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    Railway & Landscape Photography and Railway Modelling, Tennis and Football and now Golf as well.

    I am new to Railway Modelling I started in 2009 after reading an article regarding the ECML in Scotland.

    I have my own railway photography website with many photos of preserved steam locomotives taken around the country,
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  1. Hi Ray Thats very kind of you to offer, which I will gladly take up as and when the A2/2 Pacific's become available from Hornby. Thats a great idea regarding Graeme's smokebox doors and coincidentally I recently purchased two from him to detail up for my two Bachmann A2/3 conversions but never got around to fitting them, I will hold on now until Hornby release the A2/2's as they may come in handy. Many thanks again for your help. Regards David
  2. Hi Gilbert A very nice composition to the photo of 60800, it’s just a-cured to me all the excellent photos you have published over the years but I cannot remember seeing a photo of a Britannia class locomotive running on Peterborough North? Regards David
  3. Good Evening A new photo showing B1 61025 Pallah passing Haymarket on the up Fish, in the period I am modelling 1958/1959 it must have been a trainspotters dream to pass this MPD bet you had to be quick at jotting down numbers. Regards David
  4. Hi Ray Thank you for the information, that will certainly be a big help to me when it comes to ordering an A2/2, I am tending to go towards 60501 if the model when its produced is suitable for the 1958/1959 period. I have changed chimneys before on my models replacing existing plastic with white metal ones but it could be a problem if the smokebox number plate is in the wrong position and on a raised area on the smokebox door, I do not fancy pairing away with a scalpel knife but I do have a few spare A2 smokebox doors I purchased from Graeme King some time ago. It might be easier to replace the whole door if they are the correct size. Regards David
  5. Hi Gilbert With so many variations to the A2/2’s it would be easy to order the wrong model then find yourself trying to modify it. hopefully Hornby will provide more details or more advanced samples later in the year which will help us decide. I still can’t believe Hornby are finally making not one Thompson Pacific but two of the classes plus the W1 in the 60700 form. Also I like very much the photos you have issued of Tony’s Little Bytham you show some unusual views that I haven’t seen before bringing out the best in some of the surrounding buildings. Regards David
  6. Hi David I have seen Tony’s thread and I am certain with Tony advising Hornby there should not be any mistakes what so ever. What I meant was I would not be happy changing for instance the models dome especially if that means changing boiler band positions or having to reposition the smoke box member plate if it involves carving part of the smoke box door, say if there is a raised area on the door where the original number plate was. I have been looking at many photos I have of the A2/2’s but as you have pointed out there are so many variations I’m happy to wait until more details are released by Hornby. Regards David
  7. Hi David Thanks for the warning I will have to consult Yeadon's Register or other books I have before I order, a minefield you are not joking. I assume that both the A2/2's Hornby are producing have the flat cab's similar to the A2/3's. Thinking about it I may hold fire ordering until either the completed models are on show or more up to date photos are issued by Hornby, I am not happy with the idea of chopping the models around to much. Regards David
  8. Thank you Gilbert I was going to order 60505 only because it had the late crest on the tender. But I have changed tended totems before so 60501 is the one I will now order. I was thinking of pre ordering last weekend but wanted to try to find more information about the class in in connection with Haymarket MPD Thanks to Ray and yourself I can now order knowing it will be authentic to have 60501 running on my layout. I have acquired many photos of locomotives at Haymarket for reference purposes but never seen a photo of an A2/2 on shed with either the early or late totem on the tender. Regards David
  9. Hi Ray Thank you for the information that confirms with out doubt I can now purchase an A2/2 for the layout. You will have to forgive my ignorance but I will have to look up which three of the six class members were shedded at York. Thanks again for the info. Regards David
  10. Hi I am sorry obviously you have used the product before and know about it. The bottle in your photo is that the replacement you are talking about and have you used it? its good to see it back again and in a clear liquid form as well. Regards David
  11. Hi I am sorry to say I started the Johnson’s Klear thread way back in 2011. I don’t know if you are familiar with Johnson’s Klear, please forgive me if you are but do not get conned into paying extortionate prices for the old formula in the clear plastic bottle now only available on Ebay. The new replacement formula which came out about six years ago is exactly the same and does the same job as the old one did, the only difference is it’s a milky colour but still dries clear. having said that the new formula for some reason has also become very elusive now as well. Robert Dyas and Asda both use to sell it, I last purchased a 750 ml bottle about three years ago. Regards David
  12. Thanks Eric It’s probably my mistake misunderstanding what you said, I almost placed an order for an A2/2 such was the excitement of thinking there was photographic proof of the class on shed during 1959. Best Regards David
  13. Hi Eric Sorry did you mean A2/2 60505 was on Haymarket shed between 1956 and 1959 or 5 different members of the class were there at different times. Regards David
  14. Hi Eric Thank you for the reply and information what you say is a good enough reason to buy one when they become available and I believe 60501 is one of the model being produced and 60505 being the other. its a class I have always wanted and now they are in RTR it’s an opportunity not to be missed in fact when I commissioned PDK to build a Thompson Pacific for me I originally ordered A2/2 60506 but at that time I was just starting to plan Haymarket and changed the order to an A2/1 before they started to build the kit. I suppose looking back now that was a good move as I have an A2/1 which is still not available in RTR. I know you make up your own model kits but do you see yourself purchasing any of Hornby’s Thompson’s when they become available. Regards David
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