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  1. The record cards were kept at the depots for some considerable time (10yrs) so if an incident occurred the records could be examined, the same applied to the works record cards. The record cards and repair books would also move from depot to depot as when a vehicle was transferred. All of these were paper records as repair/fault finding sheets were kept with them. They are in fact legal documents.
  2. The Hull Pullman had a RMB (toilet north end) the seating area at the south end was laid up for dining. and an RU (kitchen south end). 1874 and 1975 were regulars on it when it switched to mk2ds.
  3. The marker lights on 350s could all be operated individually with the original fittings, they all had a toggle switch fitted underneath or on the side.
  4. As there was quite an extensive rebuild of the roof when converted they would have come out of Crewe in blue.
  5. You most have the same with MK4s and 91s Ken, as the we have to check then at Donny numerous times. Al Taylor
  6. As its more than likely a local type3, it will be in the usual Gateshead condition....
  7. Hello ,


              i notice your reference to strip on cab door of our 45. When the loco arrived at the GWR there were no strips. & we weren't going  to bother.But i decided to overhaul our non working locks in the cab doors we had 6 & i got 4 going again .So the reason our 45 has them is to protect the locks.So that's why ours has them. 

    1. 45125


      Several 45s had an angled piece of aluminium just above the door locks, on the several door we have only one showed no evidence of having the strip. we managed to get all the locks we had working, must just needed  just a good clean as lack of use just made them get full of crap.

    2. D1051


      the spring steel in the locks had corroded on ours .We went to MRC  & made a template of strip...Evidence of strips were on all 4 doors of ours .


  8. They should be quarter Whitworth bolts, fitted many of those as an apprentice when the mod was done. Regarding the cab side light framing it is not flush but projects 2-3 mm from the side panels which you can see on D1051 photo. You can also part way up on the cab door where the mark left by the rain/waterproofing strip, just above the two cut outs. Al Taylor joint owner of a 1:1 45/1.
  9. Not only the way it fades o different materials, but how it is applied.
  10. Amazing how many people think Cravens had loose windows, far from it. They vibrated due to harmonics, the trailer cars never vibrated. Cravens were among the best DMUs to work on, most thing you could get at easily.
  11. When we first got the 123s the gangways were used, but they were soon sealed up due to driver complaints of draughts. When sealed the gangways had a sheet ply over the door and was painted yellow. Al Taylor
  12. Most depots in BR days filled fuel tanks and boiler water up even if they had been a short distance as the fellers didn't always know what the next working is. It was only recently that the splash and and dash type fuelling started, with the consequences of running out of fuel. The 47/8s often suffered from the lack of fuel for the job as the fueler didn't bother looking at the gauge inside and went on the external gauge on the additional tank.
  13. That photo and the one of 31108 depict the use of trailer from Pennine and Mini Pennines when their was a shortage of DMUs. Al Taylor.
  14. A few got to Donny for tyre turning and one even got to Donny works for a power unit change.
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