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    Railway & Landscape Photography and Railway Modelling, Tennis and Football and now Golf as well.

    I am new to Railway Modelling I started in 2009 after reading an article regarding the ECML in Scotland.

    I have my own railway photography website with many photos of preserved steam locomotives taken around the country,
    Please click on the link below if you would like to visit it.

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  1. Hi Does anyone know the approx height and diameter of a standard wooden line side telegraph pole. Regards David
  2. Hi I would be very interested in seeing the progress of your Dalry Road layout. I am at present modelling Haymarket 64B and Harry Knox’s Book's on 64B along with help from other RMWeb Members proved so helpful to me in progressing the layout. Sorry Richard I do not mean to Hijack your thread. Also Richard I have just caught up with your thread all I can say is superb modelling and model locomotives. Your Layout looks so natural and very realistic. Regards David
  3. My very last job on Haymarket for a few weeks was to fit the first of fourteen yard lights. I ordered two initially one to experiment on with additional detailing to replicate on lights at Haymarket and get them as close as I can get. And this one just to see what it looks like in situ. I did give it a quick spray with Railmatch Weathering spray “Roof Dirt” but it definitely needs more to blend it in, still looks far to clean to me Regards David
  4. Thank you, I have just recently been experimenting with different photo views around the layout mainly by looking at prototype photos. There will be plenty more photos once I return, and I’m hoping to progress more scenics work to the East Yard track work as well. Regards David
  5. Hi Steve Thank you for your kind comments. Regards David
  6. Hi This will be my last posting on Haymarket for a few weeks so I enclose photos of two visiting locomotives at Haymarket posing as I have seen many times in photos both in the same location next to the turntable. Both Hornby RTR models, both have been renamed and numbered plus weathering and additional detailing added. Regards David
  7. Hi manna Thank you, when I do add a smoke effect using Photoshop Elements I do look for a prototype photo and sometimes blend to photo effects into one. But this is only very occasionally as the the photo I take on the layout has to look right to me in the first place before any effects are added. Regards David
  8. Hi Tonights photo shows Kings Cross based A4 60010 Dominion of Canada with the fireman taking a short break looking out of the cab-side window before working down to Waverley Station. This A4 brings back happy memories for me as the driver let my friend and myself into the cab, the A4 was standing at the buffer stops at Kings Cross station having just arrived with an express from the North. Following the brief discussion on adding smoke effects to photos I decided to apply it to this photo, and as its a slow moving locomotive it's much easier to obtain a smokey effect. Regards David
  9. Very nice Richard David
  10. A few more side on photos of Gresley's A3's and a Thompson A2/3 and not a sigh of smoke anywhere. Both A3's are Hornby RTR and the A2/3 is a Bachmann/G King conversion. Regards David
  11. Hi Tony Thank you for your input and photos, your model of 60024 Kingfisher does look superb especially that centre low level photo of her I really think that shows up the superb lines of the A4 Pacific. I will at some point definitely add 60024 Kingfisher to my collection especially as along with 60009 they were the only two Haymarket based A4's I ever saw. The Elizabethan became Diesel hauled the year I started train-spotting to my regret. I do take your point about adding smoke although in all fairness you have created smoke effects on fast moving express locomotives at high speed which I think must be one of the hardest to achieve. If ever I add smoke it's to a photo of a stationary or very slow moving locomotive. Regards David
  12. Hi Richard A lovely looking model, that is something I could never do, build a metal locomotive kit. Thank you for posting your photos. Regards David
  13. Hi Robbie First thank you for your kind comments. I agree I also enjoy occasionally adding smoke to my photos by using my own images taken on the layout, I take many photos of the same image at different focal lengths with the camera mounted on a tripod. I then do my own version of photo stacking then photoshop in a background usually a sky one and then add smoke using layers in Adobe Elements 11. Thats my version and as I said model railway photography is as important to me as the actual modelling itself and both have to look right. I have over the years seen many of your images on RMWeb and you create great atmosphere in them but I still have no idea how you achieve them but you do produce excellent results and stunning images which are works of art in themselves. Thank you for taking the time to reply and showing more of your photos. Regards David
  14. Thank you Ray & Tony for your comments regarding added smoke effect's. Sorry to hear about John Cameron’s accident and agree with Ray in wishing him a speedy recovery. I must admit I do enjoy the challenge in attempting to make the photos look as realistic as possible with the smoke, but I cannot argue against Tony’s comment and at the end of the day they are still just models locomotives. Regards Dzvid
  15. As I said earlier here are a couple of photos of A4 60009 Union of South Africa in better days when she was in service around the network The first photo was taken at a gala day on the Severn Valley Railway and the second photo was at a Photographers charter held at Barrow Hill, both photo taken some time ago. Regards David
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