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  1. Quite - but we are where we are. Hindsight is a wonderful thing - but its not going to provide any more stock is it? The law prohibits the use of 153s unless coupled to a PRM unit while the HSTs have been binned for the same PRM reasons.
  2. But this is NOT a timetabling issue! The bottom line is EMR simply do not have sufficient units available to run the service they planned. The train paths exist and don't conflict with anything else (unlike the situation you allude to a few years ago where the train paths themselves were all messed up). Quite why this has come about I'm not sure but one presumes delays in rolling stock commissioning may be a factor - the Gospel Oak to Barking line in London had no service for around six months a while back because lease on the diesel units expired and got took on by Wes
  3. Hmm..... so you are comparing the D with a loco which has far less lining and which is available for a huge number of retailers (I.e. not a retailers exclusive) With that sort of outlook I can see why you like Sam’s trains - he loves to rubbish models as having a poor design while ignoring the fact that in more than a few cases said design is over a decade old and things we take for granted now we’re not thought necessary. If doing comparisons you need to compare like with like - A Bachman City class would be a closer match when all is said and done. Its a
  4. You don’t wash your dirty linen in public! (So the saying goes). I imagine that if sufficient people ‘complain’ about the livery then Rails will be discussing them with Dapol behind the scenes. What Rails won’t do is come out an admit to there being issues with this batch - and in fairness when you have pretty much sold out of them why would you?
  5. Doubt it The first of the Networkers on SE went for storage at Ely today to make room for the 707s which SE are taking from SWR, which will in turn be replaced by the new Adventas
  6. Yellow panels (mid 1960s) came about long before Orange High vis became the norm working trackside (1980s) so I imagine thats got something to do with it.
  7. (1) The Red used by TfL is not 'Dark' and in any case its well known that red has a tendency to lighten with age rather than darker over time. (2) There is a lot of Tinted glass on the front of a train along with grey backing to the headlight / tailight area. The net result is a set of contrasting colours of a rather odd shape which will assist in drawing the eye (I always found the inverted 'T' shape formed by the yellow areas on 377s much more eye catching than the straight yellow square on 165/166s). The problem with dark colours like GWR Green or TPE Black is they m
  8. What do you notice first? the pinprick of light or the chunk of yellow.
  9. Then why not have both! Yellow (or contrasting coloured) paint costs very little to add. Far too much focus on style (what graphic designers / marketing people want) than substance or listening to what people at the sharp end think
  10. The rules were changed a couple of years ago to reflect EU standards for interoperability which mandate a triangular arrangement of lights set a specific distance apart and of a certain luminance as being sufficient warning of an approaching train and held that the 'yellow front' rule was an unreasonable requirement to force on others / 'barrier to entry' by open access operators from other EU states (rather neglecting the fact that the UKs restrictive loading gauge and single rail link via the Channel tunnels are far more significant barriers than a blob of yellow paint. All new b
  11. I will believe it when it happens. Procuring Channel Tunnel compliant, UK loading gauge compliant is going to be horrendously expensive for starters. I recall Reading that for the previously planned London to Frankfurt sleeper 25 years ago you were looking at £500 per berth - and I doubt its got any cheaper. At those sorts of prices a early morning flight or staying over in a hotel is going to be significantly cheaper most of the time.
  12. Granted there might be software issues but could you not effectively 'cut and paste' a component / subassembly from one CAD file to another, then select the components attributes to edit (e.g. the Cardan shaft and subtract say 5mm off it). I can see If you have to do all the work all over again then replicating someone else work might well turn out taking longer.
  13. That when it comes to designing a RTR loco, the bulk of the designers time will end up being spent on the outside of the model rather than the mechanism / chasis. As such being able to 'share designs' between models (i.e. the innards of a diesel or the tender of a steam loco does) not massively cut the cost of developing another model. Thus the implication from some that Bachmann producing a 56 to follow on from the 69 will be 'cheap and easy' is not borne out be the realities of where the bulk of the design costs will likely fall and in reality the amount of design wor
  14. A question - when you say the new board changed the chassis shape' - how much did it change exactly? I bet Hornby didn't tell its designer to sit down and dream up another chassis from scratch - more likely the designer took the previous CAD work and altered it to fit the new arrangement. Far quicker and just as effective in terms of what Hornby wanted to achieve. The old railroad tooling , being a ringfield motor bogie was effectively beyond salvaging! As with all such models they are a symptom of a poor mechanism design and quite naturally are no
  15. So you are telling me the designer in the 69 is going to shut themselves in a little box and come up with everything from scratch then? What rubbish. Any design engineer, be it of model trains, or real trains, real cars, home appliances, houses, etc is going to look to see what else the company may have in its inventory to assist the process - it saves the company money and leaves time for the designer to concentrate on other areas of the product where fresh original design work is needed. The fundamentals of the mechanism needed to produce a good all wheel
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