there is the chance of an identity change. Regards David
  6. Hi Gilbert That is a stunning building. Regards David
  7. Hi Todays photos show two locomotives that I do not think have shown on this thread before. Hornby A3 60043 Brown Jack now finished with smoke deflectors removed and extended handrails and weathered, all be it with the incorrect boiler and smokebox number plate fitted to low. Again I thank Tony for his knowledge and input as I will not make that mistake next time I complete an identity change to a locomotive, as for 60043 Brown Jack I will have to give that some thought on what options I have. The second photo is of Hornby's B1 61243 Sir Harold Mitchell, not a Haymarket locomotive but I do have photos of her there in the late 1950's. I must admit I do like the stormy sky background. Regards David
  8. Hi Peter Thank you for your suggestion, I will give that a try as I have an old NE guard's Van that needs handrails fitted. Regards David
  9. Hi Tony Many thanks for your kind comments. Ops with Brown Jack, I thought I had done all that was needed but in my enthusiasm I completely forgot about the boiler type. I cannot alter the boiler on my model so not sure if its worth moving the smokebox number plate an top lamp iron. I will investigate to see if there is an A3 class member that visited Haymarket in 1959 that was not fitted with german style smoke deflectors and hers the sticking point had its smokebox number on the top hinge of the door, I some how doubt if there is such a combination in the A3 class. But thank you for pointing it out to me, its a mistake I will not make again. Regards David
  10. Looking great Pete. I think it’s Slaters do a nice roof tile sheet. easy to cut out and shape, I have used it quite a lot on Haymarket But not 100% whose it is asI haven’t ordered for some time. Keep up the good work, looking forward to seeing a unrebuilt Pacific at the buffer stops in time. Regards David
  11. Hi Richard Wow that is really looking good, I don't know how you manage to build that intricate valve gear I wouldn't know where to start. I am assuming the green stains are a chemical reaction? I am sure a bit of cleaning then it will disappear under a fabulous paint finish. Thank you for posting the photo, look forward to more. I forgot to say earlier if you need any boiler band transfers I have quite a few certainly enough for you to complete Sun Castle, they are Fox Transfers, I order plenty when I was working on the two Bachmann/ G King A2/3 conversions. You are welcome to them when you need them. Regards David
  12. Hi Richard I know exactly what you mean, if I drop any handrail knobs on the carpet I just give up and leave them where they fall. My eyesight is not what is was and that’s why it’s a struggle threading the wire through the handrail knobs. I have just finished the work On 60043 and just need to dry brush the whole area in Gunmetal 27004. Photo to follow later. Regards David
  13. Good Morning Today we have Hornby A3 60043 Brown Jack, one of Haymarket's A3's. This model came with the German Style Smoke Deflectors and overhead warning signs so it has been tucked away for a few years. This early 1960's period in Brown Jacks history does not fit into my Haymarket MPD layout in 1958/1959, so her she is with deflectors removed and ready for the boiler handrails to be increased in length and run around to the smoke box end and weathered. The 0.45mm brass wire I needed to complete the minor alterations arrived in the post yesterday from Markits. Trying to drill out holes the diameter of a needle and fit handrail knobs that disappear into oblivion when they spring out from the tweezers not to mention trying to thread the brass wire very frustrating. Regards David
  14. Thanks Gilbert for the confirmation. Regards David
  15. Hi Gilbert I totally agree with you, but It’s always very helpful when fellow members like Holyrood60152 can provide confirmation that a particular locomotive was seen at a particular location. I remember back in very early 1963 seeing both 60001 & 60002 side by side at the buffer stops in Kings Cross Station, I know what I saw but can find no proof of those two A4’s working into London at the same time so close to the end of steam south of Peterborough and I have made quite a few enquires with no luck. In fact one person said that 60002 was in Doncaster undergoing repairs around that time and I could not have seen it in London, but I did. Only possibility is the adverse weather in early 1963 they may have both deputised for diesel failures. Regards David
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