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    Railway & Landscape Photography and Railway Modelling, Tennis and Football and now Golf as well.

    I am new to Railway Modelling I started in 2009 after reading an article regarding the ECML in Scotland.

    I have my own railway photography website with many photos of preserved steam locomotives taken around the country,
    Please click on the link below if you would like to visit it.

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  1. Hi I have just found this thread, really good idea. For the last five years I have been working on a model layout of Haymarket 64B MPD circa 1958 in 00 scale. I started the project by building a model of the main running shed and the whole thing just went on from there. I do have my own thread indicating progress from the start until present in the Layout Topics section, it’s a long term project and there is still masses of work to be completed. Regards David
  2. Hi Graeme you should come out to Spain, not many options for real ale but a pint of larger varies from 1 to 2.5 euros or a very nice three course meal including a half a pint of larger or a glass of wine 10 euros, bargain. only coming back home to the UK for railway modelling and kids, certainly not for the weather or cost of living. Regards David
  3. Morning A couple of photos of Haymarket’s locomotives taken on a photo plank. David
  4. Hi Great photo, lovely angle and the crop only improves it as well. Regards David
  5. Hi APOLLO I was very interested in reading your comments on weather conditions in railway modelling. Before I started Haymarket 64B I built a photo plank after seeing an article in BRM by Andy York just to get some experience in railway modelling and to photograph my model locomotives as well. At on point i decided to try to create a snow scene and a couple of photos here show the results. For the purists I apologise for the photoshopped background and smoke, I was just trying to create a winter atmosphere. The photo quality may not be great as they were taken quite a while ago with an IPad. Regards David
  6. Hi Andrew May I please ask you how you made your background panel. I am looking for ideas for Haymarket 64B and the one in your photo looks very good indeed. Regards David
  7. Hi Tony What a great looking model the schools class is. I am sure I read somewhere that at one time they were the most powerful 4-4-0 Locomotives in Europe. I always regret that I never saw any of the class running in service. I was just a few months too late. I did manage to see four of the class in store at Stewart’s Lane MPD in early 1963. Regards David
  8. Hi Tony This is the only one of the four A2/1 class members that is not in your photos you have published of the class. A2/1 69509 Waverley a PDK model built by Paul at PDK for me about five years ago. Regards David
  9. Hi Fully agree with the Beatles music and other groups from the Sixtes. Every time I hear the record Please Please Me in my mind I am transported back to Euston & Kings Cross Stations in the early sixties. Wonderful music and Wonderful times, where did it all go? David
  10. Hi Tony my apologies I did not read back far enough on your thread. I am out of the country at the moment so can only pick up WiFi every so often. May I wish you a belated Happy Birthday hope you had an enjoyable day. Regards David
  11. Hi Tony Thank you again for your kind comments and coming from yourself that is very high praise indeed. Those photo are incredible and very helpful as well, thank you for taking the time to download them very much appreciated. what a wonderful array of locomotives Haymarket had in the mid to late fifties. Best Regards David
  12. Hi Ray thank you I appreciate your kind comments, I am away now for about five weeks so there will not be any further updates for a while. But there will be plenty on my return as there is still so much work still to be completed. But in between the work I do enjoy experimenting with different photographic views for when the layout will finally be completed. Regards David
  13. Hi Gilbert I use to have large Digital SLR a Canon 5D MK11 a superb camera but I found it very bulky to use on Model Railway photography, I have since sold the camera and lenses to find my Haymarket 64B Layout. I also have a Canon G1X again a superb camera and I found it much better for Model Railway Photography but close focusing was an issue. I always thought I was fairly knowledgeable with the G1X until I visited Tony to see his Little Bytham layout and the things he showed me on using my G1X have helped me enormously with my photography. Following you on your Peterborough North thread and seeing your photographic results I purchased a second hand Canon G12 the same as the camera you use and it’s been brilliant in every way and very similar to the G1X. I can understand when positioning the camera on the actual layout itself it can sometimes cause problems so I now alway mount the camera on a tripod use the self timer and the highest aperture f8 and use the zoom to get closer to the subject I am photographing. im obviously not sure if you have the space around your layout to be able to position a tripod? I also do what they call photo stacking so nearly all the photo from foreground to the very limits of the background are all in focus. I do not have a photo stacking editing program on my computer so I take about 10 photos of each shot on the manual focusing setting adjusting the depth of field each time then using photoshop elements 12 I overlay each photo one on top of the other using the layers method and brushing in the parts of each background I require just like you would if you were adding a new sky background to your photo. its a bit of a long winded process but you do get a nice end result with the photo in reasonable focus from the foreground through to the back. I do also appreciate that your Peterborough North Layout is far larger than my Haymarket Layout so it may not be as straight forward for you but I am sure there must be some viewpoints on your layout where a tripod could be used. But either way and sorry to waffle on I do thoroughly enjoy the photos you produce in focus or not. Regards David
  14. Hi Gilbert It’s a shame about being slightly out of focus but a brilliant photo all the same. This photo taken again in focus would be well worth printing and framing on the wall of your layout room. Regards David
  15. Hi How about the Royal Navy’s latest Warship. And again a different shade of grey David
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