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    Railway & Landscape Photography and Railway Modelling, Tennis and Football and now Golf as well.

    I am new to Railway Modelling I started in 2009 after reading an article regarding the ECML in Scotland.

    I have my own railway photography website with many photos of preserved steam locomotives taken around the country,
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  1. Hi This was the prototype mock up I made to get some idea on how to create the inspection pit areas. It is very basic but it proved my idea would work, obviously there is no Inspection pit below the rails, it was used Purely to see what was needed to raise the floor up to rail level Regards David
  2. Hi I hope this photo shows how I intend to fit the track work and open up the inspection pits both inside the shed and in the east yard as well. I have removed a few of the sleepers at each end wheee the trackwork covers the relevant inspection pit. Once the track is wired and stuck down the remains sleepers over the pit will be removed using a razor saw.. I have already built up the floor to sleeper level using 1.5mm thick cork sheeting. when the track is stuck down a second layer of 1.5 mm Cork will be applied to cover the outer sle
  3. Hi Tony Superb examples of A1/1 60113 Great Northern, it always eluded me in my trainspotting days even though it was a regular visitor to Kings Cross Station. I have taken a leaf from your book, from watching the very first video on Little Bytham you produced quite a few years ago now, it came with one of the Model Railway journals. You stated in your video how important it is to get all the electrics and wiring installed and Working correctly before going on to the scenic works and that’s exactly what I am doing now. And I have to say I am th
  4. Hi Richard Your A1/1 Looks absolutely superb and a locomotive that is not available in RTR and probably will not be either as it was so unique. The wiring is going Very well, all three main running lines passing the MPD are all wired plus a few others as well. Hopefully Gareth of Replica Railways in Swindon is due to visit me later this week to wire up al the points. I have just ordered some weathering spray cans from the Railmatch range to just give an overall dusting to all track work before its glued down in position then individual weather
  5. Hi Richard Thank you and good luck with your move. One of the reasons I am behind with the wiring is Norman Saunders of Just Tracks was going to visit to help and advise but COVID put plaid to that and then Norman Moved away from Swindon to Yorkshire. Anyway a good start has been made and once the wiring is all completed and point motors fitted I can Concentrate on the scenics. Regards David
  6. Hi Richard 60113 looks a real treat, please keep us posted on your progress. The track wiring is a bit of a laborious task, today I have dismantled and turned all four baseboards upside down to enable me to glue copper clad sleeper strips the entire width of each baseboard. That completed I can now securely fix back together all four baseboards to continue with the soldering and track wiring which to be honest I do find a bit therapeutic. Regards David
  7. Hi Jim its not a rewire I have never got around to Wiring the layout in the first place. This should have been done at the beginning of the year but COVID 19 put a stop to that. I know have most of the materials I need so I am in full flow with the wiring, I had to learn how to solder as well before I made a start. Thanks for your reply and interest. Regards David
  8. Good Evening Latest progress report on Haymarket and why there has been no photos for some time. Shock horror, the two photos enclosed shown the current position with the layout, no locomotives or building structures. I am now in the process of a complete wiring of the whole layout using 16/02mm wiring. I am just about to order 14 Digital Cobalt point motors from DCC Concepts and all necessary track detailing components such as cosmetic brass fishplates, track ballast and ashes etc. One tricky point is trying to cut out the sleepers t
  9. Hi Tony i definitely think the first photo with the smaller station building looks more authentic. Giving the layout that old branch line terminus look. The large brick built structure Just looks to modern and overwhelming in my opinion. Regards David
  10. Great photos lots of atmosphere
  11. Hi Tony Regarding Tornado's cab slant, I enclose two photos of 60163 which I took at Didcot MPD when she was in BR Brunswick Green with early crest the livery before the BR Blue and the cab I think looks perfectly straight in my photos. Regards David
  12. Hi Many thanks for the reply and explanation David
  13. Hi Can anyone please advise or help. I am building a model railway layout consisting of 9 baseboards each 1200mmx600mm, there are a total of 27 turnout points to the layout. All baseboards are demountable as a house move is one the cards in a few years time. I am running copper clad sleeper strips along the entire 600mm length about 250mm in from the edge so the longest length of any dropper wire will be approx 1000m. I have purchased 100 meter reels of 7/02mm wires in both Red, Blue and green for this purpose, can anyone please advis
  14. Hi Today's photo shows some busy activity on the turntable. Regards David
  15. Hi Ray many thanks, but I know my limitations and kit building is it one of them. Also I do have the Caley locomotive from Rail of Sheffield on order and an A2/2 with Hattons and I will probably order an A2/3 as well so funds will be needed for them. Good luck with your K4 kit and I look forward to seeing your progress. Regards David
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